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From pen-test to penitentiary: Infosec duo cuffed after physically breaking into courthouse during IT security assessment


Were their actions defined in the scope

Unfortunately, this is very black and white. Unless their documented scope of works includes a physical attempt at gaining access they have broken the law. At very best I would suspect they would have a physical inspection and desktop review of the physical system.

Had they wanted a physical attempt conducted I am sure court officials would need to be present to deal with any unexpected outcomes.

UK infrastructure firms to face £17m fine if their cybersecurity sucks


https://www.itgovernance.co.uk/nis-directive is a good short description

METRE-LONG DINOSAUR POO going under the hammer

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IT Angle

Slap an apple logo on it. Those fanbois will be any shit with an Apple logo on it

Women crap at parking: Official


Exhibit A

This should confirm the notion that women (or at least this one!!) are terrible at parking.


This was in the student area of Belfast this year and yes she did hit the car in front a few times.

BT engineers - missed appointments


Disconnection Fee

Not impressed with BT. I called at my mums to look at her BT bills. She has been on the same broadband package for years which has a 10GB allowance. Typically they were hitting 20GB per month. So I called BT to change package and was informed that they could have infinity for the same price she pays now but there was a £30 connection fee. I asked if it could be waived for a longstanding customer who has been hit with extra charges for over use. Not liking their response I asked about cancelling the contract which is long expired and was told she would have to pay a £30 fee to have it disconnected. This apparently is buried somewhere in the T&C's which would have appeared onscreen when she first setup her broadband. I find this completely underhand and I would love to know when this came into affect as she has had this package for some time. If anyone knows a way round this I would love to know. The money is not the issue I just hate caving to these scum.

Blighty's banks prep for repeated kicks to cyber-'nads in Operation Waking Shark II


Let's join in!!

To me this seems quite a stupid announcement. Tell the world about a day that all IT bods will be busy analyzing fake scenarios.

Wednesday might have been a better day to make this announcement. I shall be making a withdrawal this evening

Fart-buster underpants selling well among Japanese salarymen


Reg Test

Who else thinks el reg should conduct some testing. Number of volunteers required to fart within inches of researchers face. That should do it

4GEE data marketing campaign accidentally gets Irishmen salivating

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Common Phrase

Ah this brings back fond memories of working in Dublin. "Gee-bag" was one of my bosses favourite phrases


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