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Fight over internet handover to ICANN goes right down to the wire



Those assholes don't believe in science. Throw them a dinosaur riding Jesus t-shirt and this argument will be over.

Apple about to make Apple TV WAY LESS SUCKY - report


Re: Progress - what progress..?

Nope. Apple TV 4 now supports app installs and updates just like other Apple devices, so apps like AirVideo play pretty much everything seamlessly. The only problem that I've encountered right now is x265 4K video. Considering it's a 1080p device, it's not a big problem right now.

I've come from over a decade of Tversity, Plex, PS3 Media Server, etc. On my PC and becoming adept at file formats and conversion, but this thing takes the annoyance out, and it's super easy for the family.

I've used WDTV and it works well, but it's very basic. Even Smart TV's need lots of work to catch Apple on how seemless they've executed the ATV 4. I'm watching more online content than ever before because this thing makes it super fast and easy in my living room. And throwing video and my phone or tablet display wirelessly over to it kicks ass! There's lots of pluses. I'm happy with it.

Two weeks of Windows 10: Just how is Microsoft doing?


Re: Upgraded my Win8

Right. So you're saying that every update that I receive, which requires a reboot, which generates a notification, which I might see hidden in a notification bar in the system tray, requires me to defer the update upto a week or else it'll reboot my system at 3am the default time.

Yes I know I can change that too.

The problem is I don't agree with this hard logic. I understand why they're doing it, but I still think there are tech savvy people that are smart enough to manage their own update process. And I expect there will be reboots that'll happen and data loss because of it.

Oh, and I rebooted again and yet again there's another reboot request for another update in the notification bar. WTF!?


Re: Actually Pretty Well

But this does include all the bloat from previous versions of Windows. you get the benefit of a fresh install / upgrade of Windows which feels faster at first, but give it time.


Upgraded my Win8

Upgraded my laptop that came preinstalled with Win 8. W10 is a bit better than 8 and 8.1, but there's no way I'm upgrading my main PC with Win7. I was prompted a few days after the upgrade to reboot, so I did. Then yesterday more updates so I rebooted again only to have more updates installed asking today to reboot again. There's no way I'm upgrading anything else until they sort this out. What if I have a process running overnight only to find it was interrupted by a forced reboot?

Apple storms to top spot in stagnant Chinese phones market


Re: I dont understand, am I an idiot?

Because idiot trolls are so small minded that they only take into account what they can see like "hardware". Yes there are hardware costs, but then there are R&D costs, too, which is hard to quantify. I don't work for Apple, but I do support their products including Windows, Android, Blackberry and their vendors to name a few. From start to finish, Apple is way over engineered, which is a good thing. They look at every aspect of a product including the packaging, interface, hardware esthetics. It's pretty impressive actually. Just look at the Apple watch: Droid watches had 6 months to copy and prepare and still their watches are cheap looking and lacking in features. The reason is they don't employ top level people. I see $350 Android watches that no one is buying because it sucks in comparison.

Don't get me wrong, I like competition and I think Android has done good work, but there's a reason why everyone is chasing Apple and they're leaders in good ideas.


Re: Grow up?

Pretty lame analysis. You get solid hardware and software with Apple instead of a buggy mess with Android. I have to support Android phones and I'm reloading the firmware for another one because of a subsystem problem with an S5. And it's not even jailbroken. Changing all my fonts to comic and other fiddly things is not important for me, but if that's a dealbreaker for you then you obviously shouldn't get an iPhone. Plus, there's good software for iPhone backups and managing your phone. If you have no experience with it then maybe you should read a little more before slamming something like as ass.

Microsoft: Profit DECIMATED because you people aren't buying PCs


Still no classic shell in Windows 10 preview. What if people don't care about touch features and we want to run a lean gui for speed? I guess it flies in the face of bloated programming. Just give us the option to do what we want. 3rd party apps are great, but it would be even better to install less on your pc and get more performance. My Windows 8.1 laptop works well enough, but it's definitely running like a pig. Hardware is so good now even a cheap hardware is overkill for Windows as opposed to the 90's where every little bit helped. Why not give us a choice to run lean and allow disabling features so all the dependancies are disabled?


Re: Everything that's new is crap

Yup. I've consulted at two companies in the last 5 years and more developers and IT operations techs are getting Mac laptops because of simplicity and Unix

CIOs: What tech will be running your organisation in 2020?


We're projecting a few ways in our company in the next two years, which is pretty progressive. As warranties end we buy new equipment, which is industry standard.

Dual 24 inch LED monitors. Touch screens are only $100 more so we're going for them. It's still up in the air if it'll be very useful, but quick swiping will work. A keyboard mouse is still more precise, so it's still standard. The standard workstation will shrink so small that it'll be affixed to the back of a monitor, so more desk space and less cable clutter. There will always be a need for the typical high end workstation.

All laptops are going to the ultra light ultra thin. We're demoing HP's super thin laptop. It may not be as thin and light as Apple's new MacBook,but it's comparable. Portable optical drives when needed, and most of those can be hidden away behind a monitor or in a dock, etc.

We're already VoIP phones, so we're sticking with that.

Of course wifi AC,N,G everywhere, and Citrix for many apps hosted internally and Internet accessable so the work experience is the same in or out of the office.

BES server for Blackberries, iPhones and a few Androids that are ordered. Androids have to be encrypted to be safe I our industry, so it's an added pain to setup. Essentially we have to support everything that comes our way.

Apple Watch: Wait a minute! This puny wrist-puter costs 17 GRAND?!


Re: Ah

What about your lack of understanding? Does your post reflect directly on you?

One company let everyone know they were making a watch 5 months ago and a whole industry grew by leaps yet still everyone is far behind in look, quality, expandibility, function, etc. 5 months on its still the best smart watch and it hasn't been released. It says more about everyone else that they hope releasing low quality product is competition. I think your hate for this company is pretty evident regardless of what they release.

Keep calm and troll on, dude.


Re: Fun gadget

Well I know some super rich people and they're the exact opposite of what you said. If they really want something price is not a problem. People have to get over themselves. 10,000 for a watch is not your demographic. You or they are not the people who will be buying it.

I know guys that watches are their thing and they're not rich, but they've forked over almost 5000 for a high-end watch. There obviously is a market for these things, or there wouldn't be so many super expensive cars, clothing, merchandise being made.

How many Watches will Apple flog? 20, er, 18.5, no, five, wait, 50 million!


Haters gonna hate the watch until they want one. Whatever. All that shows is when a good idea comes up you're the road block in your life. I like competition so let them all fight it out. If Apple succeeds then it sucks to be you.

Samsung: Our TVs? Spying on you? Ha Ha! Just a joke of course


Re: Tempest in a teapot

The real point is you paid for features when you bought an expensive tv and they were implemented with privacy issues. If your phone or computer had similar problems would you just use the phone as a phone or your computer offline? The complaint is they need to fix this problem and satisfy their customers rather than pushback. Wouldn't you like to support a company that is willing to fix problems and satisfy customers?


Re: Is this at all surprising?

Right, but do you think this is the only way to do voice activation, or might there be a better way where a company doesn't capture and resell all communication in radius of their tv's? It's planning that decides they can make money on this. The outrage the public is having on this isn't a surprise to you, is it?


Re: same sh*t, different company

Exactly. Their first action was to update their terms rather than say they're fixing it. They say they're only sharing the data with trusted third parties, but who knows who those companies are sharing it with. How far does the data go up stream? I wouldn't trust any company, let alone one that pulled a shifty move like this. It's proven Samsung steals ideas from others, attacks people for bad reviews, fakes good reviews, and is listening and forwarding conversations to an unknown list of companies. How about full disclosure rather than hackers having to reveal questionable business practices?

Sitting on one's ARSE is the new CANCER, says Tim Cook - and an Apple watch will save you


R&d tends to be very expensive but people do it in hopes to make money, help people, etc. Investments in different renewable energies furthers it's maturity. No one knows what will happen in the future. Just like in business, being diverse and not putting everything in one or two baskets keeps you protected when disaster strikes. What if we're on the verge of a breakthrough which makes these kinds of techs super efficient. Then what will all the naysayers say? We're still using dangerous radioactive material and burning fossil fuels as our main power sources. The argument to keep the status quo seems just as short sighted as everyone fighting to kill Tesla, or blindly following or hating one company over another for personal reasons. The bottom line is if they're smart they may figure it out, and we all benefit from clean and safe power.


thanks for the intelligent response making a great point. The obvious tends to escape most people.

Ex Machina – a smart, suspenseful satire of our technology gods


I hope it isn't another movie about ai trying to break free which could be bad for humans. It's become cliche now. I definitely like the aspect that it's all manipulation and even trying to save her was part of the plan to get them closer.

You gotta keep a smart watch on the Swiss, Apple: Enter SWATCH


Most likely it'll be a failure and no one will be talking about Swatch again. Prove me wrong and make a great product. We need great products for competition not just more of the same.

Philae comet probe got down without harpoons

Thumb Up

no overnight job

Conceived in the 80's, funding began in the 90's and launched in 2004, where it travelled for 10 years to reach a comet that orbits from Jupiter to the sun. Major crises averted, now we wait 12 hours for this rock to rotate to see if it's still there. Sounds like a scientific soap opera. Tune in tomorrow. Same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel.

Apple spent just ONE DOLLAR beefing up the latest iPad Air 2


I'd have to agree with comments made. I come to the Register for news and not BS. I like the jokes inserted within the news and it's fine you guys hate Apple, but when you're not even trying to provide basic research information like system specs and benchmarks then you're turning into another website which I refuse to browse: the Inquirer.

REJOICE! Windows 7 users can get IE11 ... soon they'll have NO choice


Re: Meh

The only issue is the builtin PDF reader only works for basic PDFs. Throw in a simple form and it has trouble. And keeping the builtin flash plugins can be a pain, as well. Many times its a manual process and a pain.

Chrome is a good browser but their memory bloat has become a terrible issue. There's no way I'm using IE regardless of version.

Nvidia CEO: Android 'the most disruptive operating system in decades'


Not perfect

Android is good, but I don't like how after a year or so, a vendor will abandon a device and leave it without anymore OS updates. Aftermarket firmwares are helpful for some devices, but its not a fix for all. If I'm spending $400 or more on a phone or tablet, I think it would be great to move to Kitkat or whatever comes next without having buy another one. Especially as its base usage is simply as a phone, texting, Internet browser and email. Minimizing the phone OS bloat with new revisions would help combat this, I'm sure.

Apple cultists slaver as Mothership landing now foretold in 2016



LOL It's funny all the haters come out of the woodwork for this article. :-)

On a positive note, if you look at the current status of that area it's all asphalt parking lots and buildings. The new building will bring a lot of green space back to an industrial area, which is good. And most of the 10,000+ parking will be underground. If they wanted to save a few dollars they could have paved everything and made it look like a typical mall with acres of outdoor parking.


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