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First steps into the world of thought leadership: What could go wrong?

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Max knows that billions of view won't pay the bills. He's probably doing something that might be somewhat productive.

Totaled Tesla goes up in flames three weeks after crash

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Re: Am I the only one

Not at all. While they don't burn oil products they have their own issues that potentially affect the environment.

DMCA can't be used to sidestep First Amendment, court rules

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I thought it was a foregone conclusion that Musk will change a lot things if and when (maybe) he buys Twitter.

Investors start betting against Bitcoin with short-trade products

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Ponzi Scheme?

Bitcoin, to me, seems to be one. The value increases as more people buy. The catch is.... what have you bought? It's not a stock or a physical product. It's only a product of imagination and the promises of sellers.. smoke and mirrors. Meh.

Know the difference between a bin and /bin unless you want a new doorstop

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Bin is a useful generic term but we often forget that and assume the "rubbish" (or, for left-pondians, "trash") prefix.

Way back then, I was told that "bin" was short for "binaries" and never, ever delete anything in that directory. That explanation served me well along with others that I trained. But then, this article is about academics and there's too many you can't teach them anything because they're smarter than everyone else.

BOFH: Tech helps HR investigate the Boss's devices

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Re: A thing of beauty

Skewered HR - BBQ ready!

It was two for one deal... he got the Boss and HR at same time.

Leave that sentient AI alone a mo and fix those racist chatbots first

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Haven't we been warned about AI?

Seems movies and books over the decades have warned us...

Notable but not complete:

"I can't do that Dave" (HAL).

"Shall we play a game?" (Josua).

And a large swath of some writers back the day like Azimov, et al.

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Re: Do androids dream of electric sheep again?

What's the point of having so many AI and robots?

Cheap labor most likely. Once the robots have taken over, there won't be any humans employed and earning money to by stuff. So... seems like a goal to kill to kill of civilization or at least all the humans.

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Re: It's Hard To Tell If It's Human...

Switching companies doesn't help.

I suspect that there's only one call center in the world for all the companies. it's probably rather large and in someplace like India. But that's my impression from the "people" I've dealt with in call centers.

I was fired for blowing the whistle on cult's status in Google unit, says contractor

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Re: Google is a cult?

A "Don't be Evil" cult?

Maybe at one time but they discarded that one a long time ago.

Bill Gates says NFTs '100% based on greater fool theory' amid crypto cataclysm

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Thomas Tusser was right.*

Fool and money being parted. Too many fools these days with too much money and not knowing where to spend it.

* Yes, this is the guy who said it. Not PT Barnum.

Whatever you do, don't show initiative if you value your job

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Re: Either James was ready to fly solo on the update or he wasn't

You can have all the reviews you want. They'll make no difference when someone decides to try out a bright idea of their own.

Add to that: ".... or when management is clueless".

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Re: "So was James truly the guilty party?"

But hiring and firing minions was the culture...

Was???? I think it still is as one of manglement's jobs is to protect themselves along with their paycheck and bonuses.

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Re: "So was James truly the guilty party?"

* neither do some others, but come on Sage, you're a massive company and should have that sorted by now!

Possibly they are too big and those who created this are long gone and this bit has been forgotten.

Meta slammed with eight lawsuits claiming social media hurts kids

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Re: Social media is killing us

Usenet over UUCP was available in 1980.

If you take "The Internet" as being based upon TCP/IP, that switchover was made in 1983.

Even if you allow for the pre-TCP-only network as The Internet, it had very reduced availability compared to UUCP so was not used to carry Usenet traffic.

So Social Media was available to many (most?) well before The Internet was.

And somewhere in the early Eighties, spam started rearing it's ugly head. Some groups in Usenet were totally unusable because of it. Not much has changed since then except FB and their ilk have become flashier with graphics and animations. It's still a cesspool one should not go swimming in.

Record players make comeback with Ikea, others pitching tricked-out turntables

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Ikea turntables...

Hmm.... do they have to be assembled? If I remember right, there some available such as Heathkit.

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Re: That vinyl sound

There was nothing digital in that process. They didn't have the technology for that yet.

Correct. It was analog all the way from recording to playing. There was a digital video disk player (looking like an audio player) back in the '70's, or maybe 80's. RCA I think. They looked alike in your hand but under magnification they were to different things.

NASA to commission independent UFO study

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We're not advanced enough to understand "aliens".

I believe that our tech isn't sufficiently advanced to understand any of this tech even if it's proved. We're just not that advanced at this point much like if someone had a time machine and could take an aircraft back say 100 to 200 years ago. They could say saw someth9ing but not really describe it other than "something flew like a bired only bigger and faster.

If "they" are out there, they might be amused at our efforts to understand/describe in a rational and scientific way to explain "the aliens" flying/travel.

The "we don't know" category is larger than the "we know" category at this point.

I remind myself of "one man's tech is another man's magic".

Meteoroid hits main mirror on James Webb Space Telescope

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Sheilds up Mr. Scott.

We seriously need some Start Trek type shields for the Webb and upcoming projects.

HP pilots paper delivery service for Instant Ink subscribers

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Re: having to go buy paper [is] heavy, very painful

Heavy? Painful? WTF? I must be doing it wrong then. I do tend to go through periods of heavy print use to non-existent use.

My next printer will NOT be an HP, that's for sure as I view their consumables (paper/ink) as over priced.

The next time your program is 'not responding,' (do not) try these steps

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Re: VMs?

. What puzzles me most is how it ever became acceptable to waste so many computing resources on doing so little.

Simple... profit for the software maker.

Mark 85 Silver badge

Re: VMs?

Would it be possible to snapshot the VM at a point after the thing has settled down?

That's a starting point. Just make the whole presentation from screen shots. Oh wait... that's not "hi-tech" and saves some money on the software.

When management went nuclear on an innocent software engineer

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Re: "but I would not report the damage back to my head office"h

The manager who initially suggested the firm for the second time says we’re not ditching them entirely. Part of the suite is fine and we’ll keep that bit the rest we’ll find someone else.

So the real question is "how did the supplier pay him off/". This does smack of him/her not having your company's best interest in this.

Beware the fury of a database developer torn from tables and SQL

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Re: I've heard all kinds of stories like this

As the article correctly points out, it's a powerful literary reference which every educated Italian speaker will recognise.

Many of us will recognize the English version and have probably used it ourselves. For years I had it hanging over the door of the IT Lab where I worked. Now that i think about it, I probably should have used the original Italian.

Seriously, you do not want to make that cable your earth

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Re: almost whoops

And as a hard working and dedicated BOFH, you took the time (most likely in the middle of the night, with the security cameras having mysteriously gone down for the evening) to tidy up the arrangement and clear out all that unneccesary copper cabling. You were also no doubt, so dedicated to the task that you took the cable for recycling to the nearest Copper recycler, and didnt even charge the company money for the transportation of the "scrap" cable.

Way back being a young lad straight out of the military and going to college, I worked as building maintenance for a year in a downtown office building. A really old build and copper pipes were "wearing out" with pinholes and bad joints. The owners decided to replace all the piping. The old pipes needing disposal was tasked to me. I talked to the manager and we ended up selling the copper to a recycler. I paid for a years tuition from that and the manager got a new car.

Failed gambler? How about an algorithm that predicts the future

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Re: Half full or empty

I reject that argument entirely. As far as I'm concerned, if you're asking the question, the cup needs to be refilled.

I vote for this as the best answer/solution. I raise my cup in salute to you sir.

Boeing's Starliner CST-100 on its way to the ISS 2 years late

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Food for thought before being launched into space

“I shudder to think, this thing was built by the lowest bidder.” … Gordon Cooper.

Bosses using AI to hire candidates risk discriminating against disabled applicants

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This does remind me of hiring practices back in the 70's. Part of it was polygraph being used. A so-called lie detector. Tests showed that it could be defeated by simple techniques and competence of the operator was always a problem along with biases. The courts tossed it finally for most part from being used by law enforcement.

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Re: Run

Being treated like a low value and replaceable resource won't end after the AI screening.

Hmmm.... it's too late really. The department "Human Resources" says it all and just about every company of any size has one. That department used to be called "the employment office" or 'personnel". The de-humanization of staff started a long time ago.

Google shows off immersive maps, AR-flavored search, Pixel 7, and more

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Google Translate

To get more job security, I'm waiting for the translation team to do some really obscure or dead languages like hyroglifics or perhaps cuneiform.

Confirmation dialog Groundhog Day: I click OK and it keeps coming back

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Re: Golden Path Specifications

Often, from the user's perspective, the "what happened" part doesn't need to be more than "something went wrong".

While you're right on the customer/user message, sometimes it's a good idea to add to the contact support bit with some details for them to pass along if possible. Hopefully something better than "it's broken".

Twitter buyout: Larry Ellison bursts into Elon's office, slaps $1b down on the desk

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Re: Larry

If anyone buys that line of thought, I have a bridge for sale.

Mark 85 Silver badge

Re: Dickheads?

Yes, a dickhead. He's got where he is by being less than human being more like being a self-centered jackass. Money doesn't him less a dickhead, it just amplifies his "dickheadedness".

A discounting disaster averted at the expense of one's own employment

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Re: There is no profit share back to IT experts

Mgt: "Have x0,000 Dddelloittteee Dollars for support. Sack one" (fictional company, name made up)

I see what you did there with the name. have a beer...

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Re: Alarming, fired.

Which always makes me wonder, why did the orignal design / architect / plan not take into consideration all these points, which could have saved the client a huge amount of money.

Simple actually. It's not about saving the client money but extracting as much profit as possible from them in any way they can. I learned to stay away from suppliers who feel they need to pack their bottom line with over-priced add-ons.

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Re: Alarming, fired.

We often learn too late that there's a lot more to life that earning more than we actually need.

Amen to that. Words of wisdom to those still young enough to apply it.

Your software doesn't work when my PC is in 'O' mode

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The penny dropped says the author? It's one and a zero.. not I and O. Boleen. I'm surprised it took more than a few minutes to figure this out when a desk visit would have spotted the problem immediately.

BOFH: Something's consuming 40% of UPS capacity – and it's coming from the beancounters' office

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Re: Similar problem

As for the overloaded building UPS: I recommend a chainsaw - applied gently to the user's ribcage so as not to make the brake kickback

Just make sure it's a petrol powered one and not an electric chainsaw.

Meetings in the metaverse: Are your Mikes on?

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Re: hilarious but also prophetic

Probably because some people, usually manglement, can't take a joke or at least understand a joke.

Rocket Lab to attempt mid-air recovery of descending booster

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Re: Sample returns

The conspiracy nuts must be wondering if that plinth that was out in the Red Rocks area was broadcasting a signal as a test target for this kind of thing :-)

Shh... you'll wake them up and they'll all be leaving their mom's basements.

Mark 85 Silver badge

Re: Fingers and toes

<Very much crossed... should be good>

That will make it tough to have some popcorn while watching, I would think.

Departing Space Force chief architect likens Pentagon's tech acquisition to a BSoD

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To use an old saying we had in the Marines updated for the current year.... "246 years of tradition unhampered by progress". Getting the Pentagon to change will be an uphill battle all the way.

When the expert speaker at an NFT tech panel goes rogue

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Re: Opinion

It's apparently an alternative to "horse-hockey". Presumably played by geldings.

More like "road apples" or horse droppings.

Mark 85 Silver badge

More like they're for hipster griffsters than cork sniffers.

Star loses $500,000 NFT after crooks exploit Rarible market

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Reminds me of the old song about "All we are is dust in the wind"... NFT's are just electrons blowing around.

Mark 85 Silver badge

Surely this is just idiots selling the first NFTs?

Idiots? Not the selling, that's the con men but the buyers are definitely idiots. After the initial sale, it's idiots all the way to the bottom.

BOFH: The evil guide to upgrading switches

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Re: Shelf by the window ...

... which happens to be open, affording a bird's eye view into the skip below ...

Or the boss's new car.

What do you do when all your source walks out the door?

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Impatience on every side never got to anything positive

Add stupidity and incompetence to that. One place I worked, had backups, but no test area so testing was done on live data. We ended doing restores from tape probably 5 times (with the added costs of the whole company shutting down until the restore process was done). At that point, someone finally listened and decided a test environment isolated from the live data one would be a good idea.

Locked-in and hungry, Shanghai residents can't complain online

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Re: Why are we blindly letting this happen?

I think a better question would be why the Chinese people are letting this happen.

I believe it goes back to the days of Mao and forcing a compliant population. The people have learned when to speak out and when to stay quiet lest they incure the government's wrath.

As for the rest of the world "letting this happen"? China is huge, really huge and it's population is the largetst. Good luck with trying to push anything at them.

Japanese startup makes baby carrier-style sling for 'Love Robots'

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Many times, reality is far more insane than anyone could dream up for April 1st.


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