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Hello! Still here! Surface 2! Way better than iPad! says slightly desperate Microsoft



Damn, I can't wait to get one when it's free...

Google gives fat fingers the flick before they click


Be prepared to pay for more apps now...

This will significantly reduce the revenue for some app developers, leaving them with the only option of charging for their apps. True, these devs shouldn't have relied on "fat fingers" in the first place, but a lot free apps depend on this effect. Ultimately Google will suffer as paid apps won't drive ad revenue, which is Google's core business.

Hearts, minds and balls: Microsoft's Windows 8 Surface gamble


mac mini + ipad 2

for this kind of money (£800) the combination of a new mac mini + ipad2 all of the sudden looks attractive...

HP: AUTONOMY 'misrepresented' its value by $5 BILLION, calls in SEC


HP used to be a great company but the lack of trust in their employees - shown by never selecting the next leader from the internal pool - is a sound indicator of an unhealthy firm. Let's remember that the current CEO also approved this acquisition therefore falls in the same boat of utmost incompetence that prevails in their Board. The only way they can turn things around is by selecting a tech visionary which I am sure exists in an IT company with 300,000 people in its paycheck. I have no affiliation to HP but some of my friends work there and when they talk about their technology you can see passion and dedication, and that for me is hard to bring from the outside.