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HDMI hitch hounds Mac Mini holders


2012 Mini - FAIL

I'm returning my 2012 Mini 2.6 i7 during the 2-wk period this weekend... It has 2-3 sec blank screen 5-10 minutes after boot up using both HDMI to Samsung TV, and HDMI->DVI Dell 2412m monitor. Also, has exhibited a "snow screen" that is persistent, requiring reboot.

This issue surfaced way back in June on Win/Linux machines, and it HAS NOT been fixed with Intel Memory Resource Code releases v1.5 and v1.6 (ref. Intel forum). The process is-- the updated MRC is rolled into an EFI update by Apple, so if Intel doesn't manage to fix it, it ain't gonna happen!

Caveat Emptor, hope there is a recall of this POS for those outside the return period. I'm typing this message on a 2011 Mini 2.5 refurb with Radeon GPU with absolutely no issues ref'd above.

Note: read the Apple support forums on this-- there's already 27 pages of posts from unhappy boi's.