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This won't end well. Microsoft's AI boffins unleash a bot that can generate fake comments for news articles


Re: If you could try *not* breaking the Internet

Perhaps the bots disagreed.

About to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update? You might want to wait a little bit longer


Like others have said, I was under the impression it was a security update, but nope... Creators. Aside from cleaning my start menu of all my office apps for their junkware, I had not discovered any other issues until today. Reasons unknown, I cannot record any analog audio from my usb devices using either Audacity or Audition, all which worked before the update. I used to like Windows, but now it's an irritant.

What the @#$%&!? Microsoft bans nudity, swearing in Skype, emails, Office 365 docs


One can dream.

I would laugh if cursing at Cortana on a Windows PC would permanently discontinue the service. Sadly the data slurping would still be left to the NSA.

Itching to stuff iOS 11 on your iPhone? You may want to hold off for a bit


Updated with no drama.

I had updated to iOS 11 on my 7plus. Two old, unused apps were a casualty, but to no bother. The 'files' app was a let down. I hoped for much more local or home network functionality than it offered, but it's Apple so I'm not surprised. I'm not going to bother asking about flac. Aside from communication apps like Phone, Messages, and Facetime, I have no push notifications engaged, so battery life seems the same - I didn't guzzle power before, and it isn't guzzling now. Aside from a couple of new icons, it pretty much feels like iOS 10. Meh.

Google wants to track your phone and credit card through meatspace


Data Collection Fatigue

I don't want your newsletter, don't care to save 5 cents on wax paper, and if it is company policy, that's your problem, not mine. You're not getting my home, mobile number or my email address.

If I haven't complained yet, you're doing fine, but I'm not filling a survey for some mundane purchase, nor do I care if there's a chance to win a $500 prize if I do.

I'm not in your computer, and don't want to be, thanks. Besides, I'm in for a hair cut. By the way, my dog's interest in squeaky toys doesn't warrant your need for my home address.

I'm not interested in your cashback cards or store credit no matter how far you follow me down the isle, I'm not collecting points, and again, no email, I'll take that paper receipt, thanks.

This bitching exercise doesn't even cover my mobile and related apps, laptop, etc. It's a losing battle.

Hey Windows 10, weren't you supposed to help PC sales?


Among the people I know, I haven't encountered anyone upgrading hardware specifically for a newer version of Windows. Most purchased a new machine for better, faster performance, then expected the newest version of Windows because they're purchasing a new machine. At this time, most of my friends have no need to upgrade. Their machines are still more than adequate for everyday use. Free or not, Windows 10 is not a consideration when Windows 7 is in extended support mode until Jan 2020.

Windows 10 will now automatically download and install on PCs


While you were away we figured it's time for Win 10

Up until yesterday, I had merely cancelled messages relating to the Win10 upgrade. I had unchecked the download in Windows update as well. I have an on-line test to do on Saturday, among other things. I'll do the update a few weeks from now, so I thought.

I stepped away from my desktop to get something to eat, watched some news, came back to a desktop that upgraded itself to Win10 ... Oh f*** off! C**ts!

Remember Netbooks? Windows 10 makes them good again!


Re: Madness

I agree. My EeePC 1015px was originally equipped with Windows 7 Starter. It later served as a travel device for email and web when tethered to my phone and a backup point for photos and video. Updating took hours to complete because the netbook was infrequently used. With Security Essentials, Windows Update, Firefox, and Adobe all calling home at any given time, I couldn't trust my tethered data was not being wasted.

I dumped Win 7 for Mint. It updated much quicker and at my convenience. It booted quicker and device functionality remained much the same.

Trying Win 10 is intriguing but it is so network chatty, I'd probably blaze through travel data plans in no time. With even less manual control for updating, installing it isn't worth the risk and aggravation.

Watch: Kids slam Apple as 'BORING, the whole thing is BORING'


"Ever think the people making these videos etc. are keen to get A P P L E in the title / keywords for hits ];->"

The original youtube post is called "Kids React To Old Computers". The equipment is described as merely being old, without any brand name dropping. There's no "Apple" keyword conspiracy - Only here at Reg.

Facebook wants to LISTEN IN on the songs and vids playing in YOUR living room


Those app posts should be interesting...

"Joe Punter appears to be listening to the soundtrack of American Booty.

Buy this porn and other titles at Amazon.com

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Show more CANADIAN-MADE PORN, insists Canadian government


Unfortunately for Canadians, we'll be stuck with Brent Butt acting out scenes.

Assault on battery


Re: Put in the dishwasher?

I've recovered many PC parts from dirty and smokey environments. I've cleaned video, network cards and motherboards in the dishwasher many times with success. I would even rinse power supplies in the sink, but I used this method when recovering power supplies from heavy smokers or very dusty warehouses.

All parts were first allowed to discharge, then washed, and allowed to naturally dry after for several days. I used compressed gas to check for any remaining moisture between components, then the parts were put back in service. It's much cheaper than purchasing specialty electronics cleaners, but only if you have the time for the parts to dry.

I did not bother with keyboards. I did it once with success, but always found the chassis had a spot of water I missed - too much effort for what it's worth.


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