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Biden bans Kaspersky: No more sales, updates in US

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Re: This should be interesting

Free copies of McAfee all round. Good old USA software you can trust...

Thanks for giving me a good laugh this morning especially since I recieved 6 emails this a.m. from spammers offering it (among bits of malware). Note that didn't even open the emails... just deleted them from my spam folder.

Techie installed 'user attitude readjustment tool' after getting hammered in a Police station

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Re: Could have been worse

It might have been a nutcracker

That made me shudder and wince.

BOFH: An 'AI PC' for an Acutely Ignorant user

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Not AI but Turbo mode

A place I worked at a long time ago in the dark ages of early desktops had a very devious IT department. This was before I changed my career path from tech writer to IT. Turbo came out on PC's and naturally the bosses had to have one. The IT lads hooked up an LED that blinked on and off every time the HDD spun up. Manglement went into ecstasy mode and soon they all had the blinking light along with bragging rights at meetings.

Tesla chair begs investors to bless Musk's billions or face an Elon exodus

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I think a laser pointer or feather might not be enough... perhaps some percussive maintenance on his head with large hammer? I suspect Elon's issue is that his ego is bigger than his brain.

Thanks for coming to help. No, we can't say why we called – it's classified

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Re: whenever you push one”

A sign lights up saying “Do not push that button again”.

Since the sign is black with black letters and on a black wall would anyone see it? Might be easier to ponder Schrödinger's cat.

BOFH: Come on down to the dunge– erm … basement

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Re: We're all agreed, right...

A former boss who I'm still in touch with (emails at this point) has two old VAX's he uses as end tables in his rec room. He wife likes them also. I guess a reminder of happier times in the world.

55 years ago, Apollo 10's crew turned the airwaves blue

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Colorful Metaphors

As for the use of the "colorful metaphors" as Spock would call them... It's a time-honored tradition that goes back in time to the beginning of militaries. Even amongst the

"officers and gentlemen". I never did understand the outrage by some of the more gentle souls who complained except they didn't serve and as former Marine, I guess I never will grasp the outrage. It's a part of the human condition when in anger, danger, and high stress situations, IMO.

Really? A sarcasm detector? Wow. You shouldn't have

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Need a different detector

While detecting sarcasm is good, what we really need is a BS detector to track politician and other would-be leader types. Some spew so much so fast that it's impossible to keep up with.

Texan construction workers put a rocket up Team SpaceX over 'unpaid bills'

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Re: This opinion will not be liked.

So a tRump/Muskrat ticket in November '24, then.

That's the scariest thing I've heard in a long time.

Destroying offshore wind farms is top priority for Trump if he returns to presidency

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These are weird times.

So exactly how do wind farms kill whales...? I'm confused on this. Trump didn't like them being visible from one of his golf resorts and then started complaining about them. But, I've seen/heard no reports on them killing whales. It's not like the blades are going into the water.

As for the electric car issue.... Much confusion and many issues. Some zoning rules say the chargers have to be in a garage or other building with the charging done in them, other say the equipment and charging has to be outside of structures. And then there's the Tesla degradation in quality creating issues (fires, mechanical and electrical failures) in the newer models. Where I am, you need your own charger as there are no "charging stations". And if you live in an apartment, you're up a creek as none have charging stations.

Blue screen of death or Eurovision's Windows95man performance – what's less annoying?

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Re: "Not available in your country..."

Oh, good. We're safe on our side of the pond.

Ah... a blessing in disguise. I guess I really didn't need to see this on a Monday morning.

BOFH: The greatest victory is that which requires no battle

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Re: Who knows a future AI Boss could be in play?

We still need some humans with common sense at the end of a decision making line, just to check things over.

As has been said by many wise folks... "common sense isn't common any more."

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Re: Who knows a future AI Boss could be in play?

May the cattleprods always be charging and used!

Interesting concept. Can a cattleprod be used on AI? And what results could be expected besides a cloud of sparks and smoke?

Dell to color-code staff based on how hybrid they really are in RTO push

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Re: re: it limits your career advancement opportunities

"It’s a shit show here," we're told.

I think this comment pretty much sums it all up. Their rules on this seem more about "control" than about actually getting something done. I've worked in a few places over time that had this attitude as the management didn't seem to understand how to manage so they took the easy way and because micromanaging idiots. Best thing to do is get the hell out of there as quickly as you can if you value your peace of mind and abilities as the stress this causes health (mental and physical) issues.

Musk axes two more senior Tesla leaders, guts public policy team – report

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Re: Shooting messengers

Straight out of the autocrat playbook - dismiss the competent in favour of yes-men if they show any sign of dissent.

Reminds me of a certain former President.

Elon Musk's latest brainfart is to turn Tesla cars into AWS on wheels

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Re: Theft

Yep, corporate greed strikes again.... <sigh>

A knotty problem: Boffins working on fuel-efficient trajectories for space travel

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Re: The important questions

You and MechJeb cannot take advantage of this mathematics without an upgrade to the model.

And probably a major upgrade in computing power I would think.

Sacramento airport goes no-fly after AT&T internet cable snipped

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Re: Redundancy

Redundancy would work well... or an HV in the feed bundle to give the miscreants a bit of a shock.

US Air Force says AI-controlled F-16 fighter jet has been dogfighting with humans

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Re: Oh, no. Just think about all those poor F-16 pilots that will need to find a new job!

And drone tech is moving forward at high speed judging from the wars in the middle east and Ukraine.

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Re: Great show.

Given that real dogfights haven't really been a thing for over a century

Err.... no. A century? Hardly. The original F-4 was not equipped with a gun, but the AF found out real fast in Vietnam it needed one. Been ohter wars since then where there have dog fights.

BOFH: So you want more boardroom tech that no one knows how to use

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In most companies, fancy conferencing equipment is just a waste of money.

Essentially it is a waste. However, board members go for status over reality. I knew a CEO once that had two private planes. He never used them but they gave him bragging rights when he met with other CEOs. For bragging rights.... some have airplanes, some have Ferraris, and others have multiple mansions they never use.

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BOFH? Must be beer o'clock day :

Every day in iT is beer o'clock day.

Caffeine makes fuel cells more efficient, cuts cost of energy storage

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Not a surprise at all

Coffee/tea has been powering data centers since the very first one. Or at least those who toiled on them.

Health system network turned out to be a house of cards – Cisco cards, that is

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Planned obsolescence = unplanned mayhem.

Willy Wonka event leaves bitter taste with artificially sweetened promises

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And so it begins????

And so it begins – the absolute dumbing down and worsening of everything from media to film to advertising to politics to the written word at the dead hands of AI, stoked by venture capitalists' rabid faith that it will be some sort of productivity silver bullet.

I think "it" began some time ago. Everything.... politics, education, products... all have been dumbed down for some time. So what is "beginning"?? Enquiring minds and all thaqt.

BOFH: In the event of a conference, the ninja clause always applies

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Why go to all that trouble with a simple "f*ck off" message willl work? I prefer simplicity.

NASA warns as huge solar flare threatens comms, maybe astronauts too

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Re: A sunny outlook

I thought flares were those things the cops put along roads to guide traffic around accidents. Or maybe certain types of pants?

Dave's not here, man. But this mind-blowingly huge server just, like, arrived

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Re: So, he was just fired ?

'd guess the dealer got paid off to return it. It would very likely have been at the director's personal expense, given how you wouldn't want that pay-off showing up on the books. After all the dealer probably wasn't even VAT registered.

Probably the easiest way to take care of this. Give the director a nice "bonus" and he uses that to pay off the dealer.

Dutch insurers demand nudes from breast cancer patients despite ban

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Not sure why you've had downvotes but your solution sounds reasonable to me.

Add bacteria to the list of things that can run Doom

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Having a WTF moment.....

WTF was my first mental response. Now I wonder "why do this at all"? My mind is truly boggled.

BOFH: Looks like you're writing an email. Fancy telling your colleague to #$%^ off?

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Re: Not sure here

<sigh> I was expecting a defenestration event. Hasn't been one in quite sometime.

BOFH: Nice air conditioning system. Would be a shame if anything happened to it

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The device is not just the BOM. You have to account for R&D, employees, any logistics and other running costs.

Not to mention board bonuses and stock holders watching the bottom line.

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One of the many reasons we didn't buy a property there.

It's not just property. It's cars, trucks, electronics, just about everything. I suppose that at some point in time, bog roll also go that route.

Boffins demo self-eating rocket engine in Scotland

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Interesting but....????

Given the complexity of control mechanism and changing of CG and thus higher costs and chance of failure what's the benefit? Don't the current solid fuel boosters/rockets work well enough? What am I missing?

CEO arranged his own cybersecurity, with predictable results

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Re: Customers are the security liability

These things prove that a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing. Mose of those up high think they're smarter than the rest of the staff and end up making more problems thqn they solve. I'm of the belief that board members shoiuld only have something like a fake laptop that doesn't do much except read news and play games.

BOFH: Just because we've had record revenues doesn't mean you get a Xmas bonus

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Re: A work of art

A work of art

... and a thing of beauty

And a joy foever. Let's not forget the joy.

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Re: More Beria than BOFH.

A bit heavy handed of the BOFH - redolent more of a Lubyanka Square basement than his trademark gently assisted flight from the nearest window down to the carpark.

A bit heavy handed? I don't think so. Inviting them to look out the window from the top floor might be heavy but also works.

Ex-school IT admin binned student, staff accounts and trashed phone system

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Re: Dontcha love the US court system?

Where someone gets charged with a whole heap of crimes, but plea bargains them all down to a single charge of littering...

I guess they forgot to add the charge of "and being a public nuisance". Hmm.... showing my age. I'll get my coar.

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Re: NerdRageQuit

ndeed. I do wonder why someone with half a brain would think they could actually get away with it.

Hmmm... I think I just addressed my own statement.

Seems that one thing all criminals have in common is less than half their brain cells are working and they think they can get away with it.

Share your 2024 tech forecasts (wrong answers only) to win a terrible sweater

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El Reg should win...

This is excellent..

Or it is revealed that Elon Musk is just a practical joke played on us all by cats seeking to rule the Earth.

IT sent the intern to sort out the nasty VP who was too important to bother with backups

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Re: Can't stand IT

Departments that send out the new folks to be chewed up by the bullets instead of risking it themselves. Lucky this one survived.

Ah... the "cannon fodder" method. Sometimes though, the newbie has no preconceived notions and takes a deep dive. Luck is involved both good and bad.

Google Drive misplaces months' worth of customer files

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Namely, that it's somebody else's computer and your files aren't as valuable to them as they are to you.

Exactly. The few times I've had to use the cloud, I still kept a back up locally. Saved my self headaches and stress several times when the datacenter crashed. I guess being an old-school grump and suspicious of many things has paid off over the years.

BOFH: We've made a big mesh, Boss. That's what you wanted, right?

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Re: HR Department

I'll have to have a chat with my brother, he started working in HR a couple of years ago.

I've always wanted to know what's on the other side of the event horizon.

Very quietly and with low volume, tell him "you really don't want to know". Give a knowing look and wander off to the pub.

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Thumb Up

I think this is something we all needed today in light of what's going on around the world. Well done, Simon. Thanks for the laugh and the distraction.

Cat accused of wiping US Veteran Affairs server info after jumping on keyboard

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Seems like a good "Who Me" article to me.

See title.

Nuclear-powered datacenters: What could go wrong?

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Re: Interesting

But to put a nuke in would actually say they are preparing for the potential long-term/permanent downfall of the national grid, which is only likely to happen through war...

Not just war, add terrorism, civil unrest to the poinbt of extreme violence. And given the climate change and severity and number of storms, etc. seems to be increasing. I can understand their fears about the grid. We've already seen a few attacks on the grid by those seeking to destroy it. I suspect that sea level rise is also a fear as many power plants are on the coasts are near large rivers,

No, no, no! Disco joke hit bum note in the rehab center

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If he downloaded Hallelujah, the problems would have been much worse. The lyrics Leonard Cohen wrote for that were 15 pages long by the time he was done.

I think "Tommy" from the Who would be cruel and work. THe rock opera, not the single.

I'll see your data loss and raise you a security policy violation

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Re: Outlook...

Or having a massive pile of photos, random bits of paper and possibly even DVDs on the surface of their desk, and complaining they can't find anything, while the desk drawers are completely empty.

In some areas this also known as the "look busy kit, MK1". "Just look at that pile of work and you'll see I'm overworked and need a raise."

BOFH: What a beautiful tinfoil hat, Boss!

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Re: Blockers

Doh, I have sat on my tinfoil hat and there is a large crease in it. Anyone know if that affects it's ability to block, well, everything?

It's not a problem but is now a feature. Acts somewhat similar to a Faraday Cage but differently.

Germany's wild boars still too radioactive to eat largely due to Cold War nuke tests

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Re: This is actually a devious plan .....

Honestly over here that are far more interested in the tasty to eat than the healthy side. I'm betting if they marketed radioactive boar meat as a cure for vaccines they couldn't kill them fast enough to keep up with the demand.

And if they could get it to glow in the dark, it would end being the perfect late night snack as no one would need to turn on a light and wake up the rest of the family.