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NASA to unleash 'mind meld' intelligent machines

Geoff Brown

Response from the Machine-To-Machine Intelligence (m2mi) Corporation

Hi Lester,

Thank you very much for your news coverage. Not wishing to anger the "NRA", I am writing to assure you, your readers and the "NRA" that our intentions are indeed sincere and that we (m2mi) and our partners do not wish to bring on Armageddon and thus further complicate an already complex world.

Yourself and/or Joshua Muskovitz are hereby invited to visit m2mi Corp's HQ at NASA Ames, in a similar manner to the United Nations, to perform an advanced analysis of our technologies. In my personal opinion considering our partner - we are all in safe hands.

There are some that believe that we need these kind of advances in order to foster development across a number of sciences, however maybe after a visit you can make up your own mind.

All the best,

Geoff Brown

CEO of m2mi Corporation

geoff [dot] brown [at] m2mi [dot] com