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It's ba-ack... UK watchdog publishes age verification proposals


Re: Umm...

Well one site that I might have visited has a tick box for 'British' so I assume that if I don't tick the box for 'British models' It won't affect me ;-)

Apple exec defends 8GB $1,599 MacBook Pro, claims it's like 16GB in a PC


Built in Landfill ability

With 8Gb it's not going to take much for it to page to SSD, which means the SSD is going to wear out quicker, and I'm willing to bet It's got just enough life in it to exit the warranty.

I wouldn't be surprised if the 16/32GB models page out to SSD as well (for some "apple" reason).

Is the SSD soldered ? 'Cause that would be extra++ evil

Ex-GCHQ software dev jailed for stabbing NSA staffer


With NSA and GCHQ involved, it's unlikely we are seeing any truths in this.

'Corrupt' cop jailed for tipping off pal to EncroChat dragnet


Re: odd

If it's the Met, she'd be guilty because she was female, I bet few of their mates were found in the sweep.

Ireland to develop datacenter powered by fuel cells


Steam engines are the future :-)

Hardware hacker: Walling off China from RISC-V ain't such a great idea, Mr President


Re: Disagree @StrangerHereMyself

This itself indicates a dearth of ideas on how to proceed and restrictions on ideas, and RISK-V is an idea not a physical product. Banning somebody from using an idea has never worked. You can ban a product in your own country, but that's about all.

On this the US seems to be on a path to nowhere

I think it's going to be the EU, for all its faults, that is going to come out ahead in all this, after all the crucial EUV stuff is built there and not in the US.

The population overall is better educated, and it has built itself up to be an economic powerhouse, it all depends on how advanced Ukraine is after the Orki are kicked out and the rebuilding starts.

I just hope the US doesn't fuck it up just because it can. Brexit was primarily I think driven by right wing US ideologues,

China historically has been interested primarily in China (Taiwan for all its importance to the US, is a border dispute in Chinese eyes)

Does Windows have a very weak password lurking in its crypto libraries?


Re: Sounds like

Well they do if you put a line of feed over the road.

I'm not sure if roads are recognised by chickens (except in the sense of 'our Mable' is now 2-dimensional) as such.

King Charles III signs off on UK Online Safety Act, with unenforceable spying clause


It's not the first

I give you


Which just proves the stupidity

Comms watchdog to probe errors that left Brits unable to make emergency calls


Re: Ensure uninterrupted access?

On Zen everything went incredibly smoothly, email a couple of weeks before to plug the phone into the router instead of the wall at a certain time, and it would work, it did.

Keeping my number was simple, as was adding a DECT phone, which I had lying around in the box of tech crap that I might get round to using when I can be bothered to fiddle with it.

Mind you the modem they send is pretty decent, mesh networking available (I rolled my own which worked, with the router and I saved a few quid a month).

Unfortunately, it doesn't have an OpenWRT image available for it, which is the only downside. But it's fast, gets updates frequently enough, and the usb3 port works as my home NAS. So there is that.

Time Lords decree an end to leap seconds before risky attempt to reverse time


Re: Didn't someone previously propose

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Railway_time -Railway Time

Don't believe the hype: HP CEO says 3D printing hasn't met early hopes


More accurately

3d printing does not match HP's idea of 3D printing, it's great for prototypes and one-offs.

It's also great for printing all sorts of plastic stuff for use around the home, brackets, hinges, bits you can't get elsewhere at a decent price, and your next great idea( that will end up in the scrap bin shortly).

It's not easy to monetize when any half-decent engineer can build one that works better than your offering.

BOFH: It's Friday, it's time to RTFM



The really sad thing... is I understood immediately every one of those acronyms

NASA selects 'full force' for probe into UFOs


New plane testing going on?

It's one of those believable conspiracy theories, that the US has used in the past when it is testing new planes.

Or, there may be aliens

Take your pick :-)

Solana, Phantom blame Slope after millions in crypto-coins stolen from 8,000 wallets


One all the crypto has been stolen

are they going to steal each other's crypto in a never increasing circle until they produce some sort of financial black hole?

It seems as if the crypto market acts like ISK the EVEOnline in-game currency.

Pull jet fuel from thin air? We can do that, say scientists


I'd take issue with that last point the greens have more representation in Europe because they are elected under some sort of PR. Unlike here where the voting system actively works against smaller parties.

Your top 5 liquid cooling quandaries answered, according to Omdia


Re: Heat

CHP (Combined heat and power) stations are amongst the most efficient ways of using resources. I did some early design work on them for a degree course in the late 1980's.

There is no reason not to use the energy left in the fluid to do something useful, and increase the overall efficiency and probably drive down operating costs of the datacenter. Stirling engines (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stirling_engine) are fairly easy to build, just get them driving a generator, and you get a portion of your used power back.

Lawyers say changes to UK data law will make life harder for international businesses


So what are the tropes indicating a bad company to work in

Not invented here syndrome

Let's reinvent the wheel

Basically anything Pointy haired boss

I think we have a cabinet and leader who have taken the pointy haired boss as a role model.

How experimental was Microsoft's 'experimental banner' in File Explorer?


I can't wait for Windows update to need a spam filter, honestly.

AMD confirms Ryzen chips' stuttering performance on Windows 10, 11


Also valuable

It is almost guaranteed that in the near future the UK government will have the brilliant idea of a database of people's secret TPM code, entry into which is required for porn access ''to protect the children''

Welsh home improvement biz fined £200,000 over campaign of 675,478 nuisance calls


Must be another one starting up for the Midlands.

I've been on the list for 10 years plus, and the only previous calls I got were foreign ones.

Yesterday I got the first UK one, claiming that the loft insulation I have causes mould and I should pay them to change it.

UK think tank proposes Online Safety Bill reviewer to keep tabs on Ofcom decisions


It's to do with IT.

We can be sure that the government will FUBAR

and cause a SNAFU, such as the one we are now living through.

There, the English language is almost designed for encryption, in perilous times

Are you a Friend of Dorothy?

Autonomy founder's anti-extradition case is like saying Moon made of cheese, US govt tells UK court


It could be that after the mess, they took one look at his name.

and said "Yes!"

ESA boss gives update on stricken Sentinel-1B imaging satellite: All is not lost yet


Or someone needed a window to do something nefarious

No defence for outdated defenders as consumer AV nears RIP


Re: Failure of capitalism

Windows 3 was still a bit of a bolt on to MSDOS if I remember correctly.

Windows giant seeks Pluton-ic relationship with chipmaker: AMD first out of the gates with Microsoft's security processor


So another play for.....

World domination from Microsoft.

It's no longer "All your bases belong us"

More "Everything belong us''

Boeing 737 Max chief technical pilot charged with deceiving US aviation regulators over MCAS


I hope he kept the flimsies from Reacher Gilt

Microsoft does and doesn't require VMs to meet hardware requirements for Windows 11


I think I'll wait until windows 12

History has taught us that M$ has 2 development teams and this is not the good team.

Intel's €80bn European chip plant investment plan not bound for UK because Brexit


So that's why we have a chip shortage, bet it will magically ease slightly when the deal is signed

How not to train your Dragon: What happens when you teach an AI game sex-abuse stories then blame players


Stories need a

Villain, and what is a villain, well it's someone who does evil whatever that is.

So tempting the protagonist is a valid story move.

Feed the AI with villain tropes is always going to go dark quickly.

But what can you do, ''Real'' literature is often pretty dark.

I guess Evil Corp stories wouldn't go down well with corporate investors

A crypto-trading hamster is outperforming the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Bitcoin



Proving once again that the financial industry exists to make your money theirs.

Ex-DJI veep: There was no drone at Gatwick during 2018's hysterical shutdown


Re: Follow the money

Mob hysterics have been a prime driver for a lot of UK law.

Ransomware crims saying 'We'll burn your data if you get a negotiator' can't be legally paid off anyway


Re: It is easy for us to say "don't pay"

If you want to get rid of ransomware just enact a law that says the ransom can be paid, but only out of senior managements yearly bonus.

Off yer bike: Apple warns motorcycles could shake iPhone cameras out of focus forever



Vibrations probably cause the planned obsolescence counter to update too frequently

SAP 'investigating' after viral video allegedly shows anti-mask employee coughing on shoppers


When you break it down

Not wearing a mask, ok it's rude, antisocial, stupid and in some cases illegal

Deliberately coughing on someone - that's assault clear and simple no question on the illegality.

But she's an entitled American Karen and losing her job is the best we can hope for

Good on SAP for at least doing this

Huawei stole our tech and created a 'backdoor' to spy on Pakistan, claims IT biz



Probably unhappy they changed the address from an NSA one to a .cn one.

VMs were a fad fit for the Great Recession. Containers’ time has finally come


VHS vs Betamax all over again.

But seriously,

one of the reasons VHS won over the technically superior Betamax was that porn was unavailable easily on Betamax. However, in areas that required hi-fidelity such as broadcasting, Betamax persisted until 2002, and VHS until 2003

My expectation is that both will continue until they are killed off by something better. One will be used more generally, Containers probably, and VM's used where security is more important than easy of use.

US Air Force announces plan to assassinate molluscs with hypersonic missile


You can't get it by snailmail, it's a test to see if they can kill it off.

PC owners borg into the most powerful computer the world has ever known – all in the search for coronavirus cure


For those at home with a good rig

Just let it run for a few hours it WILL pick up work as it is available - over the last 2 days mine has been working about 70% of the time, set on medium while I'm browsing.

Medium settings (on a 3950x/vega 64,32gb memory) runs at 30 cores leaving 2 cores for me :-)

Using the creators settings on ryzen master my average temp is around 60 after 2 hours or so.

Also a nice test for your rig :-)

I'm also investigating using my 3d Printer too make facemasks or ventilators,Some guys in Italy have designs undergoing tests.

HPE to Mike Lynch: You told either El Reg or High Court the right version of why former Autonomy execs won't testify


I like our legal system, it at least tries to give a fair trial.

Huawei with your rural subsidies ban: Chinese comms bogeyman fires sueball at US regulator


Re: Huawei to the danger phone

Well in the US it's the other way round US companies have agents inside the government

British snoops at GCHQ knew FBI was going to arrest Marcus Hutchins



Just a theory, maybe the Current Lot of incompetents where pissed off that he stopped WanaCry 'Cause "OMFG the NHS has been hacked, better privatize it"

How the Facebook money funnel is shaping British elections


whats the point

As, despite moving 4 times in my voting career, I've always ended up in a constituency where a dead body could be voted in as long as its a blue color, my vote has never been worth a damn. So no targeted ads here

I do dutifully vote, but really whats the point, the systems rigged

I once lived in a constituency where it might have mattered, but 'boundary changes' happened before I had a chance

Earth's core is younger than its crust surface


It's a Physics Question FFS

Std assumptions apply - First posit, a spherical Cow in a weightless vacuum

Radio wave gun zaps drones out of the sky – and it's perfectly legal*


Typical defense company boondoggle, 10 lines of code in my Flight controller and this is useless ( read rssi, zigzag out of interference,, resume mission )

Speaking as someone who has nearly finished their 2nd 250 racing drone ( the first one blew up,did you know Lithium polymer batteries store a LOT of energy and Carbon fibre is conductive? I'd forgotten).

A bit of background, the radios are frequency hopping and the most popular ones run open source software, the flight controllers are as well and we're up to 32bit processors with a full sensor suite

Most of the software in both the radios and the flight controller is Open Source ( and has the required bad tempered bitch fight between competing forks :-) ) so I'd have to say bring it on.

I'd back our beardies and 12 yr old coders against any defense contractors.

written light hardheartedly, cos you know, TLA's ( and FLA in the UK) Drones being Villain of the Month at the moment,

LA explosion knocks LogMeIn's British customers offline


I used to work for a company that made Data centre power backups (ups and diesel gennies combined,'Active Power', nice company to work for).

Why they didn't have that, or something similar reeks somewhat of incompetance.

I'm willing to bet other similar companies in the area DID have something in place and their customers wouldn't have even noticed.

BOFH: My diary is MINE and mine alone, you petty HR gimps


Re: Ohhhhh Simon, yer warmin' the cockles of me heart...

Ah proper Overhead projectors

Spent quite a few evenings aligning tubes, hanging from rafters with the top casing off, twidling screws to align the seperate RG&B tubes with a little insulated tool thing trying to avoid falling in to all the humming HV bits. of course next day I'd have to take it all down and move to the next venue :-(

That was when I still had a spine :-).

Apple Pay's Brit biz bashed by banks planning to Zapp it out


Re: Just a reminder

Wrong, sorry, they should be looked at as a Faraday cage, which does not need an earth, unless they're not a faraday cage, in which case they wont work :-)

So what would the economic effect of leaving the EU be?


One thing you can count on is that in or out the flood of cheap labour will continue.

Given that firms and organizations seem to be firmly in the driving seat, and that cheap labour is good for them, but that the costs fall on society.

Firms will, without a disincentive, continue to hire ( reasonably for them ) the best qualified applicant. Low quality, low paid jobs will continue to be taken by higher quality immigrants over lower quality locals, who could actually do the jobs but won't be given the chance. This leads to a larger pool of unemployed, who have to be supported somehow (if you don't you get civil unrest). Try to up the costs of labour and they'll scream and threaten to leave. Try to tax them and those that can will avoid it (the large influential players), those who can't will be uncompetitive and fail (smaller locals and independants).

I don't see any way out of this without some form of economic migration control. Perhaps then we can relax controls on true refugees ( because at least then it might stop us messing around in the world and causing them )

Facebook echo chamber: Or, the British media and the election


all I can say is that turkeys DO vote for christmas.

Google pulls plug on YouTube for older iPads, iPhones, smart TVs