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FoundationDB ACID-lovers price up NoSQL database


It just means that each month, you can run 6 processes for free in production. You don't have to do any crazy math. If you in any month need to run more than 6 processes in production, you should get in touch us and set up commercial licensing and support. If in subsequent months you drop back to or below 6 processes and you don't want support, you can cancel your support / commercial licensing and go back to 100% free.

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Re: WTF is a "server process"?

A "server process" is an instance of the fdbserver process running on a machine. Each machine running A FoundationDB server obviously needs to have at least one fdbserver process running. However, ONLY one is necessary to take full advantage of all of the disk I/O, memory, and network capacity of the machine. It is normally one of these factors that is bottlenecking a server, and many times adding additional processes to a multi-core machine will add a negligible amount of performance. However, there are some workloads that may be bottlenecked on processor power, in which case you CAN (but don't have to) run additional processes.

So, to be clear, you could run a 24 machine cluster of dual or quad core servers with just 24 processes and likely get most of the performance out of them that you would if you were filling all cores with processes.

BTW I am one of the founders, not just some random guy on the internet :)

FoundationDB uncloaks ACID-compliant NoSQL beta

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Re: why developers care about acid

This. Transactions are not just beneficial for financial applications.

Check out our rant on why (almost) everyone should use transactions here: http://www.foundationdb.com/white-papers/the-transaction-manifesto/

NoSQL's CAP theorem busters: We don't drop ACID


Interested? Check us out and apply for alpha

FoundationDB co-founder here. Just wanted to let everyone know that if you want to get into the details of what exactly we've built, and a good bit of the how, check out www.foundationdb.com. Features and Technology are good places to start.

If you want to get your hands on the software / documentation, you can apply for alpha at www.foundationdb.com/#get today and we'll get you access in just hours - even though we're US based and it's Thanksgiving today :)