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Fragged, fragged and thrice fragged! 20 years of id Software’s Doom

Steve Scott

Q2 was amazing

Loved Doom, but never played it online. It was only when Quake II came along that I discovered the joys of killing an LPB (low ping b*stard) opponent with a railgun shot, despite my ping being 10x higher than his! Particularly liked the Lithium mod, with the hook to propel you quickly around the map. But my all time favourite for frantic gameplay was CTC (catch the chicken). Awesome, but particularly so when played using a custom Homer Simpson avatar, complete with sound effects like 'Woohoo!' "D'oh!" etc. Happy days.

Quantum theme debuts on Radio 1

Steve Scott

They got the wrong colour

They should have had Jack Black doing the theme, not Jack White.... hip-hop and Bond just don't go.

Mobiles help UK malls track shoppers' every move

Steve Scott
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Cheapest solution

Forget phone jammers, tinfoil wraps or lead lined pockets. Just turn your phone off...

What did happen to all those London mayoral votes?

Steve Scott

@ MarkMac

"On the other hand, you can't be a*&^ed to vote, you get what you deserve - no say"

It annoys me when people say if I don't vote then I can't complain. Well I still pay plenty of taxes - and THAT is what gives me my right to complain. Not an arbitrary vote once every four years where another lying politician gets on the gravy train (no matter which party, they are all the same).

MySpace celebrity hacker downs hacking forum

Steve Scott


All these comments for an obvious typo?

Wonder how many emails the Guardian gets every day from you guys...

Why is the iPlayer a multi million pound disaster?

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I find it useful.

Sure, it's not exactly cutting edge. But when I miss a TV show, I know I can just download it via iPlayer and watch it later.

In any case, I'm perfectly happy with the BBC spending millions on this, as it's useful to me. Spending millions on Jonathan Ross, on the other hand...

Dell prices up all-on-one XPS desktop

Steve Scott

Watch this space...

Merging of devices is getting closer. Won't be long now before we can buy a combination TV/PC/Console/DVD/BluRay/HD/DVR/MP3/DivX/GPS/Oven/Microwave/ATM device.

And then of course, Apple will come up with a portable one with a touchscreen and a hefty monthly contract...

Remembering the Commodore PET 2001

Steve Scott
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good memories

The PET was the first computer I ever used, and it was regarded as a powerful and mysterious thing in school! Only 6th formers had access to it, and the A key was kinda worn out (primarily because it was the fire key for the Space Invaders game!) I recall it had twin external floppy disk drives (5.25") and you had to type >$0 for a directory listing.

I used to buy PCW magazine which had program listings, and I'd spend hours typing them in, only to find they wouldn't work... assuming I'd made a typo, I'd spend hours going through the listing again and again, and eventually give up, and then the following month the magazine would publish a correction to the listing....!

Pokes and peeks... ahh happy days.

Beavis and Butthead in London jihad

Steve Scott

Reply to foxyshadis...

Foxyshadis, the original article states :

"This should have been dismissed for what it is: an event on the level of some teenagers getting a tremendously foolish notion, and being drunk enough for it to appeal to them. But we're hearing whispers of terrorism instead"

My point was that just because the consequences were small, primarily as a result of the perpetrators incompetence, that doesn't mean it should be 'dismissed' as the author suggests. Because, to go back to my original analogy, the next time the shotgun could be loaded...

Steve Scott

Sample scenario...

Imagine someone pointed a shotgun at you and pulled the trigger, and it turned out that they'd forgotten to load it....

Would you count your lucky stars and make damn sure they couldn't point a shotgun at you any more, just in case the next tme it WAS loaded?

Or would you just think "ah well" and let them continue to point a shotgun at you, because you know based on prior experience that the chances are the gun isn't loaded?


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