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Microsoft gives unexpected tutorial on how to install Linux

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Re: At this point...

re- and you are unable to set a background image.....

Unable to do a lot of things. I finally installed an "inexpensive" copy of Win-11 with a license.

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reasonable facsimile of either 7 or 10.?

Heck, even Ubuntu offers a Mint desktop option at login time.


Re: Choices? Edge?

Then Canonic....uh, MS could replace that dratted Firefox with Edge.

It's been 230 years since British pirates robbed the US of the metric system


Re: Hooray for Avoirdupois and pounds, shillings and pe full....nce

But still...

Is it café au lait? Or café crème?

I guess it depends on whether your cup is ½ empty, or is ‰ full...

Bosch goes all-in on hydrogen with €2.5B investment by 2026


Re: I was expecting

re- the electricity grid simply won't cope with everyone going electric for everything.

The solution?

(as proposed by a Canadian Physics professor 15-20 years ago, at a "well known" Canadian University)

In Quebec, the great Manicuagan dam, about 800KM from Montreal, supplies much of Montreal's electricity, as well as selling excess to New York and Vermont,etc.

And still lots of power that can be tapped.

This professor proposed (prefessed?) to add extra conduits to the dam to carry more energy to the cities of the northeast of the continent.

These conduits would be pipes, and they would carry not electricity, but HYDROGEN, which would be made by electrolysis, at the dam's generators.

The Hydrogen would then be converted into electricity at the remote ends in the cities.

This would be much cleaner and safer than those old-fashioned copper and aluminum wire containing dangerous high-voltage electricity.

I'm serious.

I heard interviews with him on the CBC about 15 years ago.

Gee... sounds GREAT! He is a genius!.

Remember- he is (or perhaps was) a highly esteemed PhD professor at a major Canadian University. (I have forgotten its (or his) name. Thankfully.

He must have had tenure.


Re: I was expecting

re- Er, the government have been going pretty hard on backing hydrogen lately.

uh.. they are politicians. You are in a "democracy". Replete with "freedom" (enough said about this word. Ask an American to explain it to you.)

And politicians know what to tell the ladies (51% of voters) -:

"Hydrogen is CLEAN! It is the most abundant element in the universe!"

"And we can make it from SEAWATER!"

And it's groovy. It's been groovy for the last 25-30 years... So.

"Vote FOR ME, ladies!"

As your MP calculates his chances of getting a great government pension/sinecure before he's voted out of office.

The chances look good,

Welcome to " DEMOCRACY-101"


Re: I was expecting

re- ...copper pipework, much of it very difficult to replace.

Just call some of those new boat-arrivals from the Mediterranean. Supply them with crowbars, hammers and similar tools, and they will get the job done quite quickly.

But, you must promise them that they get to keep the copper piping.

Sorry- you will have to be responsible for installing the new pipes.


Re: Again?

I've said this here before... about 15 years ago...

There is more Hydrogen in one gallon of gasoline (American Petrol) than in one gallon of Hydrogen.


I smell MBAs at work. And politicians.

And both looking at their pension access. Coming SOON, to a bank near you!

So ithis nonsense will be ready by 203x.? um, what? 2030? 2035? 2038?

"NO! 2026! We guarantee it!"

"Don't worry, Bob. We shall both be retired by then, with a juicy pension!"

Taught in MBA Economics-101.

And the techies will be left holding the bag. I saw it all in the '80s, the '90s and the Oh-Oh's.

Putin knows how to fix these shenanigers...

Microsoft manages a mere 51 security fixes for February update bundle


re.... and should be finished in a couple of months.

Gosh! Just a few months? In a few months, we'll ALL be using LINUX! And we can all dump this crappy Win-XP!

Oh, wait... Are we still in 2015?

...OK, Mac weenies. Do your JOB! I expect at least 50 downvotes for the above re-collective comment.

Microsoft makes tweaks to Windows 11 Start Menu for Insiders but stops short of mimicking Windows 10


GREAT! Moving back to Win-10!

My old machine does not meet the the requirements for Win-11, so I'm stuck at Win-11's Build 22000.

MS keeps threatening to move me back to Win-10.

If I wait long enough, Win-11 will be there with me!

Bullseye! Debian-based Raspberry Pi OS scores an update with 'less closed-source proprietary code'


Well, Chromium on Bullseye wouldn't work 'out of the box' on my Rasp 4B, so I had to install Firefox.

Mind you the monitor was a 50" TCL 4K TV. Perhaps someday I'll try Chromium with a cute little 24" 1092x768 monitor.

Doesn't matter much- I mostly run it headless as a storage server and web-server anyhow. But NOT with 48 TB!

UK funds hydrogen-powered cargo submarine to torpedo maritime emissions by 2050


And Hydrogen can be made from SEAWATER!

All my journalist and liberal-arts PhD acquaintances have endlessly told me that hydrogen can be made from seawater.

This hydrogen-powered sub surely is a wonderful new concept. No need to even surface!

Finally I bow to the superior wisdom of politicians.

Why, it's a win-win-win!

Russian Arm SoC now shipping in Russian PCs running Russian Linux

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Re: ambition comes at a price on the desktop

Listen, Tovaritch_ команда??

В Советской России компьютерная команда будет управлять ВАМИ !!

Windows 11: What we like and don't like about Microsoft's operating system so far


Re: Bells and broken whistle

But then, aren't you the guy that sneered "I'LL NEVER give up my Windows-XP for this overpriced Win-7!! ...Windows-8 and its Lucky Charms? T's an abomination compared with me Apple!"

"Oh! It doesn't matter anyhow. We shall all be using Linux by 2016!"

Yes... M$ and evil Bill Gates will surely soon die! C'mon, Reggie-folks! Bring on the downvotes! I expect at least 50 by next week! ;)

In the '80s, satellite comms showed promise – soon it'll be a viable means to punt internet services at anyone anywhere


Re: Can't wait...

a license to use the Internet, something most often used in the privacy of people's homes? Can you say Big Brother? ...

Gimme a break!

Guess what? IT IS NOT your house anymore. We are in the 21st Century. But then again, it never REALLY was your house. The powers that be can crush you - and your house anytime.

So... You need a license to drive a car, don't you? And must pass a test?

Perhaps the internet should be the same way.

US offers Julian Assange time in Australian prison instead of American supermax if he loses London extradition fight


Re: Not only that

re- ....“track record” of that Wiesel, ....

Migod! You mean Eli Weisel?

Jackie 'You have no authority here' Weaver: We need more 50-somethings in UK tech

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Don't Trust anyone under 50.

I've been working in IT for over 50 years. And even 40+ years ago I saw the writing on the wall, excuse me- on the IBM 1401 line printer: More and more bozos are trying to worm their way into IT.

Nt because they like it, but because "it's the FUTURE, MAN! Big BUCKS!"

And slowly, perhaps (too) quickly they climbed aboard the ladder. They didn't givashit about computer stuff, this was a career path!

So.. I've been retired for 15+ years. But I could still run circles around these idiots and their MBA degrees: "Computers? I just wanna boss people around! And earn a BIG Salary!"

John McAfee dead: Antivirus tycoon killed himself in prison after court OK'd extradition, says lawyer


Re: Last seen

I'd say he had the inside track on D.B.Cooper, and was planning to meet him.

But maybe he WAS D.B.Cooper.


Re: Have you thought that through?

....emanating from a jackbooted Stasi informant...

Ah! You mean the standard American trumpoid.

UK urged to choo-choo-choose hydrogen-powered trains in pursuit of carbon-neutral economic growth

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Re: Diesel-electric-hydrogen

Let me correct you:

Drill for oil-->refine-->kerosene-->diesel-->electric-->h2o-->H2+O2->-liquify-->hdrogen-->fuelcell-->electric motor on train.

Sounds good. I bet some politicians will buy this!


Re: Won't happen......

Those companies tend to not last very long. Ask anyone who invested in Hydrogen twenty years ago. Or (lol) thirty?


Truly! Hydrogen is THE FUTURE!

Too much common sense being offered in these comments!

Don't you understand? These decisions are made by POLITICIANS and MBAs, not scientists or engineers!

And every politician knows that hydrogen is HOT (No pun intended) when it comes to getting the ladies' votes! Ask your wife or girlfriend what they think of hydrogen! ...Oh wait- this is El-Reg. No ladies permitted!

OK then- advise your politician to visit Vancouver Canada- they've had a successful fleet of hydrogen buses running there ever since the 2010 Olympics! Or perhaps visit Reykjavik- it's closer. .They have a big fleet of hydrogen powered buses also. I read this in the news about seven or eight years ago?

Me? I'm still waiting for my 2008 Hydrogen powered BMW that I ordered twelve years ago.

Japan assembles superteam of aircraft component manufacturers to build supersonic passenger plane

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Re: Do we really need this ?

I'm sorry, but we ultra-rich do not BUY maize; we GROW it! On my 10,000 acre ranch, I can produce all the kerosene I need for my ultrasonic jet. Of course my cars and trucks are all battery-powered. I am very carbon-neutral.

And the government gives me all sorts of monetary credits for being so "green".

Have you paid your taxes yet? I'm counting on plebes like you!

Linus Torvalds tells kernel list poster to 'SHUT THE HELL UP' for saying COVID-19 vaccines create 'new humanoid race'


Re: Wonderful

Hey- why not embed the statement on those tiny Windows chips that Bill Gates has injected into you with those devious vaccine shots.

Or does the vaccine contain a chip running Linux? Then we KNOW why Torvalds is getting so nervously angry.

Wyoming powers ahead with Bill Gates-backed sodium-cooled nuclear generation plant

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Re: Go for it Governments?

Most "western" governments will not back it, as they are afraid of losing the woman's vote.

And you know what most women think of when one says "nuclear" - "EEK! NUCLEAR POWER IS EVIL!"

One reason why China and India will be the future adopters of this technology.

The Audacity: Audio tool finds new and exciting ways to annoy contributors with a Contributor License Agreement


TL;DR ... and I'm not a lwyer or somebean-counter nerd.

However I use Audacity sometimes for minor....um, things.

So can anyone explain WTF this to do with me? In 100 words or less?

Crane horror Reg reader uses his severed finger to unlock Samsung Galaxy phone

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I use either left or right index fingers.

Both fingerprints are registered on my phone - Is it just my phone? (A Redmi /Xiaomi Note-8 Pro)

I could possibly register more prints... ? I've never tried.

Why would anyone just register one fingerprint?

Philanthropist and ex-Microsoft manager Melinda Gates and her husband Bill split after 27 years of marriage


Re: Clippy! And a Mac?



No filet'o'fish for her anymore....

Ticker tape and a binary message: Bank of England's new Alan Turing £50 must be the nerdiest banknote ever


Re: Pound Sterling ... and Scotland?

Don't worry- the Scots will soon be using Euros again.


But what about TUR?

Hasn't this already been offered in the new TUR cryptocurrency? I have bought several pounds worth!

Alan would have approved!

Already it appears to be rivalling Etherium!

Huge if true: If you show people articles saying that Firefox is faster than Chrome, they'll believe it


I will be. Soon. I promise.

GitLab latest to ditch 'master' as default initial branch name: It's now simply called 'main'


Ah...! A Laplander! Are you one of those guys that gets Eskimo Ingrid to hold the reindeer, while you pile up a big mound of snow behind it, and...

Oh wait- I'm confused! I was thinking of the crashed aviator and the camel in the Sahara...

My bad.


Re: Too late to change now

Well then- it's OBVIOUS! Torvalds is a RACIST! He and his Linux creation must be banned! At least in America -

For those folks of the black persuasion. And hope that they will convince their white "brethen" to also eschew Torvald's Linux! If not? Well then, LAWS must be passed!

We trust that they will continue to use only Windows (And of course a Macintosh, provided its software is not Linux-derived)

The rest of the world? Let us merrily continue along with Linus's great creation.


"Master of Arts"? You're a racist thug!

And don't you forget it, you writhing weenie American!

Go ahead- try to "clean up" your RACIST PAST!

It will never work, even if you DO manage to erase "MASTER" from Webster's dictionary! Sorry, but the OED will ALWAYS carry this forbidden word - dare I say the "M-word" in America? NO!

Just like the N-word. (I spell it as "enword")

You enwords may think you have won this round, but this due to its banning, this epithet is now growing stronger than ever! Ask your white neighbour's kids!

- An Emword aficianado... (now where's my whip?...)

NASA sends nuclear tank 293 million miles to Mars, misses landing spot by just five metres. Now watch its video


Re: Missed Opportunity?

You'll need more than "software revisions".

Will one of your drones fly at 180,000 feet up in Earth's ionosphere? That's about the density of the air on Mars.

And I bet that those parachutes are not "ordinary" parachutes that skydivers use.


Re: Linux.. and Virtual Machines?

re- "VxWorks often runs in hypervisor mode and can run itself, Linux or other OS as virtual machines. "

Migod- this takes me back to my old 1970s VM/370 days, when we sometimes ran a beta VM/370 under VM.

Oh- And one guy (an IBMer) actually ran VM seven stages deep. Was it just as a test, or to impress his IBM "manager"? We'll never know.

But he then either ran out of memory (Hey, 640KB should be enough for anyone!) or he ran out of disk room.


Re: Linux.. and Virtual machines?

re- VxWorks often runs in hypervisor mode and can run itself, Linux or other OS as virtual machines.

Migod- this takes me back to my old 1970s VM/370 days, when we sometimes ran a beta VM/370 under VM.

Oh- And one guy (an IBMer) actually ran VM seven stages deep. Was it just as a test, or to impress his IBM "manager"? We'll never know.

But he then either ran out of memory (Hey, 640KB should be enough for anyone!) or he ran out of disk room.

Microsoft unveils swappable SSDs for Surface Pro 7+ but 'strongly discourages' users from upping their capacity


The usual FUD.

Microsoft learned well from IBM.

The old mainframe days:

We usually got this response when we decided to upgrade our huge (think washing-machine or refrigerator) IBM disk drives with a 3rd party clone,

Which was always of course LESS-expensive, MORE reliable, and had EXCELLENT service.

We just had to make sure that the Suits in senior management did not get wind of it. Mostly, they usually trusted our judgment. UNLESS- Unless a senior IBM guy asked one of OUR executives "out to lunch".

Then we got 2nd guessed, and had to run with the inferior IBM product.

Bill Gates on climate change: Planting trees is not the answer, emissions need to be zeroed out to avoid disaster



Naw... He's a hershey bar, goin' down the ol' Hershey highway.

Nearly 70 years after America made einsteinium in its first full-scale thermo-nuke experiment, mystery element yields secrets of its chemistry


You mean stoned philosophers.

Ever wanted to own a piece of the internet? Now you can: $1 for a whole gTLD... or $2.8m if you want a decent one


Re: .com, .org, .gov, .edu, .mil

Hey- don't forget .mil

European Commission redacts AstraZeneca vaccine contract – but forgets to wipe the bookmarks tab


Poor UK. And poor Europe.

Once again, Canada has it in the bag!

The Canadian government craftily now has dibs on 25 million doses of vaccine. We expect to be way ahead of Europe, UK and the USA in vaccinating our citizens!

Some of this vaccine has already been delivered to us. I saw forklifts unloading tons of it from giant cargo planes in the far north! The rest of this vaccine should be delivered to Canada by mid February. And every Canadian still living should be vaccinated by March!

Don't believe me? Just ask any Canadian politician!

As Canada's Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier once said- "The Twentieth Century belongs to Canada!"

Over long US weekend, GitHub HR boss quit after firing Jewish staffer who warned Nazis were at the Capitol


It seems that Balloune's Law is more appropriate here!

Paris Hilton

...still trying to keep the details about the worker mum.... "

HEY! MY Mum was a worker! Long before this pandumbic BLM / metoo nonsense came around!

Now, go wash your mouth out. No, not with beer... with SOAP!


Re: I'm confused

I calls dem da way I sees 'em. Hey! He's a "she"! And look at dat! "SHE is definetly some guy!

Hey, punk- Wanna fight?


I'm confused. Is Nat Friedman "Jewish"?

Who was fired? Nat?

Donald Trump's son-in-law wished to know!

So does Donald's daughter! Umm.. so does Donald! (I think)

Should I cancel my Githhob membership? Should I warn the Proudboys to stop using Python, or Ruby? Or "R"? Is "Q" like "R"?

Please! Someone help me!

Titanium carbide nanotech approach hints at hydrogen storage breakthrough


re- If you produce H2 where it will be used, that problem is solved....

Why would I want to produce it? Don't I have better things to do with my energy?


Re: It's not just the storage

Not sure how far the H2 is compressed, but there is more hydrogen in a gallon of gasoline than in a gallon of hydrogen.


Been waiting 15 years ....

I'm still waiting for my 2007 Hydrogen-powered BMW (or was it a Toyota?) that I saw advertised on the back cover of an old issue of Scientific American.

Thank goodness I didn't put down a deposit on the car.