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The Great Unwatched: BBC hails glorious digital future for Three


BBC 3 is a pretty good test bed for new programming. The life cycle generally goes like this

First airs on BBC 3. Proves to be very popular.

Moves to BBC 2. Ratings continue to improve.

Gets promoted to BBC 1. The Daily Mail gets wind of it and complains that it's puerile.

Show is cancelled.

Seriously though, they're going to replace BBC 3 with a +1 channel for BBC 1? The BBC has always been very keen on promoting the iPlayer for catch up.

Ads bandog berates Virgin Media in BSkyB broadband bumf bust-up

Thumb Down

Endless Junk Mail

I wish they'd also stop Virgin from sending endless swathes of crap through my letter box.

Wikipedia doesn't need your money - so why does it keep pestering you?


Wikipedia has a lot of problems

The biggest problem with Wikipedia these days is the collection of admins who will ferociously monitor a page to prevent anyone else from editing it but themselves. Therefore making sure that the information on the page is basically their own opinion.

1. Edit the page to add some information about a subject

2. Admin reverts your edit, using one of the myriads of rules Wikipedia has about editing

3. You revert their revert

4. They lock the page, preventing you from editing it further

5. (Optionally) They ban your account if you had one

And because of this, I will never donate to Wikipedia.

Virgin Media vid misery blamed on unnamed peering network


When I with Virgin, I told them about the crappy performance and they insisted it was just my line, so I wrote a small script to download a 5MB file once every 30 minutes or so.

The log showed the download getting slower and slower until it was barely dial up speeds at around 9pm, and then suddenly at 11.30pm, the speed magically shot straight back up. It was like this until around 8am where it started slowing down again.

They still claimed it was phone line, at which point I told them where to stick it and changed ISPs. Haven't looked back since.


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