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If this doesn't terrify you... Google's computers OUTWIT their humans

Orwell's rolls in his grave

There is another possibility

It's a way of Google claiming absolutely no responsibility for its own software.

"It did it on it's own? It's not our fault. You wouldn't blame a parent for a bad child would you?"

In court, the backhanders by Google's lobbyists will do the talking.

Facebook: Give us your credit card and pals' addresses as GIFTS

Orwell's rolls in his grave

Facebook: The Cerebral Elephant with a Hoover Snout.

So, not content with names and phone numbers of your friends, Facebook now wants addresses and all your credit card information?

Seriously, if you're stupid enough to buy cupcakes from Facebook then maybe you deserve everything the FBI has got on you.

Then again, maybe people should be educated better on data protection and privacy.



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