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BBC telly tax drops onto telly-free households. Cough up, iPlayer fans


Re: Jim'll fix it and you


You only, currently need a licence to watch live broadcasts.

The act of owning a TV does not, in the eyes of the law, mean that you have to have a TV Licence.

A TV with no means of receiving live transmissions does not require a licence.

Motorola’s X Force awakens a seemingly ‘shatterproof’ future


Re: 6.0 "soon"... riiight.

Since when was any manufacturer responsible for updates?

You bought the phone with version x.yy.z

This expectation of ongoing updates and patches is typical of the selfish whining monkeys that have become so prevalent in recent years.

That reminds me. I'm off to the garage to demand that the manufacturer drops the latest, more powerful and more efficient engine into my car.

Me thinks I'll be told to go forth and multiply.


Re: too good to be true?

I had a look at the other two Motorola X phones; the Play and the Style.

Lovely pieces of kit. The catch being they're too big to fit in most of my pockets.

A 16 Petaflop Cray: The key to fantastic summer barbecues


Re: There are factual inaccuracies in this article

You are David Underwood and I claim my five pounds.

Jeff Bezos rolls up another $437m, lights Amazon's cigar with it


Losses? What losses?

Me thinks there is a lot of cross cost-centre charging going on here.

One part of the business charges another part a silly amount for something relatively trivial.

No need to pay a dividend on profits (as there aren't any) to shareholders.

No need to pay the protection racket known as tax, as no profit has been declared.

Amazon is keeping its money for itself.

I love smoke and mirrors, me.

edit: pdlane beat me to it.

Just TWO climate committee MPs contradict IPCC: The two with SCIENCE degrees


Re: No Surprise

So, it's not man made then?

"Every 20 to 50 years". Are you choosing the timescale to fit the hypothesis?

Oh no, thermometric data is not good, it doesn't fit the warming hypothesis between 1879 and eleventy past 12. Quick! Look! Tree rings! That'll confuse the buggers!

Oh no, tree rings don't fit the result we're funded to find between halfpast paris and 1879. Quick! Look! Use that frozen elk piss! That'll confuse the buggers!

By the way, Graham, did you enjoy your factfinding trip to the Seychelles?

Banning handheld phone use by drivers had NO effect on accident rate - study


Re: re : James 51

Green means you may go if the way forward is clear.

Just saying.

Helpdesk/Service Desk Recommendations


Re: Only 200 people?

Fuck off troll.

Oxfam, you're full of FAIL. Leave economics to sensible bods


Re: Erm... really?

If they're taking a salary, they are no longer being CHARITABLE.

Bureaucracy top-heavy "charities" are now Non-Governmental Organisations with favourable tax liabilities.

UK mulls ban on tiny mobiles to block prison smugglers


"The National Trading Standards Board ... points out that such small devices are 'electrically unsafe meaning they could cause fires and injure consumers through electrocution.'"

Another example of state sponsored Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

Insurrection and revolution are an option.

Ha ha, Osborne, these Gov 2.0 web wranglers have wiped out UK debt


These "Geeks in Jeans" should be taken outside and shot. Followed by their seditious, manipulative, lying, corrupt, paymasters.

Hang on while I get down off this fence.

The more they spend, they more they take. Any government of such colossal calamity should be overthrown.

Good job the interest rates at the BoE have been massaged down eh boys? Oh I'm sorry was that there Old Lady of Threadneedle Street alleged to be independent from HM Treasury?

Pull the other one, it's got bells all over it George.

Banknote campaigner's Twitter rape threats ordeal: Bloke, 21, cuffed


Re: Get rid of images of people

"Fiat Currency is bad for your financial health".

Mine's the one with the silver helmet.

Satnav-murdering Google slips its Maps into car dashboards


Hmm two way data connection... distance and time reported back in timeslices of one second.

Before stepping through the door at work, your credit card has been debited to pay for your speeding violations.

Sod this. I'm off.



Eight foot tall and demonic red eyes? Call that an Apeman?

When I was a lad.... Apemen were so big the whole universe would fit in the split ends of one bristle of his furry back.

Swedish woman cuffed for sex with skeleton SHOCKER


Were the bones fresh from the morgue or had they been soiled?

How can the BBC be saved from itself without destroying it?


Starve the beast.

Or, just don't pay the "licence" fee.

I enclose it in quotes as I never recall having to pass and exam nor be tested in order to pay for this alleged "licence".


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