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GCHQ's SMURF ARMY can hack smartphones, says Snowden. Again.


Re: Good luck

Your phone network already knows who you are... why would the spooks bother asking Angry Birds for your details when they can just get them from your network provider?

SPACED OUT: NASA's manned Orion podule pushed back to 2023


Re: It's more sensible...

"an" as in singular?

I think there have been multiple US presidents who preferred making war to supporting NASA.

BAN the ROBOT WHORES, says robot whore expert: 'These AREN'T BARBIES'


Re: De Montfort

There are other famous people from Leicester...

Its just Englebert Humperdinck University or John Merrick University weren't pretentious enough.


I can get take away food... Does anybody know if she can do the ironing?

NASA: 'Closest thing yet to ANOTHER EARTH' - FOUND


Re: Thuktun Flishithy incoming!

They would need to travel for more than just Centauries to reach us even with a Bussard Ramjet... I think we will be ok.

Game of Thrones: Where to now for headless Nintendo?


If you are comparing the per game cost you should also consider the per device cost... An iPhone 6 or similar spec Android phone would cost 4 times as much as a 3DS, so the big game titles costing 4 times as much seems fair to me.

I have had over 200 hours of enjoyment from Pokemon Omega Ruby... On a pound per minute basis this is better than any phone game I have paid for with the possible exception of Football Manager!

New Horizons: We've got a pretty pic of Pluto. Now let's get our SCIENCE on


Re: Flirting with a circular justification

Did you not see the photos of Ceres earlier this year?

It was a planet before Pluto was and everybody just forgets it. Poor Ceres.

Pluto revealed as KING of the Kuiper belt


Whats Wrong with being a Dwarf?

For anybody complaining about it being a dwarf planet can you explain what is wrong with being a dwarf?

Please use words you would be willing to say to Warwick Davis's face

PLUTO FLYBY: Here's your IT angle, all you stargazing pedants


Re: Duck

We find out if the Plutonians shoot it down or not tomorrow.

PLUTO: The FINAL FRONTIER – best image yet of remote, icy dwarf planet REVEALED




There are plenty of Dwarf planets beyond the orbit of Neptune just waiting for somebody to explore them.

134340 Pluto is no where near the Final Frontier.

WHY did NASA probe go suddenly SILENT - JUST as it was about to send pics of remote ice-world?


Re: Still bloody amazing

I do feel sorry for New Horizons...

Rosetta and Dawn have both been sending back better pictures of 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko and 1 Ceres than the photos New Horizon will send back of 134340 Pluto.

Does anybody know how much longer it would have taken to get to Pluto if they planned to go into orbit when they got there instead of speeding past?

Humongous headsets and virtual insanity


Re: Glasses?

I haven't tried any of the modern VR yet to see how well my eyes cope as both eyes are different for me too.

Hopefully the prescription is close enough to each other for it to be ok... if not I'm seriously considering contact lenses.

Hubble spots Pluto's moons are a chaotic mess of tumbling rock


Re: Never mind the orbits

My guess is it will look nothing like this when the photos get sent back.

Remember the artist impressions of 67P before Rosetta got there? Those were based on the Hubble images too.

India to Russia: 'Sod you, Vlad, we're going to the moon ALONE'


Re: It's about time somebody went...

The Chinese sent a rover in 2013... I make that TWO years.

Samsung S6: You might get a Sony camera in it - or you might not


Re: Samsung Target Market

So they are targeting iPhone owners?

Thumb Up

Re: How to tell?

I have a Note 4 and can confirm this does work.

Mine has the Sony sensor.

Accused Aussie game hacker flees to Europe ahead of trial


Re: court delays and harassment by West Australian police

Indeed... the phase that comes to mind is "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

Mars needs TRAFFIC COP to stop probe prangs, says NASA


Re: Serious question ...

You notice the main issue reported was a NASA probe avoiding another NASA probe...

It is not a problem of communications between agencies, it is a problem of communication between different teams within the same agency. They even admit in their press release that only 2 of the 3 NASA missions were event talking to each other before they made the recent changes.



Re: the radiation will tell us they're on the way.

I would rather have Sigourney Weaver for dealing with Aliens.

Ofcom's to-do list: Number porting, sell spectrum, buy milk


Re: PAC Codes

Not sure what you mean by Gaining acquirer-led. In the UK you need to get the PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) from your old provider and give this to your new provider to transfer your phone number.

This is for security reasons and is designed to stop somebody else stealing your phone number.


Re: PAC Codes

I have never got a better offer from the retentions team than the network I was moving to so I just lie when I call for my PAC now and tell them I already have the new phone. Saves you lots of hassle getting passed between departments.

Belgium to the rescue as UK consumers freeze after BST blunder


"If BST were abolished, I'm pretty sure my employer would agree to me working 08:00 to 16:30 in the summer. Would yours though? Would everybody else's?"

Look into the flexible working laws...

Your employer has to give a valid reason you can't work from 08:00 to 16:30 instead of 09:00 to 17:30. Because they don't want you to is not a valid reason.


GMT/BST and working with Americans

It was nice for the last few weeks when we have had an extra hour per day to do business with Americans. I had the novelty of them replying to an email while I was still at work and it not taking several days to get issues fixed.

I would vote to end BST if I had the choice.

Nesting falcons interrupt £200m Vodafone 4G mast upgrades


"If we learned one thing from The Amazing Colossal Man and Grasshopperus it's that radiation makes stuff grow real big real fast."

So we wont even need to wait a generation until we get huge mutant falcons.

NORK internet outage was payback for Sony hack – US politician


Re: Reasonable and proportionate

You can't invade Calais because Japan didn't attack the Norks...

The US can invade Calais though.

UK government says goodbye sat navs, hello Xbox, e-cigs and Spotify


Re: Really?

I disagree with "car comes with it built in" being the main reason. A quick glance round the work car park and only 2 of the cars belonging to management have built in Sat Nav. None of the cars belonging to us plebs have it built in.

It may be a better experience than a smart phone but its not the reason I would choose one brand of car over another and it seems most of my colleagues agree with me.



Re: Comic Sans

I like Comic Sans because it winds up my designer friends when I use it.

They are such easy targets!

IT knowledge is as important as Maths, says UK.gov


Re: Are there no IT experts in the legislature?

Claire Perry?

BEHOLD the magnificent lunar backside in our MOON VIDEO


Tycho is on the Earth side not the far side...

NASA: Give us JUST 0.5% of the federal budget and we'll take you to MARS and EUROPA


As part of the argument about Ukraine all cheese imports from the EU have been banned by Russia.

They are now looking for new sources of cheese so it wont be long until they are up there.

Samsung gets KINKY with new Galaxy in 50 SHADES OF GREY


Re: Nothing ground breaking

That is a phone....

You are correct calling it a gimmick though

NASA probe snaps increasingly detailed shots of MOIST DWARF goddess


Re: So-

There are 8 planets. If you are including dwarf planets as planets 10 is way off...

How many dwarf planets are there in the outer solar system?

As of Tue Jan 20 2015 there are:

10 objects which are nearly certainly dwarf planets,

22 objects which are highly likely to be dwarf planets,

44 objects which are likely to be dwarf planets,

75 objects which are probably dwarf planets, and

359 objects which are possibly dwarf planets.

Grand Theft Auto 1997: 'Sick, deluded and beneath contempt'


Re: @ Shrimpling "drive on the correct side of the road"

It bothers me in most games.

After years of playing Halo I still try to get in the passenger side of a Warthog.


I loved the top down GTA Games

Especially London 1969 because you got to drive on the correct side of the road.

Saudi Arabia to flog man 1,000 times for insulting religion on Facebook


Its because of the Saudi's the price is coming down, if the west start to piss them off they will just put the price back up again.

ALIEN EARTH: Red sun's habitable world spotted 470 light years away


Re: ... bring the count of exoplanets known to humanity to a thousand.

The reference to 1000 planets in the original NASA press release is that these are the 1000th confirmed planets from the Kepler mission. I guess this means the 837 other planets on your app must have been detected by other means.

Alien Earths are out there: Our home is not 'unique'


2 cups oxygen

How do you keep the Oxygen in the cup?

Sony grovels, offers freebies after PlayStation network spent Xmas TITSUP


Re: They're still a bunch of dicks even when they act kind

If you need to mess about with Wine it defeats the point of the steam console being a console.

Console users don't want to have to tweak things to run games properly, thats why they chose a console.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde: Fun, but not for all


Re: cost of petrol/gas....

Bargain, can you get Diesel that cheap as well? If so I would like 60 litres please. Delivery to the UK.




Does this mean I can visit Nodnol and see the The Sensational Reverse Brothers?

Mars was a WET mistress: Curiosity probes once-moist bottom


Hydroxic acid, dihydrogen monoxide, hydrogen hydroxide, μ-Oxido dihydrogen.

I wouldn't have included the last paragraph, but have an up vote anyway.

NASA prods sleeping New Horizons spacecraft: Wakey, wakey, Pluto's calling


Re: My Name is on the Data disk

Given the Nexus naming scheme based on the size of the screen I look forward to my 150" mobile phone.

Fitting it in the car may be an issue.


Re: PLUTO.......Planet, planetoid, Celestial Body or what?

My opinion is if Pluto wants to come back down to the elliptic and orbit with the rest of us they can be a full planet.

If they want to stay at their current jaunty angle they can stick with the dwarf planets.

MP caught playing Candy Crush at committee meeting: I'll ‘try’ not to do it again


Thats terrible... it would be like me commenting on a website when I should be working.

Is EU right to expand 'right to be forgotten' to Google.com?


Re: And stories like that are why I oppose the reform of the Lords

A position in Government based on who your parents are seems dead wrong to me... I would rather vote for somebody I can replace with a similar idiot in 5 years time.

Brit smut slingers shafted by UK censors' stiff new stance


Re: That's all right then...

I thought they had changed their mind about the pixelating thing because of the easy access to non-Japanese porn on the internet but its not something I want to search for at work to confirm or deny my suspicions!

Fort Lauderdale websites DDoSed after Anonymous threats over feeding ban


If they can't starve the homeless out perhaps they should just move Fort Lauderdale a few miles down the road and leave the homeless behind.

Blade Runner sequel might actually be good. Harrison Ford is in it


"think of the god-awful Indianna Jones 4."

I don't understand... There were only 3 Indiana Jones films.

There was only 1 Matrix film as well.

World of Warcraft then and now: From Orcs and Humans to Warlords of Draenor


First game I modded

Warcraft was the first game I ever modded. All the sound files when you select a unit were stored as simple wav files. I recorded my own and gave the dwarves a (bad) Irish accent instead of Scottish!

I also remember dragging my PC to a friends house so we could play against each other using a serial cable, although that may have been Warcraft 2.

You'll go APE for our new Gorilla Glass 4, Corning reckons


Was plastic really so bad?

I never broke a phone screen when they were made of plastic.