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UK political parties fall over themselves to win tech contractor vote by pledging to review IR35


Re: There are an estimated 4.6 million contractors in the UK.

It's a general election. Surely soon and propaganda can work both ways when the parties are vying for votes.

P30 pic pyrotechnics in Paris: That's one Huawei to set the smartphone world alight


Re: 50x optical zoom?

Shirley you mean when trendies are able maintain their eccentric beards with AI powered beard trimmers?

The Chinese are here: Xiaomi to bring phones to the UK next month


Re: If this was five years ago...

I have Xiaomi mi6, bought on release, so about 18 months old. Got the latest MIUI update recently, performs like a new phone and the new UI makes it feel like a new phone.

I'm tempted by the new Mix 3 because I am a phone fidgeter and a slider is as good a feature for a fidgeter as any...oh and no freaking notch!!!!!

I did experience some issues in a previous MIUI release of apps crashing, but within a week they had released anothre update that fixed it so can't complain.

My outlook is that if I'm buying a phone with flagship specs at less than half the price of other flagships, then I can afford to take a risk on support as I can still buy another similar priced model and be quids in, but so far I have nothing but praise for the phone.

Also got Mi Band 2 which is excellent.

The grand-plus iPhone is the new normal – this is no place for paupers


Re: Apple ecosystem


I've read those same reports.

There's no financial background to give credence to them. It's all based around the fact that people who own iPhone will more readily part with their money. That, by no means, makes them rich.

I know lots of iPhone owners, I've been one in the past. Some are in well paid jobs, but spend all their money on these material items, some have plenty of money, some have borrowed to the hilt.

It takes all sorts, but I maintain, that until someone actually does a full asset check on a good sample of iPhone owners, that these "reports" are no less anecdotal than my previous paragraph.


Re: Apple ecosystem

"iOS users have more money and so spend more on apps"

Correction - A fool and his/her money are soon parted.

It's a status symbol.

And given today's world of now, now, now and credit, credit, credit. I'd suggest it is a huge mis-judgement to assume that someone is rich because they own an iPhone, more that they are easily fleeced.

You know how rich people become rich? They don't spend all their money.

Taps running dry for Capita? Southern Water pens 5-year managed service


Lots of water in Cornwall...

...you say, and very few inhabitants. Yet the highest water bills in the country down that way as South West Water customers/prisoners.

Got to keep all the beaches nice for the emmits to come and trash in the summer.

Select few to watch World Cup in 4K high dynamic range colour on BBC iPlayer


22 players, 1 ref, 2 linesman, 2 numpties stood behind the penalty area with a stick getting paid for absolutely nothing and few Russian activists who managed to break through the security to protest about Russia's human rights issues before being marched off the field, never to be seen again.

Xiaomi the way: Hyped Chinese giant begins its battle for Britain


FWIW, bought a Mi 6 about 9 months ago. Nice piece of hardware, that's performed well, not so impressed with the update that cause my phone bluetooth to stop streaming after being interupted by a call or notification and caused a number of apps to crash constantly.Took about 3 weeks for the next update to roll out. Phone was usable during that time, but annoying. They need to get more savvy with their updates though.

I was quite keen on their electric scooter when I was working near home, but then work changed and now it seems unsuitable for the 60 mile trip up the A303.

Overall though, I think you get fantastic bang for your buck from them and whilst being tempted by the new mi 7 when it coes out, I must try and be restrained, as my main argument for buying the phone was that I couldn't justify to myslef, spending £800-1000 on a phone that would probably get replaced in a couple of years, so if I go around buying the new iteration every year...

Surface Hub 2: Microsoft's pricey whiteboard gets a sequel


Re: Microsoft hopes users will leap from their seats and prod the screens with excited fingers

Just entering construction phase of a government agency project where we have project management and Intranet on SharePoint, PowerBI dashboards, BIM models and 3D CAD drawings. Tehy've bought into VR to help the residents of the new construction plan their workspace, and they'll buy into these sorts of displays for meetings...because, well there's lots of meetings, and these things are proven to get execs more excited than powerpoint...FACT!

BlackBerry unveils bold new strategy: Suing the c**p out of Facebook


Re: Enough, already

"None other than Microsoft, buying up all these little corporations that had briliantly executed Things That Work Exceedingly Well With a Stylus"

I'm not one to defend MS, but in fairness, buying up a corporation for millions is a bit different to copying their designs and claiming them as your own.

The guys innovating are making money from their innovations. It's a good reason for a startup to exist if they create something innovative that will earn them millions.

iPhone X 'slump' is real, whisper supply chain moles


Re: Let's face it :), everyone is waiting for...

"Let's face it :), everyone is waiting for an edge to edge iPhone with the fingerprint reader embedded under/within the screen display"

Given the inability of an iPhone owner to NOT crack the screen (my wife dropped hers within 24 hours of me giving it to her, cases and covers were on order but apparently that 24 hour window was still time enough for her to allow it to plummet to a concretey demise), I'd like to see how that works out.

Huawei Honor 8 Pro: Makes iPhone 7 Plus look a bit crap


Re: And still shovelling Android

"if you offered me 5k Euros a month to use Android, I would say no."

So why read articles reviewing a mid-price android device?

Or was it because it mentioned iPhone in the headline and you felt compelled to come and defend your darling?

China's first large passenger jet makes maiden flight


Re: Fly on one - if you have a death wish

Having done Plymouth to London (via the Dawlish train washer) and Beijing to Shanghai on the bullet, I can say with some authority that the Chinese are a tad ahead of us on the old rail infrastructure standards.

Boss swore by 'For Dummies' book about an OS his org didn't run


Re: But the real issue is

£1.25 for an Easter Egg

Whilst I agree that better quality chocolate is generally the way forward...it's £1.25 for a happy kid, once a year.

Really not a big deal right?

Nokia's 3310 revival – what's NEXT? Vote now


Wrong Media...not a cassette

But the best media to come along at the wrong time...the MINI-DISC.

This was a rugged high quality media, more rugged than a CD and you could record in analog.

Unfortunately, some dope came along with MP3 and killed it off before it even stood a chance. This was the media that CD's should have been.

Now we're all burdened with old scratched cds.

Zuckerberg thinks he's cyber-Jesus – and publishes a 6,000-word world-saving manifesto


Re: Wasn't he the man...

"I loathe FB and despise the imbeciles who willingly sign their lives over to it. But I don't as a kneejerk reaction despise people because of their wealth"

So you don't hate rich people, but you do hate people create an account on a website???

Roses are red, violets are blue, fake-news-detecting AI is fake news, too


Re: FFS - fake news is nothing new

"They don't like to say it was a difference of a couple of percent and they don't want to talk about what the 28% who didn't vote might have thought."

off track a little, but it surely doesn't matter what the 28% who didn't vote thought?

If they had voted and their votes discarded then fine, but if they don't join in the "democratic" process, their opinion is null and void...in this country anyway!

Anyway, as you were.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is delayed, Ministry of Defence confesses


Re: Whilst MPs bluster and the MOD drags it's heels

I would like to point out, the MOD aren't project managing this. They will have reps on the project board of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance (comprised of BAE, Thales, Babcock, DE&S), so you can't just assume that delays are because it's a public sector job!

Also, have you built a ship before? Quite complicated I gather. A fair few moving parts, a fair few suppliers to rely on delivering their tiny part of it on time, a fair bit of it done outside (weather dependant) etc.

Crack on though, show them the way.

Trump inauguration DDoS protest is 'illegal', warn securobods


Re: 1984

"he main point I would like to make is that, once you have elected someone, for the good of *everyone* it is important to not set out to completely undermine everything they might try and accomplish."

Isn't that what Congress has been doing to Obama for the past 8 years?

(Comment made as someone from the outside looking in)

Lord of the Dance set to deliver high kicks at Trump’s big ball


Re: Hyper-partisans

"As I recall, there were many hyper-partisan republicans who decided the same about Obama and probably would have decided the same about Hillary. There's always going to be zealots who will never be convinced."

However, I doubt those hyper-partisan republicans would claim to be "open-minded", "forward thinking", "tolerant" etc

Trend Micro AV nukes innocent Sharepoint code, admins despair


Having worked with it for 8 years, I can safely say, there's many things SharePoint does badly, but finding data is not one of them.

If you can't find it, you're doing it wrong.

It's also NOT a great place for "Storing" data, it's a great place for working on data.

LG’s V20 may be the phone of the year. So why the fsck can’t you buy it?


Looking to stick to a budget this time around, I've actually just ordered the V20's predeccesor the V10. £300 for what is a very high end piece of tech and is now 12 months released seemed reasonable. It was that or one of the excellent mid-range phones you can get nowadays, but the camera and video functionality made me opt for the V10.

However, to get this I had to go to eBay and get one from one of our lovely friends in Hong Kong. It's bizarre that LG are neglecting the European market in this way.

I'd have liked to get the V20, but like I said, wanted to stick to a budget and that's likely to retail at around twice what I paid for the V10.

Spinal Tap’s bass player sues former French sewer


Re: Best comedy of all time?

"If you don't find it funny, you can lick my love pump. But the funniest of all time? Surely you can't be serious?"

I am...and don't call me Shirley!!!

Microsoft keeps schtum as more battery woes hit Surface sufferers


Re: I have a feeling this all stems from Panos Panay's approach.

Isn't that the case with nearly every device nowadays? Even those with replaceable batteries generally will get replaced by the user after 3-4 years.

*awaits long list of replies starting "I've had my Nokia 3320...."*


@Hans, got a SP2 about 3 years ago, still solid as a rock, boots up in seconds, gives me about 5 hours screen on time still and can't remember a time that it's crashed on me recently.

Really nice piece of kit.

Haven't heard of many issues with the SP4 as far as I can tell either.

Nul points: PM May's post-Brexit EU immigration options


Re: Recount

Economic decision?


Not a political or social decision as well?

Only an economic decision if that's all you cared about, which judging by your skewed idea of democracy, it is.

Also, why would the higher earners be the more informed ones getting their "bigger" vote? I know plenty of very intelligent people who do more with their life than just pursue coin and plenty of stupid high earners. I mean el reg has a rich history of commentards complaining about the overpaid idiots they work for.

Microsoft axes 2,850 more Windows Phone, sales staff – a week after Justin Timberlake sang on stage for them


Re: Sounds like Windows Phone is borrowed time...

Maybe merging with Surface division if that device ever appears?

Student Loans Company burns £50 million in IT project superfail


Re: How the fec....?


I guess the complexity in the setup comes from the SLC somehow integrating with the tax office to understand when a student is in work and earning over a certain amount to be able to take repayments out of their paycheck.

Not excusing the shambles, but it's a little more complicated than your standard "hand out dosh, pay back dosh or we'll send da boys around" set up I guess.

YouTube’s 10 years of hits: Global recognition at last for Rick Astley


Re: OK, I'm shallow and sexist...

Geez, I wonder how many pervy women tuned in to watch 5 minutes of that guy doing his exercises in short shorts.

Commentard achieves bronze badge, goes directly to jail



We don't need no stinkin' badges

El Reg keeps pushing Apple's buttons – its new Magic Keyboard


Re: "So, overall, an improvement."


My HP keyboard came "free" with the PC, connects first time, inputs the correct characters when asked to, doesn't make my wrists hurt and looks as ugly as the rest of my kit.

I'll give it 20%

Microsoft's HoloLens: Here by 2016, mere three THOUSAND dollar price


Re: Not going to happen

Yeah, I heard EA and Rockstar were short of cash.

Then you get into software houses for professionals, I'm sure they're all skint too.

Seriously, it's not all about the guy sat in his room developing on his own. In time it might not be, but to start with, leave it to the pros with the bankroll.

Worker drones don't need PCs says Microsoft, give 'em phones instead


Not sure it's meant to replace any either the slab or the laptop...yet. It just seems like a convenience. Your phone goes everywhere with you, my slab or work laptop doesn't. At that price it's hardly costing you any more than any other flagship phone on the market and it offers you productivity options that no other phone can offer.

I can totally see the appeal in this, but whether it works in the real world or not is another thing. I've got a few months left on my contract before I need to decide whether to give WP a try having had a few years of Apple and a few years of Android.

GCHQ's exploding doughnut threatens to ooze into innocent field


Re: "in keeping with its surroundings and help minimise the visual impact"

No, it's known as Princess Elizabeth Way and nobody minds too much if it's inhabitants are collateral damage to an attack on the doughnut. Should've built it closer to Hesters Way but I suspect cost of replacing the windows every 5 minutes would have been prohibitive.

Microsoft's big Tuesday reveal: New mobiles and slabs? Win 10 shock?


Re: Surface Pro "3.1"

I'll resolutely defend my trusty Surface Pro 2.

Had it for two years now and runs like new. Only time it's ever crashed on me is when I upgraded to Windows 10, but that was just the once. Yes there are better spec'd things out there now of course, it's the nature of the industry, but in my eyes, something that offers the sort of consistent performance that it has for 2 years and suggests it will do for another 2 years, is a good device. Heck, I've not had a phone last that long. I use mine for development and video editing (docked) and general browsing as well as media playback to a big screen so it gets plenty of use and I don't even have the top spec. i5 and 4GB of RAM serves me well.

I must admit I am tempted to upgrade based on a few things I've heard, but if I did, it would be through my own vanity rather than having had enough of my old device.

Highly rate it.

Microsoft issues first SharePoint 2016 preview


Re: Sharepoint 2016

Been working with various iterations of SharePoint for the past 6 years, in various organisations of varying quality.

I've seen this many times...there's a common theme with each issue, it tends to be the fleshy, squidgy thing. Never thought I'd see such issues from esteemed El Reg commentards though.

Ashley Madison invites red-faced cheats to bolt stable door for free


"Right now I can go hug my little ones whenever I like, put them to bed, make them dinner, play in the garden with them, read to them... so it goes. Access, well, access isn't that."

Based on the content of your post and the complete lack of the obligatory "happily married" comment, I can only assume you're being blackmailed by your wife currently???

Ski MOUNT DOOM or take top coffee to the beach? Your choice


Re: Auckland is a separate world in its own from the rest of NZ

Have to be honest, having spent 4 months travelling the length and bredth of NZ, I could quite happily live there and never want to visit Auckland.

It was nice enough, but it's a city and that's not what NZ is about. I'd much rather look to one of the smaller cities (Tauranga on Bay of Plenty has plenty going for it) and make a compromise in my role than Auckland.

However, if I was going to do it properly I'd just take a real gamble, move to Wanaka and set up a new business (on the assumption I'd not find much SHarePoint work there) and let the wife do something in the tourist trade. Tourism is what NZ does best, so I'd get on board.

However, above all of that, I'd much prefer to move there without the requirement to work and just enjoy seeing the place all over again.

Microsoft flings Office apps for Android slabs at world+dog


Re: People still use office?

Never used SharePoint then?

Has it's detractors but does all of the above perfectly well for us.

Up to 10 people working on a document at once, in-place document management (no more attachments sent via emails, just links).

For those of us who work in large companies (who are MS houses) and hosting on the cloud is not an option, does all that is required and a bunch more.

GCHQ protesters stick it to British spooks ... by drinking urine


Re: Was it or wasn't it?

Er, Cheltenham? West Country? Really?

South-West, just about, but not Westcountry!

West Midlands more likely.

Having lived in the Westcountry, South-West and Cheltenham at various times in my life, I can assure you, they don't get Points West in Cheltenham, the true guide as to whether yer westcountry bauy!

Microsoft's Lumia 930... a real HANDFUL


Re: er, specs?

"Battery life of course is important and quite comparable"

I'm not so sure. Time seems to pass considerably slower whilst waiting for my crappy Galaxy S3 to wake up or open an app.

What the world needs now is... a Bluetooth-enabled baby's dummy


Re: From the shop with big windows

Problem is, a lot of people use microwave sterlisers


Just what we need

Another way of becoming addicted to monitoring our children to the extent that we become paranoid.

My wife insisted on one of those infuriating sleep mat monitors, fine for the first 6 months when he was in a crib, but now he's in a cot and wriggling around, the bl**dy thing goes off at least a couple of times a night, which when you're a sleep deprived parent, is not what you need. She's now addicted to it though, convinced that the mat has saved the boys life several times and if she turns it off she'll not be able to sleep for fear of SIDS. We've agreed that will turn it off by the time he goes to Uni.

Thankfully, our lad has never taken to a dummy so she won't be after this.

Microsoft hopes for FONDLESLAB FRENZY as Surface Pro 3 debuts


Re: 3rd Time Lucky for MS?

Not sure why people limit it to laptop/tablet hybrid.

I dock mine and ta-da, desktop replacement. I now have a Surface Pro 2 that has replaced my desktop for Visual Studio and video editing (hooked up to a big screen it handles this with minimum fuss), a laptop to take to meetings or just general productivity on the go, and a tablet for browsing and the odd game (runs the essential euro truck simulator no hassle). The wife uses the old iPad, perfectly good performer 3 years on from when we got it, but I just don't need to use it. I no longer have a desktop in the room, just a dock next to the TV with a wireless keyboard and mouse so i can use it from the sofa and gone is the laptop.

It's a space saver at the very least. My gripe is the price, but then you're getting a fair bit of hardware in a pretty small package. If they continue to introduce the yearly cycles, I might hop on the Pro 3 in a year or so when it's come down in price or been replaced. I don't have a need to have the latest version of things.

VIDEO SELFIE DRONE: 'AirDog' UAV follows you everywhere you go

Thumb Up

Two words

Very Cool.

Sonos Controller app update conflict


Re: First world problem

Not sure people are usggesting it's the end of the world, but it does seem perfectly accepatable to voice opinions about a product you've paid money for in an attempt to make it better going forward.

I've personally not commented on it but I still like the whole eco-system regardless of how you press start and pause on it.


Re: Music networking ?

Well rather than having an entire room full of cd's I have a little box sat in a cupboard providing all my musical needs through a number of speakers in the house, and if the wife doesn't want to listen to my stuff she can put her own stuff on a different speaker in a different room whilst she does her work.

Then there's streaming service that allows me to listen to music I've never heard and probably wouldn't ever have listened to if I had to go to HMV and flick through the vast banks of cd's and then pay the full cd price for it.

Seems to me to be a decent little innovation.

Concerning Windows Phone and its relevance to the larger business


Re: A couple of problems with this

"2) The iPhone is indeed expensive however how many CEO's do you know who drive around in a bashed up Ford because it is cheap?...none, they want to flaunt their wealth, thus the iPhone would seem the natural choice, not a chav phone..."

Pretty sure this was covered in the article

100% driverless Wonka-wagon toy cars? Oh Google, you're having a laugh


Re: Automated driving in North London

North London, pish posh. I'd like to see them navigate around the country lanes of Cornwall, most of which seem to be missing from google maps.

China 'in discussions' about high-speed rail lines to London, Germany – and the US


Old hat

The Bering Strait crossing has been an Alfa Romeo (could be glorious if it ever starts) for many many years.

True, that now we are at a stage where rail travel could conceivably be advanced enough to make this trip worthwhile but only at a freight level. Having done the vodka express myself, there's plenty of interesting places to stop along the way, but there's also an awful lot of nothing in those necks of woods that I wouldn't make it my mode of transport if I wanted to get from Asia to the US in a hurry.



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