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Apple deliberately wiped rivals' music from iPods – iTunes court claim


Re: Just for those that say..

I had iPod from 2006, my first and last actually. I never had any issues with this, but I do remember the carousel of Real and others who tried to tap into Apples business, and that itself was a risk for Apple with the other music labels. As they had to convince them that their DRM model worked. Apple had no control over other business DRM models and therefore could not live up to their contract with music labels if they allowed alien syncing and others DRM music.

Apple has lots of money, that is the sole reason for these action suits.


Re: Clarification

It actually were done by hacking, the USB Forum where quite angry about their methods.


Re: "Unexpected files"

I'm not sure if you where born back then, but no digital music existed without DRM and the music labels, blessing.

Apple was the first company to get music labels into selling music digitally, and it was not without compromises. If Apple would have failed with their DRM and been unable to show the music labels that they were able to keep their gadgets free from pirated music to a high extent, they would have lost the privilege of selling music digitally quite fast.

This paragraph should be read in that light.


Actually you are both right and wrong, Apple had from the beginning not wanted DRM, but it was a demand from music labels to allow Apple to sell their music digitally.

It was more in-fact that SJ was able to convince the Music labels to lift of requirement. I had MP3's playing on my iPod that wasn't from iTunes Store. So I see no issue really here. All you had to do was to import your DRM free music into iTunes.

What Apple here did was controlling their own responsibility towards record labels, and the stakes in the original contract was high. If Apple could not show that they could prevent pirated songs to end up on their iPod they could have lost the privilege of providing music to it's customers.

So in essence Apple did not allow competing DRM systems into it's product as it could not have control over these. And it still doesn't, this is still valid today. It's just that we don't have so much DRM music, most is DRM free. And Apple has always allowed DRM free music to be synced to your iPod through iTunes. And it allowed only up to 5 iTunes equipped computers to sync to the same iPod. This all due to the piracy concerns from the music labels.

Then there was other MP3 player makers that hacked their way to work with iTunes by not correctly identify themselves through the USB protocol.

Beyond the genome: YOU'VE BEEN DECODED, again


Random soup of life!

All these books with all these sentences where written from a soup with amino acids that randomly interacted with eachother.

A book has at least one writer, but some say 25000 books doesn't.

I have yet to see a random generator generate one single readable sentence.

Heck even I have problems with spelling, and I'm not a random generator.

Call of Duty, GTA V do not make youth more violent


Whatever, Violence as entertainment is sick!

Will people become violet from observing violence real or viritual?

No, not necessarily. However observing it makes you used to observe it. Where goes your threshold for when violence is to much violence. How much do you tolerate to observe? Where is your threshold for acting when you observe a wrong doing? Or when did you start to accept it as a natural part of life?

If you think it's part of life in this world that people get mugged, murdered, wars. And it's just things that we need to learn to deal with. Haven't something gone lost from you then?

You are definitely not free from being affected in one way or the other. TV commercials would not exists if what we view didn't affect us.

So the fact that gamers don't kill other people on the street, just because they did it in a game for entertainment. Doesn't change the fact that violence as entertainment is far from upbuilding, or healthy entertainment.

I play games too, I do play Halo 1, but I have opted out from CoD and similar as I find them glorifying violence way too much, i'm not ready to allow them to bring myself to lower the standards than I'm withholding.

Anyone that says your are not affected from movies or games simply lies to them self a lot. Just think about when you were a small kid, and you for the first time saw something that was giving you the first adrenaline rush. From that point you (including me) have lowered your standards for what is acceptable to you.

A Norsified Linux for Windows and OS X wobblers


Re: Strange habits

Minimizing has never been practical in any system, just as fullscreen is a waste of multitasking power of our brain.

But then Windows users never really understood how a computer should be used.

UNIX greybeards threaten Debian fork over systemd plan


Well they are closer to the origins of systemd :)



Re: systemd to incorporate a shell too!!!

Why would you not, we on Mac OS X can do that with launchd, and launhcd is what systemd tries to be.

Get out of the init cave already, OSX is did it in version 10.4 and 10.10 is out now, it's quite many years of proven functional UNIX yes not *nix.


Re: Go for it

Well, get a mac and u are in the future already :D


Re: Go for it

Hmm, OSX is certified UNIX and it runs lauchd the very thing systemd wants to imitate.


Re: Go for it

Well yeah, he should have used launchd form the beginning instead.

But ditch the init already and get out of the cave u cavemen.



The x-mas pigs best day...

...-is just before x-max.


Yes they killed themsleves.

If Nokia would have continued to innovate, Apple would not have had that window in the market they got.

Nokia simply gave that window to market to Apple by mismanaging the company.

I had Nokias back then, and I was hoping Apple would do something to the mobile business as all produced crap phones at that time. Except maybe for Spectronic that I never got to tryout, except my dads old NMT version. Already then a very innovative phone maker, but people didn't seem to get it, or the marketing simply was to bad.


Re: The Finnish language is difficult, especially if you are trying to make yourself sound sexy

To say I love you in Finnish is like shooting a AK47, Minä raka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-stan sinua.


As a Finn

I know Apple was the company that pulled the trigger on the sitting duck Nokia.

Problem was that Nokia had been mismanaged for more than a decade, and I for one was hoping that Apple would enter the mobile industry even before they made their iPod.

Nokias, were simply not developing fast enough. Bad web browsers, no proper email and as a private person no email at all.

Web browser was skitty, and then they actually made the best mobile web browser, together with Apple, ah that irony, when they brought the webkit based web browser to their symbian phones. Then I knew Apple was on to something. They didn't just cooperate with Nokia without reason.

So yes, Apple was the hunter that killed Nokia. But it could have been any other hunter that would have given the consumers what they already did expect from a smartphone but didn't get.

There was though a very unknown "smartphone" at the time that I would have wanted to get my hands on but could not. They sold in very few numbers as the company was mainly a subcontractor to other phone makers. But Spectronic had some very interesting "smartphones" at that time. With a unique method for typing text, as fast as on a normal keyboard without the keyboard.


Linux systemd dev says open source is 'SICK', kernel community 'awful'


Obvious answer to this is, get a mac

There are plenty of friendly forums for new mac users. I participate in a few of them, and I'm not directly a newbee, been with macs sins late 80's.

If you have a problem with a mac, you will find people with the exact same problem, and among them you'll find those who have found a solution.

This is not present with the rest of the PC users, as each user has a unique setup regarding both hardware and software. Many mac users have the exact same hardware as you do, and quite often the same software.

So people get a mac, and instead of systemd you get the original launchd that has been present since Mac OS X 10.4, you know the thing that inspired systemd. And yes launchd is opensource, just some linux heads that didn't trust Apple on it that had to go and reinvent the wheel.

One Windows? How does that work... and WTF is a Universal App?


Ask a mac geek...

... and he will tell you what a universal app is.

MOST iPhone strokers SPURN iOS 8: iOS 7 'un-updatening' in 5...4...


I upgraded from ios6 on my iPad to iOS8 just to get continuity

...now that doesn't yet work. Bummer.

In ios 8 you can make the interface look good if you turn on grayscale, and then invert colors. Problem is it inverts and grayscale everything, like pictures and content. If it only did so for interface that's how I would run it.

Back to iOS 6 design, I liked imitation of paper and leather, not necessarily that the interface also imitated the analog world, but the looks were good.

Poverty? Pah. That doesn't REALLY exist any more


Indeed the earth is far from being over populated, though some like to think it is due to their own agenda, whatever that may be.

Thought that last dinosaur was BIG? This one's bloody ENORMOUS


Re: Paleontology

Fact is you both are correct.

He is right that way too much imagination is today called science. Just look at what so called documentaries of "prehistoric" humans. The look's the skills are portrayed as how we want to think they were, with 3d animations. There is nothing scientific in that. It's actually closer to a religious belief on how things must have been.

The evidence is not readily available to be observed by anyone. It's just piltdown man all over again, just that the forgery is the mental picture that some "scientist" have.

Still finding a tooth can very well suggest a new species, but it does not have to, it can be small mutation within a group of species or complex. Just as a black, white, red or yellow people are considered to be one species. Yet we have some distinctive differences.

Mac security packages range from peachy to rancid – antivirus tests


Re: misleading title

I belive this is also true for Windows Vista and later versions. I'm not 100% sure, but I haven't heard of a single Virus for Windows either since Vista.

All the mac mac osx malware today, and I believe all the malware for modern windows versions, are defined as Trojans, Worms etc.

That means you are safe without AV on both platforms, as long as you know the means they want to infect you with, and avoid those situations.

Social engineering is used to fool people to install malware today, phishing etc. But pure Computer Viruses that lives up to the definition of a computer Virus nope.

Then we have the AV companies that cry wolf wolf when there are no wolf. Symantec did this a lot. And many others. Only honest AV company I know when it comes to Mac Malware is F-Secure.

When symantec said there was Viruses for Mac F-Secure said we have no reason to make a AV for the mac, there is no Viruses yet for the mac, and very few trojans that pose a unsignificant threat.

Now that is Years ago, today F-secure has a product for the mac, but at least they weren't trying to phish customers with false alarms.

I have clamxav installed, but manually run it on some windows files maybe once every second year.

Now people that write articles on malware should start using the correct terms for each kind of malware, including the source for this article. The one that wrote that blog is clearly stating that he does have his own definition of what a computer virus is.

The source he refers to is a bit better and doesn't use the word virus, but malware, trojan and worm.

Now I challenge someone more knowledgeable than me to list true computer viruses for both Windows since Vista came, and for OSX. I would be happy to be proven wrong, not so glad though.

NUDE SELFIE CLOUD PERV menace: Apple 2FA? Sweet FA, more like


Nope, they would still exist locally.


Re: So apple WERE hacked then

Lol, nope they didn't say that, and the fool called out fool.

Secondly they said that they didn't get hacked, but the users. Well that is true, or half true depending on your point of view.

Munich considers dumping Linux for ... GULP ... Windows!


As much I hate MS software being a Fanboi too, I did buy Office 365 for my home computer just because of Excel.

I could not believe that Excel had better Applescript support than Numbers. I could have lived with Numbers if it only had supported Applescript better, and script away the problems it has. But no Excel is unfortunately the only spreadsheet that works for an advanced user.


Outlook is, dare I say it, damn useful. Integrating a calendar with email is so obvious and so useful that I've often wondered why the concept hasn't been cloned into open source yet (and before you say it, I don't have the time to do it myself or the leadership skills to assemble a team to help).

This is the biggest fault with how outlook is designed. You don't want mail and calendar to be the same app. They should integrate with each other but let a calendar app do calendars well and a mail client mail well. For sure invitations etc should integrate just as it does with Apple products. But hey having calender in the mail app is my biggest complaint about Outlooks UI.


Re: An amazing piece of work?

Why can't outlook handle conversations properly, a simple iThingy handles that with excellence.

How outlook handles it is a joke with no comparison.

What about meta data, why can't I easily connect mails in a conversation (non existent) to some metadata as e.g. a service request number to easily link mails to other work activities.

Why can't I run something similar as AppleScript on it, why are the rules implementation so restrictive to be almost unusable?

MS software is a pain, as i said above consumer products are today more advanced than enterprise products, they may not be enterprise friendly, but they sure give the user better workflow possibilities.


Re: Lack of integrated email/contacts/calendar?

Do you remember the study they did. If I recall correctly, Mac's were considered, they were also forecasted to have the lowest support and maintenance cost of all platforms, but the highest investment cost for a change, was it roughly 3 times higher than continue with pc's.

The mac way would have had MS Office and Exchange support, apps would have been quite similar to work with, that meant lower training costs than going with Linux.

I still don't understand what the criterias was that made them go with Linux. They surely were not criterias that was made from the users perspective.

I may though mix it up with another similar study. As I've read a few of them.


Re: Lack of integrated email/contacts/calendar?

"I can only assume that you have never used Outlook / Lync / Unified Messaging - together with Office / Sharepoint / Yammer, etc? It's awesome. There is no comparison to any other product - it's the best integrated suite and the most powerful and pleasant to use product in that space that there is by a long long way."

I use them every day at work, and they purely suck. Outlook is a beast without comparison, Lync is faster than the crippleware Communicator, but has less functionality. Sharepoint, is a pain to use, that may though be our IT departments fault can't really say, still a pain and I'm missing a lot of key functionality that I do expect from it.

It's funny how consumer products are today more advanced than enterprise products.

Don't think you're SAFE from Windows zombies just 'cos you have an iPhone - research


@ jcitron

1. Defenition of a Computer Virus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_virus

Se part "Vulnerability of different operating systems to viruses" and look for the reference... compare that with:

2. Defenition of Malware.


AV is only needed for just that Viruses. Some users use AV to shield them from being fooled with a trojan horse, that's fine. The problem is definitely not that we don't run AV software.

I do have an AV program, I use it only to scan some windows files now and then, like once or twice every fifth year. Yeah I'm a fanboi.

Bloodthirsty Apple fanbois TEAR OPEN new Macbook, bare its guts to world+dog


Re: We know The Register hates everything about Apple

Well it's easy, when you're about to buy that PC, just double the time you spent saving for it and you can afford a mac. You won't upgrade that often afterwards anyway. I got 8 years on my mac in october.

SMELL YOU LATER, LOSERS – Dumbo tells rats, dogs... humans


Re: Polar Bear

Is that Masai Mara, or some other Mara?

I'LL BE APP! Apple renews LiquidMetal contract, Terminator rumours flood interwebs


Apple had a computer, the Powerbook G4 Titanium, the hinges cracked on it.

As a side affect some airlines did prohibit it as the x-ray would not reveal anything inside them

'Polar vortex' or not, last month among the warmest Januaries recorded


Re: Doing the Warmist shuffle

Correct, but.

More CO2 causes vegetation to grow faster, converting sunlight CO2 and water to; water vapor, sugar and O2.

This happens both above ground and under water. In aquariums, you know the really nice ones, google aquascape, they are infused with about 25 times more CO2 than plants normally gets in the wild.

It's all good as long as you keep your PH under check.

I'm in no denial that the climate is changing, it is, and it is mostly due to human activity. But please don't just blame CO2. The problem is more complex than that. CO2 is part of a ecological balancing process, CO2 is not bad as long as that process functions. I'm of the opinion that humans interfere way to much with the natures ecological processes. Why we may have a problem with CO2, but it's not CO2's fault.


Re: Doing the Warmist shuffle

Yes you are correct, if you only would be using Kelvin degrees instead of as we humans do, comfortable temperature.

We tend to think a weather that is hotter than our comfort zone is warm climate. And that weather that is colder than our comfort zone is cold climate.

If the rising average temperature on the globe was spread even on our planet you would have seen changes. As the Ice has just started to melt. We are just above 0C. We used to be under that.

So if the weather should be evened out, all of us would be freezing. In a country where there is lot's of winter, +1C is the worst kind of weather you can have. Everything get's wet and is bloody cold. -1C is much better as everything is stays dry and you feel warmer, though it is actually colder.

So stop talking about your feelings when others talk science.


Re: Doing the Warmist shuffle

Apparently it is 1 rabid extremist out of 4.

25%, sounds about right.


Re: Doing the Warmist shuffle

I live in those cold areas. I find it quite simple, when you put an ice-cream on the table and let it melt, it will expand over the table. The icecream is getting warmer, but the table is cooling down. The areas close to the ice-cream but not under the ice-cream will soon be covered in cold icecream.

So yes, that is only natural. Until the ice is all melted I'm expecting to freeze more than I do now. On the southpole we have -60C in the air (water temperature is more important btw). In sahara we have +60C. The average of those are 0C degrees.

So if earth's average temperature raises from 0.2C to 0.6C you still will freeze your bum off as that is almost freezing temperatures. Greetings from a country with more winter than summer.

Apple patents facial recognition tech for mobile log-in


So the chance is that Apple had it patented before HTC is actually 10 out of 12 based on the information you give and is found in this thread.

Oh wanna bet money on HTC was first with such odds? No, don't look it up... just state your bet...

Our Sun menaces comet 'of the century' ISON with FIERY DESTRUCTION


Re: 3 Wise Men


It doesn't even call them wise men, we read instead that they were astrologers. Something that was disgusting, and something to be extinguished in ancient the Jewish society.

Just who is Apple's most frustrated fanboi? Surprise – it's GOOGLE


Re: Hell on earth

Yes, but I don't have to imagine it, I'm in it 5/7 days in a week. I'm typing this from something creepy with Windows.


Re: idi*ts!

If that would be the case, they would be excellent on a mac but their not.

Google is building their own platform. Mostly based on Android. They use macs at the moment for that. They started refusing windows after security issues they had. Before those it was optional for each worker to choose his platform.

Linux simply isn't as dynamic as OSX. It's fast and great for many tasks. But it's a much more fragmented base to build on. And support for specific configurations may simply not be there. OSX has much less of that hazzle. And basically everything is easily portable between the *nix'es and Unixes.

If that wouldn't be the case Google would be using Chrome Books.

Noisy qubits destroy data in order to save it


Science even prove you wrong on that last statement. Scientists pursue their theses, even when science shows that it can't be so. One example is the search for life on Mars with our probes. We know enough to say that Mars is and has been lifeless. No need to send any probes looking for life, just waste of money and resources. Note, I'm not against missions to outer space, I just don't like it when they waste their time on futile tasks. They should know better than that.

We all believe in something, and many are willing to fight for their beliefs, just look at Richard Dawkins. He has a religious belief in that science will show that there exist no God. He is probably much excited about the tasks the probes to mars have been given.

Most of the atheists commenting here believes in the evolution theory, even to the point that they dismiss part's of the evolution theory, e.g. on the subject of adaptation while discussing with a theist.

Quite often the atheist says adaptation is not random, though the evolution theory in it's current state says adaptation comes through random mutations, where one in thousands/millions/billion/whatever mutations happens to be beneficial. Then natural selection after that would do it's work.

Last time I had this discussion here quite a few rejected the idea of random events that would lead to adaptation. In fact by doing so giving their God the name "the evolution theory". It's a religious behaviour, not one based on science or reason. They simply said it's not based on random events, but it's adaptation.

Now an adaptation not based on random mutations, would be an adaptation to either be based on a "mind" (note the citation marks) of the creature of itself to adapt to a certain situation, or be based on a pre programmed code for adaptation by a creator.

Both of those statements are contrary to the evolution theory itself, so an atheist who does not acknowledge this part of the evolution theory is simply religious in his belief, though he's an atheist.

Religion is not necessarily equal to a belief in a God or Gods.

Lumia 1520: Our man screams into ENORMO new Nokia phondleslab


Re: Microsoft account needed for Facebook? ??

That's why you all should go OSX.

But for me as an old macer, I can't stand the Dock or the taskbar, their functionality are so limited, and the designers have placed them wrong causing extra movements.

MS was almost cracking how it should be made with Vista. Yes Vista had one good feature that it beat all other systems with. They had the bar where gadgets lived, this was perfect at what it did. The only good development with vista UI and they removed it in Win7.

Instead they should have continued the development to make it replace the other stupidly designed user elements.

Android mobes outsell iPhones, but Apple gets MORE PROFIT THAN ALL


Re: I love...

Sometimes the dumbed down way is the smartest way to go.

And that is why i like iOS over android. I don't want to fiddle around with it. I want it to do what I asked it to do.

I did my fiddling and customizations when I was a teenager. I the days when System 7.x was the most customizable OS ever.

I'm feed up with it, don't want to as all it does is force me to do more fiddling around at a later stage.


Re: insecure?

Actually this it what we see.

Why are <insert non Apple phone maker name here> fans in a perpetual cycle of looking for new metrics to "prove" that their <same non Apple phone maker name device> is better than a Apple device?

iPhone users can't even brag over specs between iPhones. There is no way to tell the difference between a 16GB version and a 64GB version just by looking at it's outer appearance. It's simply just an iPhone that's all.


Re: Junk business

Got a mac, got a iphone, got a ipad, I do all of that on every device. So in what way are Apple users different that the average Windroid?

It seems that we use the tech, where ever we want and are comfortable with it.

One thing more, if you do afford an utterly expensive iPhone (yes I said it, not overpriced but very expensive), you probably also afford a data plan that covers your web habits on the phone). For me I see no reason to go to the computer for reading a mail or doing some web surfing. Infact I prefer to do those activities under iOS than under OSX.

Maybe the experience of surfing the web and doing email on a android device hasn't matured yet to the state that you guys prefer to do these activities on a android device. I'm not sure.

On the other hand, I also have my own domain for handling my own private email. I guess most droiders use gmail.

Fukushima fearmongers: It's your fault Japan dumped CO2 targets


Re: Well, two thoughts...

What about using the waste in modern Nuclear power plants that can (could as no one builds them).

That might very well be due to some countries want's nuclear weapons too, so they build power plants that would feed them with such waste materials.

But the designs that could use the waste from normal nuclear power plants have been out there for decades now, I assume as the first time I read about them is pretty long time ago. Still the designs that are built are based on tech from the 60's. Common build something that at least is based on the tech from the 80's why is it so hard to use all the research that has been done?

Are we afraid of building modern plants, is it that everyone want's someone else to take the risk of introducing something new?

I understand countries that have nuclear weapons, but smaller countries as those within EU who build nuclear power plants but have no intention of producing such weapons. Why buy the same old designs from Japan?


Re: No middle ground for the hard Greens...

Blaming industrialised countries problem on developing countries, we heard it before, it's nothing new, just a way to remove one's own responsibility upon others. Imperialism?

If anyone can do anything about it's emissions it's the developed countries. If they learn how to control it they can show the developing countries how to build their infrastructure. Not the other way around as you imply, that the developing countries should solve the industrialised countries problems for them.

If you wouldn't had been so incredibly ignorant of your own responsibility I would have voted you up. As I can't stand the logics from the green movements either. But in comparison to your logic they are Einstein's each one of them.

Fortunate for you, you understood to comment as anonymous.

Boffins agree: Yes we have had an atmospheric warming pause


Re: Oh dear - oh dear oh dear oh dear

"That wasn't the case, but it didn't mean evolution wasn't science."

I'm gonna get downvoted here, but that is actually exactly what it it means.

So far no new kind of animal has been produced in a test lab, nothing that goes beyond simple variations in one kind of animal. Flies continue to be flies, mice continue to be mice.

Crossbreeding has been practised for millennias to get a new specimen of one kind, it was this knowledge that made Darwin form his theory on how all the kinds of animals we see could have evolved from just one or a few, but it has never been observed or proven by any predictable repeatable test.

Unless you're one of those that believe evolution is not gradual, as if one day an elephant will give birth to two mice one female and one male. But I assume there are very few evolutionists agreeing with that view anymore. Rather is the idea of infinite random mutations over time that will allow for adaptation to a new specimen and eventually a whole new kind of animal to be formed, that is popular for the time being.

What has been observed to happen is that one kind of organism do adapt to their environment. But never that they would have become a new organism from what they were before.

What we see is that an adapted specimen still is based on the original genetic code.

Stephen Hawking: 'Boring' Higgs Boson discovery cost me $100


Re: Multiple universes?

Nice touch.