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Mozilla slings Firefox patches at flaw found by GCHQ's infosec arm


Comma placement

"Mozilla has patched 10 vulnerabilities, some some rated either critical or high-severity, that permitted code execution in version 46 of its popular Firefox web browser".


Mozilla has patched 10 vulnerabilities, some some rated either critical or high-severity that permitted code execution, in version 46 of its popular Firefox web browser.

Big difference in meaning. I'm assuming the latter?

Streaming speaker biz Sonos lays offs workers as it finds its voice


Re: Too Small Too Late

Not sure it is "too small too late". Seems pretty big to me. Too big.

I suspect it is unneeded and unwanted by the typical current customer base and by the time they have a product to offer (assuming they make it that far), unlikely to appeal to new customers with so many well funded competing products already there or likely to emerge.

Can't help thinking this is probably a fatal strategy if they want to thrive and remain independent. If they are looking to be bought out then, from an outsiders viewpoint, I'm not sure it's such a great move either.

Norks stabilise non-threatening space speck ... for about five minutes


Missing the point?

"As The Register noted previously, Pyongyang is not believed to have shrunk a bomb small enough to fit inside the Unha rocket, and experts currently don't think the country has worked out how to direct re-entry without the missile breaking up"

A payload of conventional explosive and a few Kg of extremely radioactive material exploding (or even breaking up) over a highly populated area sounds pretty catastrophic to me.

Do they actually need a fully viable device to pose a significant threat if they have long range delivery capability?

Looking for a council house in Sheffield City? Meet your fellow tenants


Re: Is proofreading just too much to ask?

Apologies. I'm an idiot

My mistake - sorry to say a problem with my reading ability not with the author's writing skills.

Quickly withdrew my comment but too late.

Freebooting: How Facebook's 8 billion views could be a mirage


What's the point?

Because they are either blatantly (in some cases) or by inference (by not giving credit attribution) claiming that this is their own work.

"Hey, look at me. I've got all these great videos on my page. Aren't I great".

No doubt there's a name for the psychology involved. Is there a technical term for empty headed delusional twats?

Apple files patent for long-rumoured iRing-type bling


Check the application filing date

The patent application was filed on April 1st 2015 with a related patent filed April 1st 2014.

It's a joke. Or at least I hope it is.

Fiat 500X: A fun-loving Goldilocks who'll get down and dirty


Re: Nice try

Modern safety requirements are extremely difficult and expensive to achieve in a very small car. Crumple zones and the like add bulk. Safety bars and the like add weight. Hence why today's small cars are so much bigger and heavier than yesterday's. Yes you could design and build a small cheap car with a very poor Euro ENCAP rating but you wouldn't sell many.

NHS XP patch scratch leaves patient records wide open to HACKERS


Thanks for the pearl of wisdom

"An internet connection on a machine that carries sensitive data itself, or allows access to it, is probably most at risk," he said."

I think you're probably right

Why Comrade Cameron went all Russell Brand on the UK’s mobile networks


Stick or Carrot

I wonder how many of those technical barriers would magically disappear if there was a more direct financial inducement* to the networks to address the various issues and so deliver a better option to their customers?

Their investment in licences and infrastructure has been staggering. You can't blame them for pushing back on plans that would damage their ROI or allow new entrants/MVNOs to pile in with minimal investment.

* For example, the government could mandate that all future Public Sector mobile contracts (bet there's at least a few hundred thousands of those) can only be placed with a provider that meets a set of coverage/roaming conditions.

Coughing for 4G, getting 2G... Networks' penny-pinching SECRETS REVEALED


Re: confused report


Nicely done. In one short reply you've managed a stunning display of ignorance and self importance (on your part), nicely balanced by complete contempt for "commentards" and an inability to see another's point of view probably because of the restricted view offered by having your head so far up your own arse.

Oi, London thief. We KNOW what you're doing - our PRECRIME system warned us


I read the first paragraph as "creepy football" data

Now I've read it properly, creepy footfall conjures up an entirely different but no less odd mental image.

Sonos burns its Bridges: Our home-grown Wi-Fi mesh will do


No, not quite

Until now, wireless speaker bod Sonos has required one Sonos device (either a player or a bridge) connected to a home wireless router to set up a mesh wireless network delivering . . .

There, fixed that for you.

Sonos does not require a separate Bridge device as every player has that functionality. The Bridge is used where it is not possible or is inconvenient to connect one of your players to your LAN. Or where you have a player not connected to your LAN and which is too far away from another connected device for a reliable signal i.e. the Bridge can be used as an extender by placing it part way between devices, though until this latest update it would need a physical connection be able to do that.

Every time I see something written about Sonos it always seems to contain basic misunderstandings about the need for a bridge and/or the "mesh"..

Amazon's not-actually-3D Fire: Bezos' cash register in YOUR pocket


Wrist motions feature

"Another feature allows you to scroll continuously through content using only wrist motions"

How thoughtful for those with a penchant for adult sites.

Sonos Controller app update conflict


First world problem

How people get so exercised over something so trivial is remarkable: the new controller isn't as functionally elegant as the old one and the layout makes compromises to fit with some designer's idea of what a "cool" phone screen should look like but, stupidly, doesn't scale well to a tablet.

Oh my God, the sky's falling in.

We go joyriding in the Google Maps-killer's ROBO-CAR


The best maps on a mobile by far

Nokia maps: the main reason I still use an ageing Nokia phone (N8).

New Bitcoin exchange launches in the UK


Great - a safe home for my spare cash

What could possibly go wrong . . . .

Extreme ultraviolet litho: Extremely late and can't even save Moore's Law

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Beard second

"One beard second" - what a brilliant measurement unit.

To me it conveys perfectly the magnitude (minitude?) of a nanometre - or nanometer if you must.

Gambling addict IT boss gets 7 years' porridge for £19m swindle


And the logistics too

Putting aside the apparent laxness in the relevant parts of the business which should have prevented or stopped this happening, it's the sheer scale of the logistics that strikes me. Maybe 5-10 relatively high value deliveries a day which were checked into one or more receiving locations, then presumably shipped out again to a central holding area or direct to the new "customers".

Keeping that all on the go plus managing the ebay sales, payments and subsequent deliveries, just how much time was his real day job taking up, let alone his gambling addiction?

Defies belief that he was doing this unaided.


So, an average of £500k a month, in lots of <£3k each over a period of 3 years and no-one (friends/family/co-workers/accounts dept.) noticed ? That's a lot of kit.

Where was he getting this stuff delivered to? His own warehouse?

Apple trademark filing may provide peek into iTunes Radio capability


Re: Listen?

It's a trademark application not a patent application.

Hands on with Hyper-V 3.0 and virtual machine movement


"join us for an hour that will change broadcasting for ever"

What? Good grief.

Boffins create quantum gas with temperature BELOW absolute zero

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Re: Negative Kinetic Energy but Positive Virtual Power?*

Weird and askew of the topic as usual but strangely poetic construction. Nice.

File-sharing mom begs US Supremes to void bloated RIAA fine


Re: And how much so far

That's either a pretty sad attempt at a troll or you have a very strange view of justice. You're suggesting that bad law/rulings/awards should go unchallenged?

Schmidt 'very proud' of Google's tiny tax bill: 'It's called capitalism'


Re: New Tax Rules

I like apostrophes - seems you do too. How about using them properly though? Two apostrophes, both incorrectly used. Better luck next time.

In a mobile data eating contest, Brits would win - Ofcom


"The average viewer in Blighty watches over four hours of TV every day"

Wow. If that's true then some poor bugger is watching a lot more than that to make up for my share.

Take it or break it: the return of the drop test


So . . . .

. . . . that's what an "old school technology reviewer looks like?

Who knew?

Data cop slap for Brit text pests


Pond life

So, the networks allow tens of thousands of texts to be sent from unregistered sims? Is it really beyond their capability to prevent this, or maybe limit the number that can be sent to weed out the obvious misuse?

It seems all along the chain, from networks to claim companies, to solicitors, to the spammers, everyone wants to grab some money, and sod the ethics, legality or the huge nuisance caused.

Android seven-inchers swipe rug from under Apple


Re: More fake numbers by Google....

"All these claims are fake"

You really think so? Really? You either have a real scoop to offer the world (assuming you have some evidence), or a very strange imagination.

"BUT the iPad4 is the only true tablet on the market that is worth buying".

Damn. You mean the Nexus 10 I have and love is rubbish? Thanks for telling me. I didn't realise.

Drop Box and Dropbox, begs new sync 'n' share start-up


Re: Thanks for the sales brochure

I thought that too - even in a brief article like this, surely even a rudimentary analysis of the claims rather than their repetition would have added some value?

So, what I think I read is that there's a new "approach" to cloud-based file sync 'n' share for business, which is "exclusive to Egnyte".

Two questions come to mind: if indeed new and of value, how will (and for how long) will Egnyte hold on to this exclusivity; does anyone really think this approach overcomes the obvious objections any sensible business would have to using and relying on 3rd party cloud offerings for their sensitive/business critical data?

Google, Apple, eBay shouldn't pay taxes - people should pay taxes

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Fixed an error for you

"Various tech companies sell into the UK from outside the UK. They book their revenue outside the UK, make their profits outside and thus no money is levied"

I think you meant -

Various companies sell and have a physical presence in the UK but construct their business so that, for tax purposes, they are able to book their revenue outside the UK, make their profits outside and thus no UK corporation tax can be levied, unlike the majority of ethical businesses operating in the UK.

You're welcome.

Restaurateur jailed for customer sex profile revenge plan


Re: So...

So by inference you feel the restaurateur's reaction justified?

I don't know the specific details of why she went to that particular restaurant (and I doubt you do either). Maybe she went with a group of friends, so didn't have free choice of venue?

In any event, can't see your point having any relevance to the case. It does say something about you though.

Ten four-bay NAS boxes


Re: HP Proliant Micrpserver

There's a £100 cashback offer from HP on the ProLiant Microserver N40L during November, so, total cost about £120 all in from a number of retailers, for base configuration (2GB).

Google stealthily coalesces UK music cloud into being


"Uploading is tedious"

Sure is. I uploaded a couple of hundred tracks yesterday - and no sign of scan-and-match in action. Various problems with upload errors and had to resubmit a number of tracks.

Hopefully, if/when scan-and-match kicks in it will also provide decent quality cover images as some of mine weren't too good and so needed searching for and editing/reuploading. That process could be easier too.

Still, good start.