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UNIX greybeards threaten Debian fork over systemd plan


This might be pedantic, but what makes this a 'fork' rather than just another debian based derivative out there?

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: Great changes, but sssh don't mention the...


Re: Which flavor folks?

Much as I love Gentoo - it would be painfully slow to compile everything on a USB key (especially if it's an older one)

Bad PUPPY: Undead Windows XP deposits fresh scamware on lawn


Re: Business as usual

The scams mentioned in the article require download and installation - so they would be safer if they used linux. For the same thing to happen they'd have to download, modify the execute permissions and then run. And then it would have to be for the right version/architecture. And why would they be going outside of their distro repo anyway?

Linux in 2013: 'Freakishly awesome' – and who needs a fork?


Re: Stop the press

"hardly something you want to rely on for mission critical apps."

and yet it is used for many mission critical apps such as the ones mentioned in the story

Windows Phone 8 reboot woe causes outpouring of forum misery


Re: Should you really be suprised?

While you run your windows apps from this decade, could you try mounting a usb drive with two partitions?