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Arch Linux: In a world of polish, DIY never felt so good


same here

same question here, using a slackware desktop here...

Vietnamese high school kids can pass Google interview


Re: Good show

Sure, any paanwala with cash opens an IT college and buffoons clamour to get admitted. Bless the exchange rates for the code monkeys getting employment and oafs becoming PM. Unfortunately, they clog up the roads so and push up land prices with the money they save by living 5 in a room when going "onsite".

Unilever cutting tech bods, moving jobs to Bangalore: 800 face axe


Hmmm because the damage over two hundred years is yet to be repaid! But seriously, do not worry. Real strong tech jobs are still there. It is the low IQ and grunt work which comes to India, and the nitwits here are ready to grab them at lowest wages. The education system has produced generations of morons. The nitwits there doing the grunt work are used to a high standard of life, based on high energy consumption and debt, and unwilling to let go of the lifestyle.

China executes securities trader over $9.52m fraud

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@Sarah Bee

Strange indeed is your statement regarding, the person ruined a number of people and their families. What is the point in shoving him into a prison? He will get out and do more of the same. I find it nauseatingly hypocritical when people waffle about "a man's life". What about the many people ruined? And it is not an impulsive crime, to amass such vast sums, it must have taken some time. I hope the authorities took the cost of the bullet and the executioner's salary from him. Very likely that his other pals got away though. Wish we had something like this in India.

Indian court urged to 'ban Google Earth'

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@AC:Read before commenting

you said everything i wanted to.

@sreekhi: WTF is your point?

Mumbai terrorist attacks kill at least 100



most of india is very angry at this attack, at the sick bunch of shitbags who call themselves politicians here.

we should probably take the us to court for creating the mujahedin. while the US is powerful enough and has no qualms about using the dirtiest tricks, we unfortunately lack both in power and in these Machiavellian manipulations. and so we suffer..

clear evidence points to Pakistan's involvement, yet the world chooses to turn a blind eye and even arm it to "counter" India, a country which is as bovine as the proverbial holy cow.

Rock-solid Fedora 10 brings salvation to Ubuntu weary


Off topic but Slackware rocks

gdb on Fedora gives a peculiar error. apparently it needs about 20 more libraries before it can do something meaningful; this after 4GB of installation. i think i chose one of the default profiles and then again manually selected packages, emacs is apparently an optional software.

that itself says all.

however, between ubuntu and fedora, i would certainly prefer fedora. disabling root login and substituting another user as superuser is stupid and it is a waste of time to undo such moronic antics.

India plants flag on Moon



if i were poor, i would certainly not like it. on the same scale, if you were poor, you would not be posting comments on the Register and dislike a great many research things. do you mean to say that those should be stopped?!!

personally, i think that its a wonderful job by everyone involved and not just because it is Indian...



So, here come the usual pack of whiners moaning about how the money could have been spent on poor people etc.

granting that india is indeed poor, does not mean that we should not spend anything on research. or do they want us to remain this way and look to the West for all the wonders with starry eyes?

i do not know whether the technology will enable us to get more money but certainly beats fabricating WMDs and invading other lands for oil. seems to me a more honest effort...

finally, regarding the "billions" of pounds being poured into india as aid, just think of it as a loan being repaid.....


Reg readers in Firefox 3 lovefest


how about Elinks and

other text browsers? i use one regularly.

India draws up own Google Earth plan



i think that you must be high on cocaine or soemthing or you embody the true american!

India you might not be aware is a country in a continent called Asia on the same planet as you are in. btw, USA is Not a continent. on the other hand, i think you are talking about the Red Indians...."launching them to MARS"... hilarious..surely you are joking?

anyway, as is usual to any article related to india, some people always nitpick about



regarding point (a), yes the country is poor but does it mean that one shuts down all technical institutes, research programs? of course, i agree that poverty needs to be eradicated. apart from the fact that the amount is too less for any purposes(IF the whole amount reached the need that is), at least the research program has more utilisation, less consumed in "graft"...

regarding (b), that is out of the scope of this comment ;-)

Retro piracy - Should the Royal Navy kick arse?



Around 3-4 days back, the indian navy drove off some pirates. i think they used an helicopter in the operation. point is, they responded to a call from an indian ship and also a foreign one, i dont remember the nationality.

However, coming to the point:

1. Outsourcing? surely you understand that the indian armed forces are not mercenary, unlike the forces certain other nations which attack for greed of oil? or are you tired of carrying the white man's burden?

the sun has set on the british empire, maybe you are watching the old tapes.

2. Gorkhas are in the Army, not in the Navy.

3. Nuke?? where did you get that idea from?

all these inconsistencies makes one wonder if you have been a "victim" of outsourcing....

US stocks up on semi-automatic rifles



"someone that honors".... i have been taught that it should be "someone who honours"... apart from the changed spelling, why do americans use "that" for people? it looks, sounds and reads a bit odd.

Ubuntu 8.10 - All Hail new Network Manager


Eye candy crap..

I manage about 25 comps. in a lab and installing and maintaining Ubuntu has been the biggest nightmare. I once installed Ubuntu on a laptop, and i watched the hard disk space during the 45 min. install. the install manager initially stuffed in 5.5-6.0 GB of s/w on the HDD. then it started removing packages till it got whittled down to some 1.2 GB. of course, most of the important ones like ssh, gcc, important libraries were missing.

The ubuntu installed on a Xeon refuses to start NIS services on booting, has to be done manually, the person who uses the m/c insisted on the OS, else it would have become extinct long time back here.

Eye candy and dumbing down the Linux by useless GUI is all fine but i find slackware and RHEL/CentOS best for the lab.

just my opinion.....

Sarah Palin's words get data mined


Hockey Mom??

I am from India and we have our own unique antics by the vote grubbers.

However, as asked by another person earlier: what/who is a hockey mom?

if a hockey mom is the stereotype of an ordinary person, it would be dangerous to place that person in a position to potentially control the worlds most potent army.

after all, we call a specialist to do his job, why a potential President identifies himself with a "joe the plumber" to gather votes defies logic.

India's Moon shot takes to the skies


@John Sinclair

I expected the debates on whether a poor country like India should spend so much on the Moon launch. All the people made interesting points, but your post was particularly tangential.

I do not know the reason why you have brought up the caste issue here. For your information, now the govt. has sanctioned nearly 50% of college seats for the "lower caste", they have substantially lower fees, age limits are higher and minimum requirements for the jobs are lower. Yes, it is a problem and people are trying to fight it. Of course, it takes time. I write "lower caste" in quotes because the people who avail this are economically well off and the really deserving ones do not get the benefits.

Regarding the rest of your illogical post, "evil Hindu religion"?!! come on, its too puerile. We all know here the evils perpetrated in the name of religion.

Regarding the rape and murder in Goa, the tourists themselves head toward the spot for the drug haven that it is. surely you do not expect preaching there, do you? you have to be careful while dealing with drug dealers, or is it safer there in the UK? also, a mother sending her 16 year old daughter to these places is equally culpable as the murderer.

"Sick society with sick priorities", oh come on. even the usual whiners about outsourcing would give us more credit than that....

Usual disclaimer: Indian, in India and yes by birth a "Brahmin". Needless to say, I do not like this casteism any more than you do.

However, how does all of this link with the space launch?

Skiving Aussie fingered on Facebook


waste of time

what a waste of human time....

Frenchman's pedalo dirigible Channel attempt blown out


@Chris G

terrific!!! i have noticed that frenchmen get hit worst on the Register....

Educating Verity


Out of the woodwork

Everytime an article comes out pointing out some stupid antics concerning Indians, out come these vicious comments. Sure, i have been read the Register for a long time to understand the good natured joshing regarding nations. However, the comments by some of readers are in bad taste.

To issue the standard disclaimer: i myself found the original articles stupid and IMHO Institutes of managements are nothing but classical gas, more so the IIMs who try to shameless ape the harvard/wharton model.

Academic dishonesty is a problem everywhere, given the killing competition and the mad race for papers and fund.

Yes, an Indian and a PhD student.

Anatomy of a malware scam


Great article...

hats off for such thorough investigation and reporting.

Late-breaking April Fool prangs snoozing Guardianista

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The Guardian

I used to read it occasionally online but I stopped after one of the stories about Bombay(now Mumbai) reported that a major religious festival was in fact a show of solidarity of homosexuals. I am not much religious but these sort of ridiculous reporting is bound to irk anyone. I mailed both the editor and the author, but to no effect. Hence I am not surprised at this example of reporting by the Guardian....

Firefox 3.1 vs IE8: 'Alpha, beta testers step forward, please'


FF 3.1

I am not impressed by the new firefox. it becomes abnormally slow on certain websites, notably http://ikarium.org. Also, there are random crashes. Opera is even worse and crashes promptly when I open the mail. Seamonkey is just fine and i hope it stays out of the mad race for looks while losing out on stability and usability. maybe its time to switch to elinks which is just fine....

Mozilla insists Firefox 3.1 won't hit bum note for developers


Seamonkey & E-links

i find are the best of the lot. The latest opera crashes when i use it for mail, and is horribly slow while loading pages with Flash. I do not understand how people say it is the fastest. FF3.0 is absurd. it crashes randomly and contrary to claims i do not find any improvements in speed. Also, i find the images associated with URLs appearing in the address bar while typing a URL to be irritating. Also, there is no option of asking the user what he wants to do with the file with two fixed options like in seamonkey.......

of course i dont use stuff like RSS feeds.....

BT starts threatening music downloaders with internet cut-off



Nowadays i see in mails from my friends in the corporate world that there is a postscript which says that "note that the contents of the mail are meant for the intended recipient...blahblah... you may not apss on this information to others....blah blah..." Is this kind of threat legal? if i get an email in my inbox, intended recipient or not, i have every right to do what i want witht he information contained in it. if they have the right to threaten me AFTER they send unsolicited mail, surely i also have the right to sue them or whatever for sending unwanted mails?

OpenSUSE 11 a redemptive OS with a Mactastic shine


Slackware+ICEWM rulez....

unashamed fanboy....

others distros with silly pop up balloons and clickety pointy nonsense are for wimps who bellyache constantly about fonts..

US imposes 72 hour pre-reg for Visa waiver travellers



I really do not understand the reason for all these sarcastic comments. The USA has every right to impose regulations as it sees fit. The regulations mentioned here do not seem draconian at all! Also, regarding the US being a paranoid country, on my one and only trip outside India(for a conference presentation, not grabbing your jobs), the British chaps at the Heathrow airport were immeasurably rude; they took a particular sadistic pleasure in being pointedly rude in their clipped accents, whereas the americans at O'Hare, Chicago were much nicer. I was a bit disappointed as I generally like(d) the Brits more..however, this is neither here nor there.

So, why is this news giving rise to so many nasty comments? Can someone kindly explain, without sarcasm?

Naomi Campbell could face Heathrow charges



why was she was not Tasered? she is in her thirties and strong and acting in an agitated manner so as to cause distress in the airline staff's mind..

Irregular heart rhythm? Try a Taser


Rodney King COmment

how about if half dozen of them administered Taser-ing AND beatings?

Thinking, as has oft been mentioned in these forums, does not hurt.

Fedora 9 - an OS that even the Linux challenged can love

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Red Hat Fedora

I have used RedHat/Fedora since RH 9.0. I always found the package selection and the entire integration to be extremely well done. I am a student and manage about 20 computers in the lab. Fedora/RH are the least painful ones to manage. Even native Windows users found it easy to adapt and adjust. There are always some bugs here and there but nothing major, the whiners will however always find something to belly ache about. ok, gam_server was a mess-up but i think it as been sorted out.

I have installed and tried Ubuntu/Gentoo/Mandriva/Suse but each of them had some problem or the other. For instance, Intel's C/C++ compiler would not get installed or MATLAB would not find some package etc. Of course, this may not be the problem of the distribution.....

Of course, my personal favourite is slackware+ICEWM..... 2 installation CDs and within 20 minutes a system is up and running, compared to 40 minutes of any other distribution. Ubuntu installs fast but is hopeless for lab use, of course there is some apt or some such tool but doing apt on 20 computers for each package is no joke. of course, one can sit and learn the finer points of apt/synaptic but i think it gets ridiculous...

El Reg visits Hyderaspace and sees bullocks, giant rabbits

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I hate to say it...

but whenever the subject of India comes up, it is always with a polite sneer. The usual bellyaching of poor quality work is led by overpriced and now redundant boobies who used to "pull" $150 an hour for their services, driving their Hummers from over 60KM daily. Of course you would need $150 and perhaps a it more too.

It may be well worth remembering that many Indian weavers and artistes lost their livelihood when British started pumping in cheap quality clothes in India during their rule.

Secondly, it irritates me and many Indians to no end to see snide remarks passed as to the contrast of poverty and pockets of wealth. It is worth remembering that it is the British who sucked us dry during 200 years of rule. The Kohinoor diamond is a prime example. Along with any new building or facility is immediately brought a picture of depressing poverty. Suggestions are given as to how to distribute the new found wealth etc. It is to perhaps psychologically disconcert the Indians and give yourselves a mental pull-up and satisfy that you ar still the top dogs. On a recent visit to Minneapolis, I saw a poor grubby dirty man holding a placard saying "will have sex for food" or some such gibberish right outside a nice part of the city, downtown as the american are wont to call it.

So, thank you for the poverty photos but I also have a stock of these, in America and of Americans.

Linux-guru's conviction fuels ReiserFS debate



Some people have been passing sarcastic remarks and demonising Reiser. While he may have been convicted by the court, that does not make him guilty. There have been miscarriages of justice before and there will be in in future too. Also, by all reports Mrs.Reiser was not exactly Mrs. Goody Two Shoes.

I read Mr.Hans' post at the link given in the article and it seems to be a very polite and decent way of writing, and shows that he is much concerned for the Linux community in general.

This contrasts with lazy bums commenting on how Reiser would have lots of free time on his hand...

Shame on you and fuck of.. you prats...

Red Hat scurries away from consumer desktop market



Some people here want an OS, which, going by their expectations, would be able to divine what is going on in their minds! maybe they also would like to flame GM or Toyota for not yet producing a car which would sense their presence as they approach, open the door and read their minds and take them to their destination...

there are of course issues with GNU/Linux and if you do not like it, stay away from it. Certainly you need to point out the shortcomings at the forums etc. but certainly the developers/contributors do not get encouraged if you call them "elitist". maybe some distribution of GNU/Linux will get so "user friendly" that one only need to look at a file for a moment and lo! all will be done. and maybe the developers consider it a waste of time in programming eye candy.

then there are lunkheads who still complain about the look and feel of GNOME and KDE and feel that nothing is "standardised".

US student planned to ice Chuck Norris

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americanization of words??

"demobilized" by a "taser" not exactly a new word but gives a fair idea of

"zero tolerance"


"internalized" i was horrified when i spotted this word...

i belong to a country which was one of biggest the ex-colonies of england.

Only one man can save Motorola

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rooting for motorola....

I like their phones. I am a graduate student from India and while I can afford a decent mobile phone(by Indian standards), I go for the basic functionality one. and here is where motorola has scored in my opinion. they have a very basic c-113 model here that has sold very well. it is decently rugged and has nice battery life. i would definitely want this company to do well, considering its history too...

Ticked-off former Motorola 'insider' gives his two cents


@Wile E. Veteran

Jaguar has been bought by an Indian company called Tata, not sold to "india", as a country. Tata is a well established and well known company in many areas. Give them a chance before turning up your nose.

Also, many Indian "jobs" were lost due to the British flooding the Indian market with cheap products. This was quite some time back though.......

The shoe does pinch eh?

Richard Gere not obscene, rules Indian court


for the Mahatma's sake....

its Gandhi , not Ghandi.....

rest arguments regarding ancient indian erotic stone carving are not really relevant. Cultural tastes change with time.

When poor people pollute - the Tata Nano and eco-crime


@Geoff MacKenzie

IF the car has been designed with indian roads in mind, i think it should be fine almost everywhere. Just hang on till the car goes on the road and see how it handles or breaks down. then you may start importing :-)


@Vikram Sethi

i suspect that you may be new to the Register. the "great unwashed" is nothing compared to the vitriol the readers of the register could pour if they want to! and try not to eb so touchy..please.

fellow indian

Man wrongly detained for 50 days has ISP to thank


Indian viewpoint?

1. baiting shivaji isnt really going to help, but i guess you are trying to start a flame war here.

2. india has only one time zone on other reader has correctly pointed it out.

3. regarding shivaji, he is the darling of the western indian state of maharashtra, or to be more precise the hindu right wing. this is because he fought against the Mughal ruler aurangazeb and established a kingdom in Maharashtra. he is consideren as a hindu champion agains teh muslim domination at that time. so criticising him in maharashtra is asking for a hiding.

freedom of speechis not too bad in india but we are perhaps overly emotional about some personalities, depending on the region. unless you are a bengali, you dare not criticise tagore in West Bengal, and so on.....

note that my post is remarkably free of any criticism. i am using the Airtel connection... hang on, there is someon at the door....

Ninja she-devils rob Pennsylvania gas station


A Serious Crime....

" Chief Robert Amman of the Northern Regional Police Department said: "They were all covered in black and carrying swords, so it did appear that they were dressed like ninjas. Swords, daggers could be used to seriously harm victims, so this is a very serious crime." "

Chief Robert Amman is being very perceptive here. Me thought that swords and daggers are for tickling the toes of the victims.

one wonder if the ninjas be "tasered" or shot "without prejudice"..

Why Microsoft vs Mankind still matters


GNOME non intuitive?!!!

i started on linux 5 years ago when i was 23, i had used MS Windows till then(for 2 years, i really began late). Now, i did not find the transition at all confusing. GNU/Linux needs a BIT of commonsense to be made use of; mad and mindless clicking will not help.

of course, once one gets used to the Terminal, nothing else is needed, mostly. Thats why it is favoured in the academia more, perhaps.

So, the users who gripe about poor user interface are better off where they are, simply buying foodstuffs and shoving it into the microwave doesn't make good food; similarly simply expecting the computer/SW to perform miracles by monkey clicking will not produce the desired result.

No offence intended.

Sysadmin admits planting 'logic bomb' in drug firm database


An Oath for the sysads?

just like the Hypocrite..oops Hippocrates' oath for the meds.....

Doggers dogged over the dog and bone




Czech falls off motorbike, wakes up with British accent



Thats a new one i learnt today, Foreign Accent Syndrome!! I think the high rates charged by the meds are justified, since they produce beauties like this.

What about slurred speech after alcohol intake, Ethyl Alcohol Induced Voice Uncontrol(sic) Syndrome?

Enraged bee bursts Taiwanese woman's breast implant


Get me coat?

I have noticed in many comments that the writers end with reference to getting their coats. Could someone please clarify on this?

I have tried to figure it out but must confess by failure.

Free software campaigners stonewalled at BBC


Policeman looks daggers...

As one other respondent has pointed out above, why is the bluebottle(correct term?) looking wrathfully at the nerd?

Indians slip on tobacco-flavoured condom


Times change...

To Brad,

I think that public discussion of kinky stuff is frowned upon in india, in private its between you and your partner(hopefully wife) and one is free to put the Kamasutra into practice.

To Sriram,

Guess you are in America, churning out fixes for Infosys and are awed by the new found freedom there to bellyache about the native place.For the other, again, sex is not taboo in India, after all how did we reach this alarming population? public displays of affection are discouraged. This is again a cultural thing, let not someone shoulder the "white man's burthen" and launch wars against us to make us "open minded"; though i daresay we are capable of better retaliation than other targets:-)))

To Stuart Ross,


Open source 'leaving Asia behind'


Culture and Mindset Probably!

Hello all,

I am from India and am a big fan of open source software.

Ping Yeh has pointed out very well why there the proportion of Asians is less in the forums. I would like to add one more reason. Indians have a peculiar mindset, i think this might be prevalent elsewhere too. not many people are "passionate" enough to spend time answering on forums. they appreciate the free software alright but often fail to understand that contribution is what makes it tick and remain alive. they visit the forums when there is a need but that is all, they do not often participate in general. there are definitely exceptions but i think i am not too off the mark.

One more reason is that many people here think that there are experts who will answer the questions better than them, so why the effort, hence their contribution is minimal.