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Blind justice: Google lawsuit silences elected state prosecutor

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Re: Aren't there three issues here?

"Like it or not the MPAA is just as much a constituent as Jimmy Bob Smith down at the end of the dirt road."


The individuals making up said group are entitled to representation; but the group itself is patently not a "person" or "individual", and therefore has no such entitlement (despite the purchased and very erroneous rulings to the contrary).

Cray heaves out even mightier, Lustre-ous Sonexion 2000

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Nice advert...

...can y'all condense it into a blipvert? I'm a busy g-g-g-guy.


Yes! It's DRONE PORN. And we don't mean shiny pics of UAVs

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T'would be nice to see the film, but the stuttering "stream" gave me a seizure...


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I'm sure if we dig deep enough...

...we'll find Monsanto at the bottom of this...

Disney wins Mickey Mouse patent for torrent-excluding search engine

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What a bogus pile of poo...

Next thing you know, they're gonna patent "breathing", and hit the entire planet with a lawsuit...

Voyager 1 now EIGHTEEN LIGHT HOURS from home

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Re: A time capsule to the stars!

I sense a NOMAD scenario developing...


Remember the Aereo streaming TV service? Wasn't it COOL? Well, it's pretty much dead now

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Re: They won't quit

"...because of ...the rules of the buildings in which they live, cannot access the free over the air signals"

Federal Law prohibits barring or blocking access to free OTA transmissions, in all cases.

How the FLAC do I tell MP3s from lossless audio?

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What role does Dolby encoding play?

"Campbell says: "Some music recorded and produced in the '80s seems to suffer from a weedy presentation with little bass."

Maybe because the source material was encoded in Dolby, which always sounds thin and reedy unless pumped thru a decoder? Perhaps someone needs to test this...

Murdoch to Europe: Inflict MORE PAIN on Google, please

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Re: Much as you may hate him...

"it means that a privately owned corporation has greater power than any government."

Um, newsflash: most governments ARE privately-owned corporations these days...

Hackers-for-hire raided 300 banks, corporates for TWELVE YEARS

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"What this shows is that it is very difficult to protect against a professional.."

It also shows how corporations undervalue their need for security, not to mention underpay their security wonks...

OECD lashes out at tax avoiding globocorps' location-flipping antics

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Re: Its not about taking more...

"And absolutely none of it would be paid for in the real world by real people out of their own pockets." <-- especially corporations and 1%ers, am I right?

This is why we have taxes and government: because NO ONE is inclined to pay for anything out of their own pockets, yet expects someone to provide whatever it is they want anyway. Corporations and 1%ers are notoriously at the top of this list, the rest of which is filled out by the hoards of Teahadists who don't care about anything or anyone else, as long as they get to act like their deified 1%ers.

Someone wanted those services you listed as "useless", and in large enough numbers for the government to take notice. And that's one function of government: to enact and enforce those services we demand as "public services".

The problem with the budgets of governments isn't what we perceive as "waste": it's the money being siphoned out by crooked politicians to funnel back to their leash-holders, who demand kickbacks for the bribes--i mean "political donations"--they gave them so they can gut the laws and bleed our governments dry.

And until WE, THE PEOPLE (and this applies for any and all nations, not just the US) realize that it's OUR GOVERNMENT, and that it's OUR MONEY funding it and the benefits we receive from it, it's not going to change, and the 1%ers and the corporate thieves will keep stealing our tax money and screwing us all.

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Re: Tax Rate

"having NO corporation tax and tax elsewhere MIGHT work."

Yeah, right. O_o

As long as corporations are considered "citizens", then they need to pay taxes, and a fuckton based on their true incomes.

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Re: I'm more interested in the creative accounting..... Irish apartment blocks...

That's the Danny Faulkner method of getting rich quick: build a bunch of stuff on credit from the banks, ****with giant local tax breaks****; then default on everything and head off to the Cayman's with the profits. Meanwhile, the economy collapses, and the taxpayers get screwed because the local governments have to foot the bill on dealing with the shoddy buildings that will never get occupied.

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Re: hmm @Fido L Dido

You've got the 1%er Kock rammed firmly down your throat, if you believe that whole raft of bullshit you just explosively eviscerated all over the server.

A majority of corporations and religious organizations are just pyramid schemes meant to help make the 1% even richer. The don't give a damn about the workers, the product, or even the smaller investors: they care only about their own bonuses, and the payouts to the other 1%ers. They already do everything they can to either avoid paying their fair share in taxes for the infrastructures they use, or to steal taxpayer money right out from under our noses; so why should they get an even bigger moral pass?? They'll just try to steal more "free money" out of our pockets.

The ONLY way to make taxation fair is a national sales tax: no matter who you are, if you buy something, you pay sales tax. Period. No matter where it's from, inside or outside of the country, you pay.

And it IS "unpatriotic" to not pay taxes. How the hell do you think the stuff we use and need (roads, sewers water, electricity, communications, hospitals, ambulances, for departments, police departments, military protection, government) gets there in the first place??

Truth be known, if you don't pay your taxes, then not only do you not get to be a "citizen", you shouldn't get to use those things taxes pay for. Maybe that'll wake a few people up...

Microsoft buys Minecraft for $2.5bn. Notch: I'm getting the block outta here

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Re: Kerching!

"No, Linux isn't all blinking cursors and obscure commands"

To the true Linusti, it is... ←_←→_→

Jimbo tells Wikipedians: You CAN'T vote to disable 'key software features'

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Re: So the tail is trying to wag the dog again...?

TSRH, exactly the point I was about to make.

Crowdsourcing isn't crowdsourcing without the crowd; and in this case, the crowd does a majority of the work for them. Piss them off, they go away, and the "crowdsource" collapses into a mere memory.

It's this Wales needs to remember: the very people he works for are the unpaid editors and contributors, whose work has made this site what it is today. He may think he works for the money, but the money can't buy enough editors and contributors to keep it running. On top of that, once money begins ruling content, then the entire site collapses into its own irrelevance, because the content will cease being truth, and become marketing spin.

Wake up, Wales: time to smell the bullshit you're shoveling, and realize you're about to bury yourself in a great huge pile of irrelevancy.

America's hot and cold spots for broadband revealed in new map

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Re: Hungary

"If some of the slowest states in the US average 7Mbps, it's not great, but it's a fair bit better than most English counties"


Are you kidding?? Most low-end averages range from 768K thru 3 or 6 mbps (mega-bits per SUCK) DSL, as provided by AT&T and Verizon, who really just don't give a damn about providing anything except a cash-suction device plumbed into your wallet.

Americans to be guinea pigs in vast chip-and-PIN security experiment

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Re: 50 ways to love your lever

Re: 50 ways to love your lever

But only if they had oil and *non*-WMDs

Fixed. Because we murkins need flimsy excuses.

Lindsay Lohan sues Grand Theft Auto V makers for 'using her image'

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I didn't think Lohan had the brains to recognize herself...

...much less issue intelligible instructions to anyone except housekeeping, maybe...

Super-heavy element 117 DOES exist – albeit briefly. Got any berkelium handy?

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What we NEED is an element that would be called "killallpoliticiansium"...

El Reg drills into IBM: The storage biz's got that sinking feeling

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IBM: "I Been Misled"

Nokia offers 'voluntary retirement' to 6,000+ Indian employees

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BWAHAHAHAHAHA... Welcome to post-outsourced America!!

Boffins power wearable tech with body static

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There's the problem...

...they used a "STEG", when what they needed was the "STIG".

Boycott Firefox, gay devs urge as Mozilla appoints JavaScript daddy as CEO

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eich is a bigoted hater...

...which should make you question his ability to run a corporation, not to mention his morals.

Of course, corporate wonks just love bigoted hating sociopaths that like to kick puppies and kill customers, so I guess he's a perfect fit.

Carolla seeks funds to fight off Personal Audio

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this just in...

...Personal Audio sues all humans for violating its patents on vocal communication between humans.

They plan on suing dogs and cats next...

It's 2014 and Microsoft Windows PCs can still be owned by a JPEG

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look, just get it thru your heads...

...if it's "Windows" and "Microsoft", it's malware.


Backdoor snoops can access files on your Samsung phone via the cell network – claim

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Time for a replacement phone:


Fanbois sent into FITS of RAGE by fake Steve Jobs statue competition

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Re: Blend traditional authority with modern irreverence.

No, no, no... It's got to be a Steve Jobs bobble head statue...

UK.gov back-office battle may see British Justice offshored

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Welcome to corporate welfare...

...which is what we yanks have been battling for over 20 years now.

Better stop it now before your 1%ers succeed in impoverishing your nation, too.

Global Warming is real, argues sceptic mathematician - it just isn't Thermageddon

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Re: To the first AC:

<quote>Re: To the first AC:

Averaged over all land and ocean surfaces, temperatures warmed roughly 0.85ºC from 1880 to 2012. Following that rate alone will take us to ~ 1.5 degrees of warming by 2100.

However, we know that warming is almost certain to accelerate - so 2.0+ degrees of warming is highly likely.</quote>

So where were these temperature measurements taken?? Airports? Major cities? Places with large concentrations of people, buildings, energy usage (waste heat), and a fuckton of concrete, which absorbs and holds even more heat. That alone can explain those temperature rises.

About 15 years ago or so, Scientific American published an article in which an environmental scientist performed numerous temperature measurements, all well outside of the cities and airports, including mid- to high-altitude measurements, and found that average temperatures were actually DROPPING. I forget who he was, or the date; but what stood out to me was the fact he got away from the "heat islands" of the cities and airports, and any other heat-generating locations (power plants, manufacturing, mining, etc), to get the actual temperatures.

But because his work went against the environazis desires (OMFG SCARE EVERYBODY GIVE US MONEY SO WE CAN SCARE YOU MORE WITH IMMINENT ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER!!!), I think he didn't get much credit. But that's politics for you.

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Re: Facts

Methane = unburnt hydrocarbons

Therefore, my farts contribute more toward global warming than CO2? Awesome!!

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Re: Facts


"stop preaching and start taking in facts"

Facts you want and facts you shall have:

1.CO2 absorbs more heat than any other gas therefore ALL the global warming is down to CO2.

2. If we stop breathing right now we will stop producing CO2 when we have rotted away. Let us get it all over with immediately and we could save the word in 10 or 20 years not counting skeletons.

3. 2% of unknown parts of the atmosphere at any unparticulate time may be comprised of water. Climatologists can safely ignore this as it hasn't presented much of a problem in Blighty this winter. Unless you count some places. But they often produce lots and lots of CO2 too. (Or did.)

How's that for a start?</quote>

How about a few facts for you?

* if we humans die, somethings take our places, and end up producing the same amount of CO2 we humans exhale on a daily basis.

* however, the amount of CO2 from our energy usage will drop, at least until some sort of natural catastrophe (forest fire, coal mine fire, grass fire, volcanic eruption, crude oil fire, natural gas fire--yes, it's possible for these things to happen in the absence of human control) dumps tons of CO2 into the atmosphere; and that could easily equal our CO2 outputs.

So, nature can be as bad as "polluter" as we are. Go figure.

Now, some questions:

* What, on this planet, uses CO2 to create oxygen and sugar?? (hint: they're green, they grow, we eat some of them, we make stuff from them, we even burn them for heat)

* Given the answer to the previous question, doesn't it stand to reason that increased CO2 production provides more fertilizer for said green things?

So why are we trying to kill plants by stopping all CO2 production? This planet has been around for a LONG time, there are periods where it produced more CO2 than we ever will (see: prehistoric sources of coal in the ground for that period), I don't think CO2 is nearly the culprit the environazis want it to be. Maybe the aerosols aren't helping, some of the unburnt hydrocarbons are doing their own damage, but all the CO2 we dump has been around since the very beginning, and is as much a part of the planet as any other element. Plus, when you take into account the fact that plants USE CO2 to make oxygen, it becomes a moot point (unless you're hell-bent on total planetary deforestation... oh, snap).

To top it off, I have YET to see a proper thermodynamic analysis of the planet's atmospheric composition, especially including CO2.

Besides (tip of the hat to Michael Crichton), most of the "environmental scientists" screaming the loudest are the ones looking for more paychecks...

It's a BLOCKBUSTER: Minecraft heads to the silver screen

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Re: Well that will be worth anticipating

Lego Movie.


Muslim clerics issue fatwa banning the devout from Mars One 'suicide' mission

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Don'cha get it?? Every body out of reach of the cult's brainwashing means less money for the ripoff artists' collective bank accounts!

Magnets to stick stuff to tablets: Yup, there's an Apple patent application for that

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I guess Apple's gonna try patenting magnetism next...

No, pesky lawyers, particle colliders WON'T destroy the Earth

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Lawyers never do anything unless money (usually an obscene sum of it) is involved. Therefore, someone paid these sharkwhores to file this suit with the accompanying histrionics, and make sure enough of it got coverage, ostensibly to scare someone, or a collection of someone's--who must be dumber than the usual bunch of "sky is falling" crazies (usually politicians, preachers, and prepper).

Follow the money, find the person or persons paying them, and find out if they're doing it because they're crazy; or they're doing it because it ensures them a fat profit.

Minecraft developer kills Kickstarted Minecraft movie

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Notch is a smart cookie: he'll make sure a deal gets done, then throw in with him, and make the next Lego-style blockbuster.

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Re: Rendering on PC:s

<quote>My first thought was Babylon 5, though they did have a special piece of hardware (Video Toaster). I'm sure there are plenty of other examples, though.</quote>

Yes: they're called the films of Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids, Sin City, etc).

The internet is 'a gift from God' says Pope Francis

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"Has God got a website?"

Yep: www.pedopriestsandnuns.xxx

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Re: "Mormon Holy texts"

"No, we do have Bible 2.0, but it's in the form of psychology, economics and sociology textbooks. In a hundred years or so when the dust has cleared on research in these rather young subjects, perhaps there will be a canon."

Science has no "canon": it's all theory that is open to disproof and change. Only religions and corporations have canon and do GM 's and will execute you for questioning them.

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Re: Best pope since... well, ever, I think.

"...the arch-conservative [Nazi] and bafflingly popular John Paul II."

Let's get it right, shall we?

I won't change my mind about them until they dissolve and liquidate the entire "religion", as well as declare the "bible" as just a bunch of Jewish fairy tales.

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Re: It's like it's "The Industrial Revolution is the Devil's Work" again.

"Economics professors have tried to value intangibles, and it isn't easy. But simple minded capitalist progressivism isn't, in my view over a 50 year timescale, an adequate philosophy."

Economics is like "political science": both utterly worthless fields based upon questionable "science", using illogical and broken "math" to prove spurious "theories" that just dupe the ignorant into thinking they know what they're talking about, enabling them to separate the rubes from their money.

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Re: He should know @ Euripides

Religions are the prototypical and quintessential corporations: they are both pyramidal organizations that have a person in charge at the top who didn't earn the spot, who abuses the power of the position, and who screws the hell out of the people at the bottom of the pyramid who do the real work.

Religions and corporations also perpetuate the worst atrocities against humanity, and both seem to think they are above the rule of law. They are both designed to take as much money from people as they can, while delivering a substandard and/or dangerous product. They also corrupt governments in order to perpetuate their crimes, as well as their stranglehold upon the collective throats of the people.

So you can continue to kiss the collective assessment of the Poop and corporate CEOs; but all you'll get from it is a foul taste in your mouth and an empty wallet. And you're a fool if you believe otherwise.

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Re: He should know

"'The Internet gives people access to information and education - religions do not want that - they want to have control and be the source of information'

That makes religions no different than any other human organization. You could say the same thing about governments, corporations, the MPAA, the RIAA, etc."

It's about time someone else made that connection...

'I don't understand why they feel like they own the word CANDY'

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2) LogMeIn fiasco

It's the new business model: "Extortionware".

I'm waiting for the day that LogMeIn sends someone to my door to beat the extortionware fee out of me--they might as well, since I've never used the product, and now never will. And I suspect they just lost millions of users thanks to this, and they don't deserve them back, EVER.

I hope they drown in their own excrement.

Tex Arcana

1) I can't say "c*ndy" anymore??

Wow, I'd like to meet the retard in the respective trademark offices: I'd like to trademark "the", and charge 0.01¢ per use, globally, because extortionware.

'Toothless' environment protections in secretive global trade pact TPP leaked all over the web

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Re: Companies sue governments for policies they don't like?!!

"Um aren't governments the things that, on behalf of the people, allow companies to exist at all?"

Not since the corporations bought the politiwhores via lobbying, donations, and outright bribery.

Tex Arcana

"That house would not be able to refuse the TPP. The *people* might scream blue bloody murder, but neither the senate nor the house would refuse it."

Welcome to the hell we live with now.

And you wonder why we want to keep our guns???

Tex Arcana

"And yet nobody is being forced to sign it. Is the USA supposed to put other countries' interests before its own?"

They already do... And they put their leashholders' interests far above the people they are supposed to work for.

And now you know why this sorry excuse for a treaty is such a bad idea.