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Imagine OLE reinvented for the web and that's 90% of Microsoft's Fluid Framework: We dig into O365 collaborative tech


Can anyone name uses of OLE which were useful other than the "Excel table in Word document" example? I've recently thought about all these compound document technologies from the 90s and it seems they had awful ROI. Lots of engineering time across many companies wasted on a feature that had such a low impact.

Nvidia unveils Pascal, its next-gen GPU with hella-fast interconnects and 3D packaging



Wasn't the codename Volta the last time they were talking about it?

How Britain could have invented the iPhone: And how the Quangocracy cocked it up


Re: Abandon all hope.... you are entering "couldhavebeen land"

"Remember the I-phone was invented and marketed by Apple using private funds... (and buying/licensing technologies that came from all over the world) not by expecting manna from government."

Have you actually read the article?

"But apparently the state does more. According to Mazzucato, as cited by Polly Toynbee, “huge state investment in touch screens” gave Apple its advantage. Mazzucato went further: “all the technologies that make the iPhone ‘smart’ are also state funded”. [p112] For Mazzucato, the state had made “an investment” in Westerman’s multitouch but failed to “recuperate” it. [p72] "