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NatWest IT cock-up sees 600,000 transactions go 'missing'

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Re: Fool me once, shame on you etc ...

How about "Twinging" surely that has a better ring to it?

Ready to go again, soldier? Final Fantasy VII remake revealed

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Re: A fantastic game

I LOVED Nights of the Round. Plus lots of the other summons... Bahamut was good, as was the Hades one and the one with Odin. I forget all the names, but recall all the WOWs that was said when first used. I had it on Playstation (the first) and now have it on PC. Might have to fire it up tonight now.

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Da-da-da-daaaah Da-da-da-da-daaaah

That is all!

Holy classic car auction, Batman! They sold THE Batmobile!

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Re: Forget the Batmobile

I'd rather have the Greased Lightning.....Why, that car is automatic, It's systematic, it's haaaaaaayyyydromatic


Viruses infect vital control systems at TWO US power stations

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that's what I'd call shitting on your own doorstep ;)

Google denies smacking Botswanan ass

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Re: OMG!

In addition to my previous comment I'm sure it is a wonderful place to go, not all scrubland as its a nature reserve. But if I wanted to see it i'd deffo check it out on David Attenborough's Africa in HD!!

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Have you seen where that is on the map, there is nothing around for miles and miles and miles.... and its not even a road!

What a waste of time and money, surely the money Google are wasting on driving around Africa should be spent on HIV, Aids, Malaria, starving children, and other far more deserving things!

I mean, who wants to look at 1500miles of scrubland and dirt roads? Its not like every home in Botswana will have internet access, never mind running water, electricity blah blah.


Amazon-bashed HMV calls in administrators, seeks buyer

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Re: the digital era

Agreed, try listening to any Pink Floyd album on shuffle and it totally ruins it. These albums and many more by other great artists tell a story. Some newer artists employ this tactic too, but it goes to waste on the shuffle brigade most of the time.... Shuffle is for those who love NOW albums.

Sad to see HMV go, but it was a bit shit in my opinion and has been for at least 10 years. Last good record shop I went in was Syd Scarborough under Hull City Hall, now that was a sweet experience in the basement flicking through old vinyl! You can't hit shuffle when an LP is playing.

Microsoft: We're SO SORRY for Media Center TV guide titsup

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Re: well thats a surprise

I use it, with a Dell media centre remote with built in gyro for mouse control. Works pretty well and I've never had any problems with it. Could do to be a bit more user configurable, I know there are ways to make it your own, so to speak, but haven't got round to researching it yet.

Any suggestions on alternatives that work with my remote would be gratefully received.


Facebook continues to CONQUER THE WORLD

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What?... No....


I thought it was a mandatory El Reg rule to include the "bitch" exclamation in all facebook related articles.

Have some consistency dammit.

End of days: Possessed POWERPOINT predicts Mayan Apocalypse

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Re: Whatever. It's SOLSTICE! Celebrate!

In the frozen land of Nador, they were forced to eat Robin's minstrels.

Winter changed into Spring.

Spring changed into Summer.

Summer changed back into Winter.

and Winter gave Spring and Summer a miss and went straight on into Autumn.

Vatican shrugs off apocalypse, fiddles with accounts dept

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Re: World ends in two days?

has to be matt black, with a supercharger sticking out the bonnet, and maybe the odd crossbow bolt sticking out the back.

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Re: World ends in two days?

hehe my car tax is due end of the month, i'll hold off until after the end of the world. Don't think we'll be needing car tax after that anyways..... just a good supply of gaaazoline, and a Black Interceptor..... if my Clio doesn't make it that is!

UK gov probes Comet crash: Public, private sectors LOST £257m

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Goodbye Comet.

Such a shame really... I remember visiting a Comet store as a kid on an industrial estate in Hull, they had Sinclair C5s for sale back then. Sad to see a household name and Hull based company go under. Went into a store lastnight to wish the guys good luck. All that was left on display were a few scart cables and modem leads. Comet, on behalf of myself and my family, thanks for all the Fridges, hoovers, washers, dryers, poor customer service, and for not offering me that job in infrastructure years ago.

Plasma boffins' POWERFUL wind now a key clue to fiery Sun

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is the "Large Plasma Device" powered by tritium per chance, and needs to be manipulated with four robotic and seemingly mind controlling arms?

Fish grow ‘hands’ in genetic experiment

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20ish years too late...

Peter Benchley did this years ago... with Sharks!!

Samsung's smart TVs 'wide open' to exploits

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Not him again... the Anti-Fanboy

Lots of trolls on this thread and looks like we got the daddy of em all... AGAIN. At least no homophobic comments this time from him.

Guatemalan judge orders McAfee released from detention

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Re: One can only assume

with this development it could have a sort of My Cousin Vinny plot to this part of the movie.

Look out, world! Are you ready for John McAfee: THE MOVIE?

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Boot Polish and Tampons?

I'm not familiar with the Guatemalan trinket salesman look, can someone please do a mock up?


Boffin: Android's on-board malware scanner utterly FAILS

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i'm picturing that as an XP machine, pre SP1 with Blaster/Welchia on it ;)

Patrick Moore: Lived with cats, accompanied Einstein on the piano

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Re: Will be missed.

Peace not Piece ;)

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Will be missed.

Was very saddened to hear this news last night. Well done Reg on taking the time to give a wonderful tribute to a great British institution. I'll really miss his Xylophone exploits too which only served to make him even more fascinating to me while growing up. I do hope his hometown has the good sense to turn his residence into a museum of sorts. Would be great for all those not fortunate to have witnessed his genius and eccentricity while he was alive to experience the lifes work of such a legend.

Rest in Piece me old monocle'd mate! A star amongst stars.

Frenchmen's sperm plunges by a third in quality and quantity since '89

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"Use it or Lose it"

Who was it said that?

Apple shares take biggest one-day hammering in 4 years

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Re: Simples

I'm sure Apple, which is probably turning into more of a law firm than a tech firm, will be thumbing through the list of top 100 tech companies trying to see who else it can sue to recoop this $34.8 billion loss.

John McAfee blogs from Guatemalan jail, says coffee excellent

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Although he might sound like a madman (probably is), this publicly witnessed escapade may be just what he needs. With the world watching, maybe he is more likely to get a fair(er) trial when he does eventually get bussed back to Belize.

EMC mashes up big data, clouds, coders into SECRET crack team

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Secret Crack team

Sorry, sorry, sorry... Saw Terry Anderson and instantly thought of Thunderbirds. Would the secret crack team by hiding out on Tracy Island per chance?

I know, it was Gerry not Terry.

Adobe demands 7,000 years a day from humankind

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Guilty as charged?

I often need to rename a copy of a flash ocx file to allow an old corporate screensaver to work. Am I guilty of reverse engineering?

Why Apple don't use Flash article from The Jobs on http://www.apple.com/hotnews/thoughts-on-flash

They really have fell out haven't they! Anything to do with the EULA?

John McAfee 'captured'

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Re: I heard...

Sounds like the border crossing had some "Intrusion prevention" of their own.

Do we know which "agent" was responsible for his "detection"?


NASA: THE TRUTH about the END OF THE WORLD on 21 Dec

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or been to Hull.

Unlocked iPhone 5 on sale in US, cheaper than UK - but not cheap

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Re: Wow

Not me, i'm still on my 4 that I have had since they came out. I think I just needed to get it out of my system and see what all the fuss was about. Although I think its an adequate device, I just can't see myself paying out a large amount as that again. Prior to that free cast offs from work did me.

I intend to use my 4 until it breaks and then maybe repair it and use it some more, after that, who knows.

Motörheadphönes Motörizer rock 'phones review

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floodgates now opened

I'm sure that we'll start seeing more of these. Expect to see merchandise from Megadeaf, Canthrax, Canowar, Tinny Lizzy, White(noise)snake, Can Halen, etc etc etc.

Did I miss anyone?

Friday Beer anyone?

Ten badass brainy computers from science fiction

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Re: You forgot The Vortex

oh, if we are going down the game show tangent albeit loosely, then surely you need to include, Dusty Bin from 3-2-1 with Ted Rogers, The thing from Catch Phrase with Roy Walker and i'm sure there's loads more. What about that thing on Snog, Marry, Avoid? Not that I watch it :)

Back to the silver screen however number Johnny Five from Short Circuit surely must get a mention.... "input Stephanie, Input".

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I actually quite enjoyed the Echelon Conspiracy from 2009. Not the best i'm sure but still worth a watch if you are into the Bourne movies sort of thriller thing.

Amazon makes BEELLIONS from British customers, pays pennies in tax

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Re: hmmm

Good Luck with that.... I now never buy from Amazon, or Play.com since being gobbled up by another conglom, good old Ebuyer does me for most stuff, and its local to me so supporting good old East Yorkshire to boot.

Failing that I'l, get off my arse and nip down to an indie store if I can and give my money to the local economy instead of tax dodgers from the old colonies.

I also avoid any TV featuring Jimmy Carr and change stations when a Gary Barlow song comes on.

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the MPs have room to talk when it comes to information disclosure how?

Windows 8 launch outdoes Windows 7's, says Microsoft bigwig

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Re: win7 : not dead yet

We are using Windows 7 on all the PCs that don't use all our old legacy software we have due to lack of investment in IT the past. For all those users that still need the legacy apps we have a nice Windows XP image that has ballooned to 9gb in size! I can see Windows XP hanging on for A LONG LONG TIME, and 7 is just getting started for us. Windows 8ista, I can't see many takeups myself. Microsoft must be thinking "Shit, we did it again"!

Ten technology FAILS

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I remember when Packard Bell's... eeeuurgh, used to use one of those shiddy BOB like interfaces. It were right crap, and so was the hardware. and to think, PC World used to charge upwards of £1200 for a shiddy desktop with a patronising GUI.

Only Kinect: Microsoft boffins build Minority Report-style tools

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Paris Hilton

Re: “looking at pixels in the air without a screen” - will be the “next big thing”

Does that mean Apple would travel back to the garden of eden and slap the Almighty with a patent infringement summons for the forbidden fruit scandal?

That must mean Microsoft are one step closer to patenting a wave, or hand gesture... thin air next?

Paris, IMHO could do with some augmentation... both reality and the other ;)