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UK is 'not a surveillance state' insists minister defending police face recog tech

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Probably a rhyming dictionary

UK air traffic bods deny they 'skimped' on IT investment after server mega-fail

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MPs should keep their mouths shut about things they know nothing about

So a system that is driven at, or close to, full capacity every single day had a few minutes delay when an abnormal and previously unheard of scenario occurred?

This isn't the problem. The problem is that the service the system is supporting does not have any spare capacity which means every delay has a knock on effect in that flights are delayed or need to be cancelled.

No-one was killed or injured because the system went bat-shit crazy and caused planes to collide, people were just inconvenienced by a relatively minor delay.

Older systems are typically tried and tested and most faults have been found and resolved/worked around. Newer systems may be faster or have more functionality, but have a whole new legion of bugs yet to be discovered.

I vote for the slight delay with legacy hardware instead or the shiny new hardware that shits itself because flash player has been updated for the 5000th time.

Bono apologises for iTunes album dump

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Re: Vote

I'd be surprised if Bono has heard any negative feedback about this song or this album seeing as his head is firmly up his own arse.

Chinese hackers spied on investigators of Flight MH370 - report

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"Malaysian officials investigating the disappearance of flight MH370"

"The malware was hidden in a PDF attachment posing as a news article that was distributed on 9 March...falsely claimed the Malaysian Airlines jet had been found."

So the team investigating the disappearance were taken in by an unsolicited email attachment which claimed that the plane had been found.

Didn't anyone on that team think for even a second that the email might be considered even slightly suspicious?


e-Borders fiasco: Brits stung for £224m after US IT giant sues UK govt

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Re: And for the future ?

Breaking it down in to smaller "units" will only end up with things being even worse.

The issue with all of these projects is the Government's inability to manage projects, requirements and suppliers. How well do they think it will end when they have to manage more suppliers with each of them working on separate parts of the same system.

Maybe they should outsource the Government as well as the IT department?

Nice computers don’t need to go to the toilet, says Barclays

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Re: Self service checkouts

So you have the choice of a person serving you who *may* need approval versus a machine that would *always* need approval.

I'm a big fan a technology, but I'll always choose the person over the machine. Especially if that person is particularly appealing to look at.

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Re: Self service checkouts

"You don't have to wait for an older staff member to come over and allow the person actually serving you to sell you alcohol because the spotty oik on the checkout isn't 18 themselves yet."

I think you'll find that automated machines have to also have that done by a human. Sometimes its done at the remote console or at the same machine you're using, but it is ALWAYS done.

Because if it wasn't, a 16 year old buying beer would just press the "yes I am over 18" button and be off.

Watching smut at work is bad but emailing it is just fine, says Oz court

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The opposite of a gentle touch.

At a previous employer, someone sent a joke around to the whole project (50+ recipients) which was definitely of a NFW nature and clearly against the rules of using email.

One recipient decided to reply to the sender, including the joke in the email history and cc'd in very senior company managers. In his email he thought he was being clever and lambasted the sender for sending inappropriate jokes via email when sending those emails was clearly against company policy etc. Basically he was a knob trying to get someone in to trouble.

It all backfired when senior management fired both the original sender of the email and the knob who forwarded it to management as they had each broken the rules as both emails contained the joke.

Sit back down, Julian Assange™, you're not going anywhere just yet

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Operation Winkle

I'm surprised some emergency hasn't happened that needed the embassy (a.k.a. flat) to be evacuated due to safety reasons, e.g fire, flood, gas leak in one of the other flats etc. Once Assange was outside and safely on the pavement he could be nicked as he'd be back on UK Territory.

I don't think people are trying hard enough.

HP: We're axing 29,000 workers? Add another 5,000 to that

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In a nutshell

Years ago, HP lost its direction on where it wanted to go and what it wanted to make/sell.

They bought out loads of companies, drove them in to the ground and destroyed their products.

Management came and went, with the same promises made but delivering nothing but staff cuts.

Like most other Wall Street influenced companies, they had to grow every year by a large amount otherwise they weren't succeeding.

Now they're left with nothing to sell, nothing new on the horizon and a raft of incompetent off-shores and those in the twilight of their careers just wanting for retirement.

I doubt that HP will even exist in a few years time.

Facebook offshores HUGE WAD OF CASH to Caymans - via Ireland

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Not going to happen

Ireland will replace the existing taxation laws with a new set which prohibits the existing "loopholes" but introduces an entirely new set making the net difference negligible.

Companies don't pay the full "perceived amount" of Tax, but Ireland still profits from it. They're not going to cut off a source of income to appease everyone else.

Australian State to sue IBM over $AUD1bn project blowout

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Different Government, Different Supplier, Different Country, Same Story

Government wants an IT system to do A & B.

Government only wants to pay X.

Suppliers work out system will cost X+N but only bids X to get the contract.

Project rolls on, Government want C, D & E added.

Supplier increases cost to cover for C, D & E plus shortfall of original N.

Repeat last two steps frequently.

Project overruns by several years and is over ten times original budget.

Government blames Supplier, Supplier blames Government, Nothing delivered, Commentards point out the obvious.

Rinse & Repeat.

eBay chairman: 'Don't make payback a bitch for Anonymous hackers'

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Re: Velv

When you're dealing with corporate entities, the only thing that they take notice of is the bottom line.

A negative PR campaign against Paypal would take a huge amount of money before it even came close to being effective and Paypal has enough money to stop it before it got anywhere.

I'm not saying what they did was right or wrong, but it was the most effective way of protesting.

And the laws of a financial nature have always attracted harsher punishments that the laws protecting a person. It has always been unfair like this and as the people with money run the governments, its unlikely to ever change.

The ZOD FILES: Climate documents from 2007 'must stay secret'

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Here's a quick summary

Anything the UK does or does not do will be insignificant because China is destroying the planet on a far bigger scale.

But we can't be saying that in public because Cameron and Clegg want the Chinese as their new best mates.

The truth about mystery Trojan found in space

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Personal USB Drive

I suspect the USB Drives that were infected were personal ones owned by the Astronauts that contained all the Frankie Vaughan an Astronaut would need to entertain themselves while alone in space. They probably "forgot" to hand it over to be scanned prior to leaving...

WD slips bullet between teeth, gets ready to hand $706m to Seagate

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Re: I havent read the background detail to the story

"Especially if the information he brought only allowed WD to get to market with a product "months" before they would have any way"

In tech sales terms, "months" can feel like years. Being first to market with a product has a massive impact on sales.

But hitting them with a 600 million fine when they only made 400 million profit seems harsh

A 400 million profit in the quarter. Stealing this tech would allow them to make a profit over several quarters on something which wasn't theirs to sell.

The amount seems justified given the level of R&D required to get the tech in the first place.

11m Chinese engulfed by 'Airpocalypse' at 4000% of safe pollution levels

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Population Control?

The One-child policy didn't work as that just made the percentage of older people increase, so with the smog caused by the heating systems, old people have a choice - freeze to death or put the heating on and choke to death on the pollution. Meanwhile all the "important" people have air purifiers.

I think I've seen this before in some Sci-Fi b-movie.

Internet Explorer 11 BREAKS Google, Outlook Web Access

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I can't even fake the suprise

Many, many years ago, sysadmins learned not to upgrade software with the latest version as it never worked as described and would most likely break things.

Microsoft and Oracle to name just two, have a long history of releasing, poorly-written, untested, half-arsed code that royally buggers everything up without a fix being readily available.

Canadian operator EasyDNS stands firm against London cops

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False economics

costing the UK economy hundreds of millions of pounds each year

Can someone explain to me how a US TV show that I might download from a torrent, watch and then delete costs the UK economy "hundreds of millions of pounds each year"?

I'm not going to buy the boxset of something I haven't seen and not all shows are shown in Europe and if they are they're sometimes many months behind.

If it wasn't available on a torrent, I just wouldn't watch it. So the money lost is zero.

Scottish leader splurged £20k appealing disclosure of EU membership legal bungle

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Re: The no campaign is grasping at straws here

No-one is "terrified" of Scotland leaving the UK.

This just highlights the fact that the very people telling the public that independence is all planned out and will be rosy aren't doing their due diligence.

Its like when HP bought Autonomy without due diligence. Look how well that worked out.

WD unveils new MyBook line: External drives now bigger... and CHEAP

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Re: Encrypted?

+1 for this.

The OP most likely just plugged it in to a Windows PC and determined it was encrypted because Windows couldn't natively read it.

Full Steam Ahead: Valve unwraps plans for gaming hardware

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The only way an upgradeable console would work is if the games are coded well enough to determine the 'rating' of the console and then adapt as required in order to run the game within the limits of the hardware (e.g. lower resolution etc).

If you get in to a scenario where not all games run on the console because X needs upgrading etc then that will spell the end of the steam console.

Consoles are popular because they just work. No drivers, no hardware upgrades & no faffing about. Parents can buy the kids a game and as long as it has the correct console name on the box they know it'll work.

F-16 fighter converted to drone

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Re: You never flew a fighter, did you?

Sure, a drone can sustain higher Gs - as long as the airframe doesn't break and the engines can still breath enough air to avoid a compressor stall - not only pilots have physical limits.

The bit you're missing is that the physical limits of the aircraft can be improved beyond the current limits. Previous improvements have been deemed pointless because the pilot would have already blacked out long before you reached these physical limits.

OK, so we paid a bill late, but did BT have to do this?

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Not just broadband

I have two @btinternet.com email accounts that I have used for years. Last month I got an email saying as I was no longer with BT for my broadband, I would have to pay £1.60 a month to keep them.

Normally I would just let them go, but for several reasonsit was easier to keep them so I set up a direct debit. Now today I get an email saying that BT have postponed getting rid of non-BT customers with @btinternet.com addresses for the foreseeable future. So now those who haven't paid will keep the same product I'm paying for.

China's corruption crackdown killing off Unix

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A fate worse than death

Another high profile trial, of former railways minister Liu Zhijun, saw a suspended death death sentence handed out last july

It says a lot about the Chinese government when just a death sentence isn't enough.

IRON MAN MUSK: Elon reveals Tony Stark-style 3D design smarts

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Re: I call bullshit

Its a Proof of Concept, not a finished product so not everything will be accounted for in this version.

Maybe the next version will have a voice interface to add details like dimensions.

Headmaster calls cops, tries to dash pupil's uni dreams - over a BLOG

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Re: Truth or consequences

This is where I tell my kids the opposite of what the schools are telling them.

The school's mantra is "If you're bullied tell the teacher, don't fight back".

Mine is, "It you're bullied, hit them back and hit them hard".

Bullies aren't bothered by what teachers do. They are bothered about getting a kicking.

Gov IT write-off: Universal Credit system flushes £34m down toilet

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Re: 25 Year IT Career and this still happens

What they should do differently is to lock the civil servants in a room with several reams of paper, some pens, some empty boxes and some string.

The boxes represent each system, the string is tied between boxes showing which systems are connected and the paper shows all the inputs and outputs with the details written on the paper.

Once the civil servants can show how they want the system to work using sheets of paper that are passed around, then they have a hope that the IT system can be built correctly to support this.

The major problem of the civil service is that they lack the ability to envisage the actual problem and therefore how the solution should work.

Met Police spaffs £250m keeping 'ineffective' IT systems running - report

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...mobile apps, social media and the cloud

This pisses me right off. What exactly is "the cloud" going to do for the police?

Vulture 2 spaceplane rises from the powdered nylon

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Re: says

A cracked helmet? Jesus, that sounds painful.

Nintendo is FLATLY UNHINGED: New 2DS is a handful of game

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You could be forgiven for thinking the Wii U was just a mistake.

With this, its perfectly clear that Nintendo have lost the plot. Either they have no plans to compete with Microsoft or Sony, or they just have run out of ideas.

Women in IT: ‘If you want to be taken seriously, dress like a man’

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I wish I could tell you his advice was all wrong, but I can’t. Very soon after I stopped wearing makeup and started dressing more like man, I noticed a change in people’s interactions with me.


I no longer hide behind khakis and polo shirts. I wear pretty shoes, paint my nails with glitter, and change my hair colour as often as Microsoft releases security patches.

So what are you saying? Is your dress code important or not? Or is it just the fact that once you prove your skills, no-one gives a chuff what you wear or what reproductive organs you have?

Nissan promises to sell self-driving cars by 2020

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Re: I, for one, will not purchase this tat.

Software can do a LOT more about it.

1. The vehicle having a problem can instantly alert other vehicles to the emergency so they can start braking/taking evasive action

You're assuming that ALL cars will be driverless - which they won't be.

2. Vehicles can automatically monitor each other for potential problems

See above response.

3. reaction time of a vehicle is much faster than a humans, again - alerts can propagate faster through the flow of traffic

Any half-decent driver doesn't need the same reaction time as a machine as they drive within the limits of their abilities and the road conditions.

4. Vehicles can be "taught" coping techniques for a wide variety of emergency situations

So can humans. Its called advanced driver training.

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Re: I, for one, will not purchase this tat.

"90% of accidents are caused by drivers"

What percentage of these accidents would have still happened if a car was driverless?

In a multiple vehicle collision, it only takes 1 driver to do something unexpectedly stupid and the other vehicles containing either software or wetware drivers, can't necessarily do anything about it.

Star Wars revival secret: This isn't the celluloid you're looking for

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You can spend millions on effects, retro-film, lighting, sound, CGI etc, but if the story isn't a good one, the film will be naff and no-one will want to watch it.

Mystery of Guardian mobos and graphics cards which 'held Snowden files'

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Or Possibly...

The GCHQ bods did indeed witness the destruction of said hardware and disk drives, but come the time when the Guardian wanted a photo of the deceased, the parts had already been binned or sold on eBay by the IT guy. Then the editor rocks up and asks for a photo of the parts. The IT guy panics, picks up some spare bits and bobs from around his desk, mangles them to bits and hopes that no-one notices the photo of completely random spares.

AREA 51 - THE TRUTH by the CIA: Official dossier blows lid off US secrets

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Re: @ Code Monkey

And by UFO community I mean documented, under oath statements from Doctors, Teachers, High ranking military personnel, Lawyers, Police Officers, Airline Pilots, Politicians, and I could go on.

If you want credible witnesses don't include people who lie for a living.

'But we like 1 Direction!' Rock gods The Who fend off teen Twitter hate mob

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Re: All seem to be rip-offs

The majority of songs out now are "re-mixes", "sampled from", "a tribute to" or "re-releases" of existing songs. Hell, most of the top 40 all "feature" other artists because they can't manage a whole song on their own.

Incidentally, Florence & the Machine's "Shake it out" samples a song from the 80s that I can't place my finger on. From 3:45 onwards if anyone know it...

'Database failure ate my data' – Salesforce customer

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Re: Hmmm...

I have to disagree.

In this case the disaster recovery component also failed, which meant it wasn't fit for purpose. Having the latest data available when the primary component goes tits up is its ONLY true function.

If I was cynical, I would suspect that these customer's DR servers also happen to be some other customer's primary servers. To the beancounters, this means that the cloud company could save money on hardware and sell the same thing twice.

One server fails, services fail over, servers can't cope with the increased load and bang everything lost.

Plods probe death threat tweets to MP - but who will rid us of terrible trolls?

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Re: Alert Trolls Mum

Provide a button that provides the recipient of such a tweet with the sender's name, address and photo.

Lets see how big and hard these little twats are when they're not hiding behind a keyboard in their bedroom.

Shasta McNasty

Re: special privileges

yet her complaints fall on deaf ears.

That's not fair, you should really be listening to your wife under these circumstances.

Premier League boots footie-streaming site off Blighty's interwebs

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So the difference with this and google is....

"...FirstRow aggregates together a large number of streams from a variety of streamers, indexes them for the convenience of the user and provides a simple link for the user to click on..."

"...the stream is presented in a frame provided by FirstRow..."

So is the judge's beef with the fact that FirstRow puts it in a frame? Besides that, its no different to Google (vast army of lawyers notwithstanding).

The only way to impact any form of online "piracy" is to offer the same goods online at the same time but don't take the piss with the price.

Universal Credit? Universal DISCREDIT, more like, say insiders

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Re: Pardon?

You might want to update that article. They're not unused, they're just not exposed to the internet.

Some maybe at some point depending on the government needs.

Shasta McNasty


"There needs to be some sort of review of IP addresses and the DWP needs to be at the forefront of next-generation cyber-security, which I don't believe they are anywhere near."

Review of IP addresses? What exactly are you on about? This smells of a typical civil servant who hears some technical detail and then repeatedly spaffs it everywhere without having a clucking fue what they're talking about.

And as for security. It was all there in the offering and it could have been tighter than a nun's chuff but the DWP didn't want to pay for it.

I am so glad I don't have to deal with these retards anymore.

Look, can we just forget about Snowden for sec... US-China cyber talks held

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Is there a point in this meeting?

Given both China and the US spend a lot of their time spying on each other, would they be saying anything the other party didn't already know?

OFFICIAL: Humans will only tolerate robots as helpful SLAVES

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Given that:

1, Robots are nowhere near useful to the general public yet and

2, The more advanced robots are prohibitively expensive

I don't think anyone needs robot relationship analysis.

HP confirms it's back in the smartphone business

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Not this again

"When HP has a smartphone, it will give a differentiated experience"

HP Execs could do with some training in Arse-Elbow Differentiation.

Premier League seeks court order to ban footie-streaming Swedish site

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Re: I don't get the point...

The people who watch the streams usually fit in to one of the following:

(a) The game is too far away/too expensive to attend/sold out.

(b) The game isn't being shown on a channel already received.

None of these are "lost" revenue to the clubs, only lost opportunities for revenue. If clubs only charged a couple of quid to view a match, people wouldn't bother with streaming from dodgy sites.

Give the customers what they actually want and profit from it rather than spaff your profits on chasing sites that give the customers what they're actually asking for.

Anons: We milked Norks dry of missile secrets, now we'll spaff it online

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This could end very badly.

If these documents contain information that shows NK have missile capacity beyond the estimates of the US, it could start an invasion/war.

On the other hand, if it shows the opposite, Kim Jong-Un could go completely postal and attack with whatever he has got.