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Microsoft's equality and diversity: Skimpy schoolgirls dancing for nerds at an Xbox party

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Re: Sex is a marketing way to sell stuff? What a news!

Is it hard to believe that women might not have a problem with this or going to strip clubs either? The whole flipping around argument works both ways, what this comes down too is someone didn't agree with it, moaned about it and now the majority of folk who didn't give a shit now get lumped as being sexist.

If the whole world cared a little less and stopped getting so damn offended by things then it would be a much better place to live

Apply online to go to Mars. No, seriously

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what could go wrong with sending a bunch of academics to Mars.

Thing is, a society needs balance, too many chiefs not enough Indians will not end well.

physical fitness is obviously a must but they are going to need to rethink this academic requirement as well as the completely useless flight experience if they want to start a colony

Windows Phone won't ever succeed, says IDC

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The problem with Microsoft is once again it doesn't sell its products well, yes WP lacks apps but if you compare an out of the box experience without installing 3rd party software WP kicks their arse.

As a phone its fantastic, but its not as customizable as android (or full of shit for that matter) and its not got the "image" of iPhones, and it lacks the apps compared to both.

But having used WP and WM since 2003 (with a brief fancy with android and ios) it is hands down the best PHONE, simple to use, very quick and even with its pre release status of WM10, pretty much trouble free with fantastic desktop integration. I want a phone that works, something I don't need to worry about and allows me to work the way I need to work. ios frustrated me and android was as buggy as hell unless you install custom ROMs but then you had to dance with the UI being made for looks rather than functionality. I want it to easily integrate in to the business networks and provide staff a trouble free experience the way I want them to have it delivered in a nice simple design.

It is absolutely right to criticise its flaws, but I really wish people would at least give it credit for the areas it excels at. I suspect those that cant identify these are people that haven't used it for any length of time or started out with a view to hate it in the first place, granted there are few people that do use it so I'm not expecting hundreds of folk on here to jump to its defence but the company I am working for is about to roll out WM10 devices across the estate as it ticks all the boxes we need it to so it does have its followers.

Android on Windows is disruptive because neither Microsoft nor Google can stop it

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Been using DuOS for ages and its very good, exceptional infact, there is no comparison with bluestacks which as far as I'm concerned is just bloated, handicapped with shockingly poor support, unless you pay up. DuOS, just worked right out of the tin with little messing about, you can even get google play working without any bother.

The problem with DuOS is its support and development, if you have access El-Reg to these guys give them a kick up their arse and get proper network support, I want bridged connections to real networks, no more NAT its a basic function and there is wide spread support for it on your feedback, whats lacking is any form of feedback from you guys or any progress at all.

Windows 10 is an antique (and you might be too) says Google man

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I think some folk have too much time on their hands, win 10 works, win 10 mobile works, and even better they are integrating really well with each other, typing away and need to send a txt, leave your phone in your pocket and get the computer to do it, missed call, win 10 lets you know. yes there are third part alternatives but as an out of the box experience I'm really liking the way its going.

as for the UI, I'm quite liking the simple design, I feel less distracted and when going back to win 7 I feel like its all a little cluttered and things aren't as simple as it should be. dot get be wrong, 7 isn't bad, but personally I find 10 better.

I rarely use my tablet mode on the tablet tho, it works fine the way it is so never really had a need to use it

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Re: Revisionist

Win 2000 effectively only gave you USB support? My god man, you are joking right?.

I happen to like 10 but the XP path was utterly crap, with proper convergence in to NT in w7 we almost got there, but pre 7, 2000 was a mile stone comparable to none.

Stable, AD, direct x, good driver support, backwards compatibility, etc etc

Northamber: Windows 10 killed our sales momentum

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Or another way or looking at it,

Company X took there eye off the ball and expected their cash cows to continue to provide indefinitely. IT is a lot like nature, if you don't grow and adapt to your surroundings you die, those that can not only adapt quickly but also take the initiative and lead the progress will have a much better chance of surviving.

You might not like MS, or their products, but they are, finally, adapting to the changes in the market, all the leaches that feed off their back will need to adapt with them.

Microsoft's big Tuesday reveal: New mobiles and slabs? Win 10 shock?

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My surface pro 2 is like a Furness when I get it doing something serious, my Lumia 930 however leaves it in its dust, this thing becomes almost as hot as the sun, I have never had a phone that could substitute a hot water bottle, the annoying thing is both devices are fantastic to use, it just seems MS has some heat problems and if you think about it, its been the same with just about every MS device outside of keyboards and mice, my original Xbox needed some ventilation TLC an the 360 was much like a oven as well...

Microsoft's 'successful' Nokia slurp kills off Lumia photo apps

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I understand why they are doing it, but lets be honest Microsoft, your ability to deliver on such things has been somewhat lacking, i mean we still dont have a functional calendar in W10M and the mail app seems to be going backwards as is the people hub. I really dont have much faith that MS will delivery Lumia quality apps, but, in saying that, having the functionality built in would be cool, so heres a suggestion...

why not KEEP the lumia apps until after you have finished sorting out the built in apps? give folk a bit of choice before cutting off chunks of features they may well have brought their device for!

Last flying Avro Vulcan, XH558, prepares for her swan song

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Sad day

These arsehole manufactures whos life long purpose is to milk the MOD for all its worth should be rounded up and shot for letting this happen.

This plane is quite possibly the last flying example of OUR aviation history, This old girl should be flying along side spitfires and Lancaster's and should be given every opportunity to keep flying with them or we will lose a valuable period of our counties former ability.

the CAA deem her a technical aircraft meaning a lot more restriction is placed on it but come on, the MOD could roll her back in to "service" bypassing all that crap and the public would even continue to pay for it and we all get to enjoy an aircraft who frequently whipped the Americans arse, being thrown around the sky like a fighter jet setting off car alarms and making everyones hair stand up on end as it howls in to a near vertical take off, everyone wins.

If someone in power really wanted to save this fantastic aircraft from a rusty future they could, i dont care what the manufactures say, if we grew a pair of balls and told them to sort it or forget other future projects they would likely fall over to help us.

anyhow, i live in hope our government comes to its senses an does something to keep her flying but i fear im just dreaming.


LA explosion knocks LogMeIn's British customers offline

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Are there any UK customers left since they kicked all their long term free users off it?

Teamviewer works fine thanks

BONK! BONK! Windows 10 whack-a-mole – Microsoft still fixing bugs

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Surface pro 2 here with windows 10 on it, and I have to say, one thing aside, I really like it, I've already installed it on just about everything from tablets to media centres and its good, looks good, and runs good too.

Only niggle is the bloody Graphics drivers MS pushes out, serious problems here, that last firmware update has done nothing to fix them. Strictly speaking its an Intel thing but since MS goes out of their way to stop us using the Intel drivers and actively removes them at every opertunity I'm going to lay the blame at MSs feet. Fix the drivers!

I don't have the issue on an AMD based system, just the Microsoft branded Surface Pro 2 tablet with the MS drivers

German army fights underground Nazi war machine hidden in Kiel pensioner's cellar

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Ok, you got me with those folk on the genocide, but the Germans were kind enough to document it, Stalin and co just made folk vanish, its doubtful if we would ever know the full story with that lot, and if we include all the civilian and military dead over the two wars, they have to be ranking up in the top 5 causes for world population reduction events surely!

Davie Dee

Was he doing anyone any harm? Or is this just the over sensitive German war guilt.

Yes your nation committed genocide on a never seen before or after scale but its over now,If this about your conscious, get over it, believe it or not your history and these preserved items are apart of that history, forgetting your past you may end up making the same mistakes one day we wont have these looked after relics, that day will be a sad one

Goodbye Vulcan: Blighty's nuclear bomber retires for the last time

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Re: I can only hope

I believe the Vulcan to the sky group are aware and are doing something about it, she should be immortalised in HD and multiple sound channels before she's finished flying.

Not that it will ever compare to the real thing but its better than nothing, least we have memories

edit, just read your post again, so ok you wont have memories, but we do, sorry about that!

Davie Dee

A Sad day...

Not ashamed to say but this old girl brings a tear to the eye, when she opens up and lifts off at near vertical, ground shaking, ears bursting, car alarms going off all over the place the howl is like nothing else on earth, there is really nothing quite like it.

This plane continued to beat the Americans in war games long after she should have, she showed them that flying a bomber at tree top level whilst evading was possible and this was something they couldn't really believe.

Shame on the RAF for not keeping this girl flying we are about to lose one of the finest examples of British engineering in history

Gates: Renewable energy can't do the job. Gov should switch green subsidies into R&D

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nuke plates take time to build and wont win anyone any elections due to the complexities and misunderstandings around them , Giant bloody windmills covering the landscape is a PR Coup, it looks good for the Majority of people which don't live anywhere near them, its simple to understand, no burning, CO2 Free SAVE THE WORLD!!! so if tapped correctly can greatly effect public opinion.

This is the fundamental problem with our country (and most other for that matter) Politicians decide this stuff and they have their own interests at the heart of all their decisions, not whats best for us (unless it helps them too) or anything longer than their period in office because why do something someone else will get credit for.

Microsoft says its latest, dodgy Windows 10 build is good for (almost) everyone

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Re: I remember times when we were waiting for a new Windows version

windows 10 and office 16, no probs here other than surface pro 2 hardware issues

ONE BEELLION Windows 10 devices?! OH REALLY

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Some seem to underestimate the power of the word free.

I couldn't care less what folk think on here on the matter as you and I are a tiny minority in the world of computers.

The people out there love free, they will jump through hoops for free, and when they don't need to do anything to get free stuff they will lap it up.

You think iOS users check what's on offer before updating? Do android users? Nope, they see a free update and jump all over it, even getting frustrated when someone else gets there's first an they have to wait.

You may think win 10 looks crap, but what you an I think is irrelevant.

People will update from win 7. The XP saga will not be allowed to happen again.

The tricky bit is making sure every single 7 user gets to see there is a free update. As soon as they do the vast majority will click that button.

What's 'appening with WhatsApp? '800 MEEELLION LOSERS* actively use us', says boss

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Re: metrics, metrics but never the word EXCLUSIVE

wp7 did, then they removed it, great shame really good feature

Microsoft drops Do Not Track default from Internet Explorer

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I'm sorry but who are they actually protecting by ignoring DNT headers? sure as shit isn't the user.

hands up who wants to be tracked by default? all those who do downvote my post, all those that don't upvote it. lets get some stats on this

Ford: Our latest car gizmo will CHOKE OFF your FUEL if you're speeding

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Yeah, so who gets sued when the system detects your speeding and slows you down for you only to be involved in accident because you didn't either know or expect what had just happened. lets add in to this the intelligent braking system which can automatically dictate when your approaching something to quick and brake for you and the steering system to try and avoid obstacles etc etc, I can see a legal minefield. Sorry officer, I dint mean to drive in to you, the car did it to avoid what it thought was a pedestrian crossing the road.

I don't mind aids to cars and drivers, but we need to be careful, the human in the driving seat should always be 100% responsible for what happens

Dear departed Internet Explorer, how I will miss you ... NOT

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amusing read, but I do think you've been overly critical of IE in more recent years, IE was a turd to start with we will all agree, and it became a polished turd up to IE6 at which point your correct that anyone with any sense dropped it like a rock bar those that were forced in to using it

but since IE8 you have to agree its got notably better, I dropped Firefox in favour for IE8/9 because like the others it became bloated and generally speaking utterly shite. IE10/11 however has been a gem to use, I ditched Chrome and all the crap that comes with it in favour of a very sleek and pretty damn quick IE and ive not looked back since, I occasionally dip my toes in the chrome water but never really warmed back to it.

The metro IE was a bit of a misadventure but if we keep the focus on proper IE11, its hard to fault it any more than any of the other browsers out there.

I'm interested in Spartan purely to see how its going to get better, ditching a lot of the legacy crap will help greatly but will it make day to day usage "better" time will tell.

Elon Musk plans to plonk urban Hyperloop subsonic tube on California

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wouldnt it be better...

... if this guys spent his fortune on something truly useful for man kind, like a sky lift. That would surely cement his name in the history books.

good on him for investing on different ideas an all but I think he needs a little more focus.

Linux clockpocalypse in 2038 is looming and there's no 'serious plan'

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isn't Linux running on just about every embedded computer out there, it is arguable that by then not a lot of that stuff will still exist but the OP is talking about sorting out that now so we don't have the same worry then.

sounds fairly sensible to me!

Cambridge boffins and Boeing fly first hybrid airplane over British skies

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Well, electric motors have lot more torque so it makes sense to some degree for take off, but you would need to work out the power to weight ratio to see if its any benifit, but the next question is, why not put solar cells on the wings as well and during decent you could have turbines generating power as gravity pulls you out of the sky.

didn't someone design or make a plane that could fly indefinitely using a similar approach?

anywho, much like cars that argument petrol engines with electric (rather then the horrific electric only jobs) if any improvments can be made with hybrid approaches then go for it, as long as it benefits it and isn't a publicity stunt it sounds like a win win idea cars do have an advantage with breaking directly feedling the batteries off the motors but im sure the boffins could work out something for planes too :)

I'M SO SORRY, sobs Rosetta Brit boffin in 'sexist' sexy shirt storm

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I got as far as " frigging earth of ours" before the words all blurred in to Chinese, any one else do better?

Has Europe cut the UK adrift on data protection?

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Re: not a single member of the general public has ever voted for what we have in Europe today

Actually my friend, the only thing the UK public has ever voted for regarding Europe is the EC elections of 1975, the EC was setup in the 60s, in 75 we voted to remain apart of it, since then any resemblance of the EC was absorbed and transformed in to the EU. There is largely nothing wrong with the concept of the EC as it was, its the EU I have a problem with given that it dictates policy (though WM has to rubber stamp it) without any public mandate to do so. I also have a problem with the common agricultural policy which has spanned the two (EC / EU) and has been nothing sort of disastrous for the industry here. but that's a debate for another time.

If the people want it and vote for it then fine, I wont like it but that is democracy, as it is, we haven't voted for most of it.

Davie Dee

Given that not a single member of the general public has ever voted for what we have in Europe today, I fail to see what the problem of giving the people a vote to either legitimise it or remove it?

Or shall we just scrap all remaining traces of our democracy an give us no say in anything?

I also find it funny that assuming that we left Europe, we'd become isolated and lose trade left right and centre falling in to a pit of oblivion. Which is curious given that there are many examples of countries doing very well indeed without being tied to the EU and we are in a prime position to setup direct trade links with free trade to the rest of the commonwealth, one of the largest markets on the planet.

Now I'm not saying we should leave the EU but it should be changed and we should all have a say in whether we want to be apart of that, that is not unreasonable

BT: Hey guys, we've developed NEW MOBE TECH! It’s called... 2G

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id rather have a good solid 2G connection then the shoddy 3G crap served to us. Good data is great, but a basic level of service is much better.

Maplin Electronics sold for £85m to Rutland Partners

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Absolutely, the issue is, from a business perspective, they want money in the till now, they don't look past the end of their noses for long term trade, and you know what, even if your customer did bugger off to get it else where, so what, you can bet your arse the next time his looking to get something he will remember your name, the fact is you cant beat internet prices when you have staff to pay for so you absolutely must nail the sales and service side, otherwise there is little point in trying, all they are doing is managing the decline of a company.

Offering semi good service isn't good either, they will take your advice and buy else where, sales staff need to build a relationship with a customer in that kind of business, if nothing else then to make the customer feel bad for not spending their money there. But they will spend it given the right motivation. Maplin seems to think more shops full of more junk and toys is the answer, its been that way for over a decade now and look what good its done them.

Davie Dee

I used to work for the company and before anyone thinks im just out to rant because of bitterness I left on my own accord for better prospects and on good terms, but its a disgrace how its gone downhill, the company lost experience in favour of youthful joyfulness, it sacrificed specialism with random tat not worthy of selling even in China and opened dozens of new units to help its bottom line for short term success.

They lost respect from customers by using said youth to punt £120 HDMI cables (I kid you not, those monster cables they (used?) to sell for about £40-120, yup, buy price of 30p-£1.30. Many of the sales persons refused to sell it in favour of repeat customer sales but these folk were slowly thinned out until we were left with polite and joyful sales persons who literally couldn't wire a three pin mains plug.

Maplin is going through an identity crisis, much like woollies did, it wants its fingers in everything, toys, electronics, music, tools, comms and networking, computers, you name it, but without any worth while staff to back it up its largely seen as a joke, its not landing anything at all with any real success and needs to be more directed and focused, it will never compete on toys with the bigger stores.

The stores do look better, I give them that, but it needs to drastically change because its market base is forever shrinking, the one thing Maplin has the potential to do that the internet cant compete with is competent staff capable of helping customers, I think we need to get back to a smaller refined company that delivers service, that can installer that car radio they just bought if they choose to pay for it, scale back now, before they lose the lot, then look at strategy for moving forward. Sadly the people at the top that can make a difference are the ones that can cut and run, the people on the sales floor, numpties or not, take the brunt for their bosses mistakes.

Physicist proposes 1,000-foot state-sized walls to stop tornadoes

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I think it was Frank Herbert that wrote in the Dune series of books what a mess could occur when Humans attempted to "Fix" climate, in short it resulted in complete disaster. Now I know Fictional Books aren't exactly scientific fact but we all know Sci-Fi is our window to the future, mostly.

Anyhow, Without any scientific basis what so ever, if any species of a planet tried to start to alter climate to suite "their" needs it stands to reason someone else will end up paying for it, even now it doesn't matter what we have done to improve something, somewhere else gets hit, sea defences, beach defences, river flood protection, all wonderful for the folk that get them, for everyone further up the beach or down stream, tuff luck, I cant help wonder if this is just another one of those things where the people who can, will, everyone else needs to suck it up.

I extend that argument to global climate change as well, at what point does global warming cease to be natural and at what point to we allow sea levels to rise as would naturally happen.... but that's another debate for another day.

New 'Windows-8.1-with-Bing': How's it different from Windows 8.1?

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its funny, I don't mind bing for anything simple, it is pretty quick an is fairly accurate, see if you add anything more complicated to the search though, its utterly rubbish, I find myself searching for multiple key word strings and getting frustrated I cant find what I want, then I remember its Bing, so fire up google and bam, usually in the top 3.

They keep asking me to do that test to see which is better, every time its come up with on this occasion you've chosen Google more than blar blar blar. but most people find bing better!!


But I do want to say, on my phone it defaults to bing, I do have the ability to change that and I don't because if what I want is a simple string or a single word, it is usually very good. so its not all bad. just could be better.

Microsoft lobs Files app at WinPhone users with lots of ... uh ... files

Davie Dee

wouldnt worry about liking the app or not, they'll be so miffed by the 8.1 update they wont care, I understand why they did what they did and its to do with updates and by-passing carriers but its crap, id rather a longer update cycle and the same functionality, which was in my opinion the best mobile os out there, now I find it much harder to make the same statement. Silly people MS, you bugger up once (WM6.5) shame on you, bugger it up again (wp8.1) shame on me

PC makers! You, between Microsoft and the tablet market! Get DOWN!

Davie Dee

whats this...

All very lovely but perhaps a bit of meat on the opinion piece would have been better?

Most Americans doubt Big Bang, not too sure about evolution, climate change – survey

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Re: But what about...

its difficult to understand that a group of people over countless generations has done everything in its power to dismiss scientific understanding the challenges the belief of X.

I don't doubt that the two can live quite happily together but if I take that stance then I have to question huge chunks of teachings which you already are happy to accept, these go directly against that scientific understanding. In many religions we have a book, a guide, a set of teachings which give direction to those people that believe it in. If some of this is simply wrong then how much else is wrong? what other stories / writings have been fabricated for a particular reason? Where does the lie stop? I say lie quite happily because whilst you can argue that back then they didn't have the scientific understanding necessary to explain these things, you cant argue that when that understanding did come about the Church did nothing whatsoever to change and did everything in its power to dismiss it.

Which leaves us with a much more reasoned understanding of it all

Does God exist as understood in our teachings? No

Does 'something' exist that may well have led to the creation of Humans. Well possibly yes, I don't know.

In my opinion the decline of the church is simply down to a ridged set of rules made up by people and followed by more people that are unwilling to change. The day they rewrite these teachings will be the day people may start to follow them more closely, until then the church has polarised the debate and is reluctant to move on and it will decline to obscurity over the generations unless it does something.

Davie Dee

Re: Loaded


Exactly, it just comes down to interpreting the statements, the statements and available answers already shows this to be true. as for my age comment, I don't fault your logic at all, you clearly know about it, the real question and the gap in your logic is however, does everyone else know that?

The answer to that is no, if you ask the two following questions, on a 0-10 scale, 10 being positive 0 being Don't know you will get two very different results

Is the earth 4.5 billion years old? (will generate a higher proportion of people towards "don't know")

Is the earth around 4 Billion years old ( will generate a higher proportion of people towards "positive")

By loading the question in such a manor will generate a result which will favour the opinion of the person who set the comment but can be interpreted in this case as most people don't believe its 4.5 billion years old. Had the question been changed it may well have said most people do believe it is roughly that old

Davie Dee


The questions are loaded, whilst there is some correlation with the figures around God, several of the questions are asked in a way that may or may not suggest doubt which would influence the answer

For example

....Is the average temp rising, mostly because of man made gasses....

Well firstly that's two questions, secondly that second part assumes the person 'knows' what's going on and what mostly actually means, that's three parts the person will need to be confidant about.

a better way of doing it would have been to have split it out

Do you believe that temperatures globally are rising? (element of doubt given that there person is unlikely to 'know' what the temperatures are across the whole world which will pull reasonable people further to being less confidant)

and Do you believe human emissions affect climatic change? Less ambiguity with this one, will deliver a clearer answer.

next up

.....The universe is so complex there must be some supreme being guiding its creation. .....

This cleverly suggests its not talking about only a God like figure, whilst implying it in the same instance depending on your views. From a scientific point of view I could arguably take this to mean that some alien race is helping us along our way or not, again, it adds doubt to the statement and doesn't make it clear what the person is actually asking. Did something help us along our way? well yeah it might have done, it doesn't mean its a God though and doesn't mean the big bang didn't happen, doubt, inaccurate answer.

how old are things?

well ive a rough idea from what ive read, but I wouldn't say I could be 100% confidant with my answer and when talking billions of years there may well be room for error reducing my feeling of being confidante. a better way of putting it would have been to say, Do you think the approximate age of X for Y is reasonably accurate.

ITs all in the question, this set of questions only really tells us that the person making it had an agenda and already had a strong opinion of what people will say, which influenced his questions and thus the answers.

Oh no, Joe: WinPhone users already griping over 8.1 mega-update

Davie Dee

Its sad to see someone down vote your comment, I can only assume it was because either you suggested someone may like an MS product or you have the audacity to suggest an android device is anything but perfect for everyone's needs, anyhow I shall apologise on behalf of the community in the event it wasn't a miss placed click an someone is being daft.

Having been in a similar situation with an elderly relative I know exactly what you mean. She tried half a dozen different phones 3 of which were android based and none came close to her Ativ s, she loves the simplicity, how it just makes sence and doesn't need to keep feeling bad because she no longer needs to "bother" people with her sillieness.

Davie Dee

Re: not exactly

I've had a read an I suspect those reporting a worse battery life were probably being very efficient before the update. Those with better battery life were not, some of the default settings are more energy efficient but there is a lot more around location info an background tasks so its likely you'll see this difference of opinion based on their previous settings, obviously being a test there will be more savings to come but I don't think its currently the end of the world as some of those comments suggested

Davie Dee

I'm using it just now. Essentially everything added is looking really good bar a few early development issues. Unfortunately everything they removed has made it worse. The hubs were fantastic once you used them properly. Music, messaging, Games, me, are all a waste of time now. I get the need to have apps do the work rather than system functions but these early impressions of these hubs are terrible. However. In saying all that, as I mentioned the things they added in are a great welcome. The various different 'sense' apps keyboard functions, numerous new settings, VPN, slightly better podcast function (buggered by crap music hub) calendar, wallpaper, icon graphics, Bluetooth seems more stable. Volume controls alarms and audio settings... I could go on an on, simply put MS. Put the hubs back together an we're almost perfect :)

Windows 8 BREAKS ITSELF after system restores

Davie Dee

You know, the biggest issue with separate partitions for windows out of the box is one of the same reason people use it, and that's backwards compatibility. A lot of software will have a fit if you do anything outside of the norm. Now im not talking off the shelf software you download off the net by an large this is not to bad, im talking in house, or very old software, the kind of stuff companies sit on for decades because, "it just works".

MS has made some bad calls, a lot of them, hopefully they learn from each one. But the one thing they haven't done that pisses me off is to scrap all this backwards compatibility (phased over the last decade) and bring about an OS that does work out of the box across multiple partitions or in a more secure fail safe environment.

If your 15 year old printer or software doesn't work with W8 then tuff, get over it and buy a new one. Yes its shit for you but this and a stack load of other legacy considerations levered in to Windows are part of the reason it is less then ideal now! We cant have it both ways, there are too many things to consider to try and do both well and trying both has lead to neither being any good..

And the first person to say Linux is intuitive and amazing and will do everything I want perfectly will get a big e-Slap, I have a PC here that works with a live disk fine, but if I install it, it suddenly forgets how to use a network card, typically the community is of no use. So no, Linux isn't perfect, neither is windows, get over it, use whatever is best for you and stop browbeating anyone who chooses something different to you!

Are we not professionals!

This changes everything: Microsoft slips WinXP holdouts $100 to buy new Windows 8 PCs

Davie Dee

In all seriousness, would you be willing to sell one of those licences?

Davie Dee

They should run the heavy discount program the did at the start on Win8 again, I came in to a couple of old computers but good enough specs that id update to 8.1 tomorrow, but not for the full price they are currently asking.

I updated 2 computers and a laptop with that offer and could do the same again now, but I cant justify the normal price tag on a PC that essentially works. If I keep those little shitebags off my computer using it as some bot to attack the world then I don't see what harm its doing, ticking away in the corner.

ISPs' pirate-choking blocking measures ARE effective – music body

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This is very curious given that there isn't a single website (that's still operational) that cant be accessed through one means or another and this has been widely known for a while, hell even the BBC practically ran a "how-to" guide on its click show a while back.

I also wonder where they get their figures from? is this ISP traffic, website traffic counters? the downloaded counter on the torrents that they shouldn't be looking at (or is it ok for them to use the websites we are now forbidden to look at?) just wondering

I predict a 20% reduction in downloads when new movies are stream able and a further 60% decline when they make films worth watching (and paying for!) whos up for a wager?

Morrisons supermarket hit by MASSIVE staff payroll data robbery

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Absolutely :) But it was handed over and not a word mentioned, lets be honest here, we can all sit here and say we wouldn't do it, but id hazard a guess and say most of us would take a wee peek.

But given that you or anyone else here doesn't have any idea who I am, and even if they did couldn't pin it down to a company within my vast number of years ive been working, I think its safe to say no one will be the wiser what that information was

Davie Dee

I remember a few years ago working for a medium sized nation high street retail outlet, after questioning some staff payroll issues I was forwarded a database of every member of staffs payroll information in the whole company, CEO and down, gross salary, perks, bonuses, the lot for a whole year. I did the responsible thing but its so easy for this to happen innocently so long as the workers are not aware of the risks of the data they are playing with, never mind actual theft!

Interestingly, after I had a good look at the whole company structure I was appalled at the pay differences on contractual gross pay alone, even in the top 2/3 tiers, the drop down to the next tier of management was staggering, in the order of a tenth! things dropped in a standard fashion down to regional managers there after and finally the drop to store management was another shocker. Normal store workers and many at HO/DC accounting for the vast majority of staff was of course all minimum wage.

I guess I hadn't realised that even in HO, the pay wasn't that great and even more senior management at HO were getting a fraction of the top 2 or 3 tiers

Got 4G? Wake up, grandad. We're doing 4.5G LTE-A in London - EE chief

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my understanding is that you will have just a crap signal on 4G as 3G the only difference being (like 802.11N) you get higher throughput. Those carriers with a lower spectrum block for 4G should have a better coverage, those with a higher spectrum block than 3G will be worse, those that use existing 3G spectrum will have exactly the same level of connectivity only at a higher throughput. Yes throughput will be higher for any given signal level, but the point remains that when I want to make a phone call and ive already dropped to a 2/3 bar GPRS signal, there is no amount of 3G/4G that will help me out so they should sort the existing NETWORK out, plug the gaps and give us a minimal level of coverage, don't start fannying about with new tech until you can get he basics right.

Psssst. Don't tell the Bride, but BBC Three is about to be jilted

Davie Dee

Blar blar blar, cost cutting nonsence,

How about this, stop paying the Americans a colossal amount of money to air terrible TV like "The voice"

They cut F1 and shafted its viewers for that crappy TV show, I wonder what other crap they will import when they axe BBC3,