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New Ransoc extortionists hunt for actual child abuse material


Re: Just when you thought they couldn't sink any lower.

Everyone reading this thread is now a target. Thanks guy!

Veritas is home. Symantec’s storage split-off adopts old name


Looks like they're going to go into space. Veritas are using the NASA font.

Facebook's Zuckerberg in EBOLA VIRUS FIGHT: Billionaire battles bug


Re: In Honour...

That's akin to me donating £1 to it. Come on he can give more if he wants. That's chub change and tax efficient.

Ordnance Survey intern plonks houses, trees, rivers and roads on GB Minecraft map


Mojang make a fuckton of money. Who ever thought Mojang was running at a loss? The amount of sales is a tiny percentage of its income. Just look at the vast amount of other minecraft paraphernalia you can get.

The agony and ecstasy of SteamOS: WHERE ARE MY GAMES?



Zennet wants YOUR machines for tradable supercomputer cloud


I can see this being abused in so many different ways.

'Apple is terrified of women’s bodies and women’s pleasure' – fresh tech sex storm


Re: The "joke"

That's why I came to the message board. Instantly reminded of "Come fly with Me". If you'll pardon the pun.

TalkTalk talks itself into trouble with budget broadband package fibs


I spend too much time on Reddit. I thought Talk Talk was run by someone called Dildo Hardening.

Computing student jailed after failing to hand over crypto keys


Re: Silly sod

He's either got a huge stash of child porn in his encrypted disks/vaults, or he's a complete moron.

iPhone user shamegasm: 'I beg of you', delete sex app from my purchase list


Isn't this just going to make your phone smell of vagina juice? Just go to Ann Summers, it's the 21st century for fuck sake.

It's a Doddle: Amazon inks train station parcel deal with Network Rail


Re: Sounds brilliant.

Not everyone can have things delivered to their office. Not everyone can go home and see a package waiting for them. And not everyone has depots round the corner. This would be great for me. I get the train from Cannon Street, and this would actually make me use Amazon more for things, as the convenience of picking it up on the way home vastly outweighs the inconvenience of having to drive 25 minutes to the depot.

Zombie patents raid TI's wallet for $US3 million


3com acquired by HP. HP being sued from violations of 3com patents. Eh?

For your next privacy panic, look no further than vending machines


Is that David Cameron?

Tesla's top secret gigafactories: Lithium to power world's vehicles? Let's do the sums


Was that nirvana mention a joke?

Windows XP fixes flaws for free if you turn PCs into CASH REGISTERS


Re: Is it not ethically and maybe legally questionable to provide this reg hack?

Why don't you just run it in a VM? Not like those games need any massive amounts of computing power to play.

Google staggers toward BEEELLION-dollar Twitch gobble - report


Re: God no...

Don't let the 1990's hit you on the way out.


Day9 is a person, not a content channel.

Internet of Stuff: Cleaner washing, more milk ... fewer COW FARTS?


Cows actually burp methane, not fart. QI is glorious sometimes.

'Netflix bitch': CEO of vid-streaming site taunts HBO chief over results


Personally I'd prefer more back catalog programmes that I can't view on TV anymore.

Where's the UK 90's sketch shows?!

Crimelords: Stolen credit cards... keep 'em. It's all about banking logins now


Re: Lazy users, lazy politicians

You think if the tables were flipped, and Unix had a 95% market share that everything would be hunky dory and clouds rain lemonade and muggers give you sweets instead of stabbing you? This has to be one of the most random comments I've seen on El Reg.

You sir, are a buffoon. All the exploits mentioned were cross platform, unless you think that FireFox was coded by Billy Gates himself? Proportionally, the amount of retarded Unix users equal Windows, and you are a shining example of one. Your comments just enabled 100,000 retarded Windows users to get their credit card and bank details stolen. Why would you do such a thing?

Home Office launches £4m cyber security awareness scheme


The weakest point in the chain is the wet squishy one, badly educated end users who have the same password for everything. It's about time people realise that this is the worst thing possible, who always are under the age old adage of "it'll never happen to me" until they realise someone just wired all their PayPal money somewhere in China.

NASA serves up Curiosity's billion-pixel panorama


It is, the laser thing you mean? It's highlighted.


Re: Faintly depressing...

Honestly, what the fuck did you expect to find on there? Some buggalos?

The real science will come from when they start doing the real drilling to find what's under the surface.

Orange customer clobbered with SIX-FIGURE phone bill


Taking Oranges quota charges into account, I believe the correct unit is HollyOaks.

1 Gb = the brain power of a single HollyOaks actor, so I believe he downloaded 15 HollyOaks

Spam and the Byzantine Empire: How Bitcoin tech REALLY works


Re: Nice... no mention of how the very first Bitcoins were minted though?

Not strictly true. Bitcoin mining for the end user is still viable, providing you have an AMD graphics card. They are just miles better than Geforce for this task. There are ASICS boxes being shipped now which hash at more than 5GH/sec being priced at about $300 at present drawing about 5 watts. To give that some context, an AMD 7970 on the market for about $400 can do about 700Mh/sec drawing over 200 watts.

When these units flood the market in the next 6-12 months - it will make the end user using his graphics card for mining completely pointless. It currently takes about a month for a 500Mh/sec card to mine a single coin, which market prices currently retails for about $140, but in 12 months it will probably take 2 months to mine one.

This is because the "difficulty" to mine a coin increases exponentially to prevent the market flooding. It's possible that the bitcoin hash will change to give smaller users more power and to prevent large organisations with MASSES of GPU power from hoarding them all, because all they need to do is change the way the hashes are done, and all the ASIC and FPGA cards will be useless because they will have to be reprogrammed.

Feds stamp on cash pipeline to Mt Gox, Bitcoin's Wall Street


Re: Warnings from History: Wikileaks... Cyprus....

The US Government doesnt control all currencies. There will be other currencies in the world that will accept BTC etc. Not just dollars, then you just exchange them for dollars. Simple.

Japan's naughty nurses scam free meals with mobile games


Re: This scam...

Memories hurt don't they?

This 320-gigapixel snap of London is size of Buckingham Palace


Hmm, I wonder how many good candid camera moments are in this panorama

Dotcom says German authors' society canned Mega launch vid


Youtube stops the view count at 312 or something and checks to make sure all the views are legitimate before further updating #themoreyouknow



When will we see Sir Bong on Have I Got News For You

Reader input required: review our reviews


Don't get sucked into the old ways

For some strange reason I actually trust El Reg's reviews. Which is difficult in these days of heavily weighed review sites funded by manufacturers, publishers and the like. (by the way who funds El Reg? :))

In terms of hardware, I would prefer side-by-side comparisons, for example benchmarks against comparable laptops or graphics cards or whatever is being looked at.

The thing you need to do more of are the top 10's. They open my eyes to products I've not even seen or heard of, and has actually influenced my purchasing - the more recent wireless gaming headsets being the one and they're very well written, short and concise. I look at all 10, look at the recommended ones, then go to their respective websites and make my own mind up. That's what a review site should be for,