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Apple: You're a copycat! Samsung: This is really about Google, isn't it?

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Re: Meh

If anyone remembers Palm, they would know that it would be considered the first generation smartphone. Apple and Google's inspiration for their phones obviously came from the tile icon based device.

I wonder how much of the Apple/Google fortune the new owners of Palm could sue for....you know...HP (Half Pathetic)

Money? What money? Lawyer for accused Silk Road boss claims you can't launder Bitcoin

Jason 5

Let slip the Bitcoins of war.....

If they win and the Bitcoins must be returned then it would be mildly amusing if the Bitcoin hashes end up being published on the public domains of the net.

Ditch IE7 and we'll give you a FREE COMPUTER, says incautious US firm

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Re: When you drag a page...

Your use of Chrome doesn't sound typical. How corrupt is your Windows directory and registry?

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If only....

If only the company I work for used modern technology to their benefit. We just finished converting 85% of the web applications built in house to IE8. Of those 45% work with Windows 7 IE8 and 60% of the workstations have been upgraded to Win 7.

This isn't job security any more....this is "can you keep your sanity"

Oracle and Dell forge worldwide server alliance

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Fusion logo spelling error - fixed


Do you really need an explanation?

IBM puts supercomputer Watson to work in ROBOT CALL CENTRE

Jason 5

2013 A Web-Space Odyssey - from a call center...

Who will be the first to hear the words?

"I'm sorry Dave. I can't do that."

Google Glass will SELF-DESTRUCT if flogged on eBay

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Re: I'm confused...

Google files court order for Ebay to give them the seller's name and address. Then they cross reference that with a user that setup the required Wallet account and deactivates the associated unit.

Google probably has court orders printed in bulk for this.

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Re: What gives ANY company the right...

The big print give-ith and the small print take-ith away.

Read the legal document of your toaster oven. Probably says something almost entirely identical to restricted use. Almost all business use the same legal documents to cover all their bases.

You "own" an Apple product? Try again. Those legal documents will make you weep when you read that everything you do on or to an Apple device becomes the property of Apple. Photos of a birthday? Apple owns them but give you "free use" rights to their property.

Music and movie industry also want to use Lease only system so that you have to keep paying them for the right to watch the movie or listen to music.

This is nothing new and it sure isn't anything we haven't already complained about before.

This is the new form of business for companies - LEASE or LICENSE instead of Pay-to-own.

You the consumer GAVE the company the RIGHT to screw yourself over by accepting the legal document you never bothered reading.

Anonymous squirts all over NORKS in birthday surprise outrage

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Re: Sigh...

But Kim keeps asking for the world to bash his little sand castle over.

Let's review

- Self destructive

- Says stupid things

- Looks goofy on camera

Wait a minute...does he think he's a Kardashian?

North Korean citizens told: Socialist haircuts are a thing... go get some

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Re: What about wigs?

Maybe not a wig but you know some are making mohawks with shampoo in the privacy of their own.....oops....forgot that there is not such thing as privacy there.

They can always dream. Until they find a way to control dreams as well.

What a scary place. And to think these people believe the outside world is worse.

Cue Post-Apocalyptic movies.

Jason 5

Next up on the agenda

Beard or no beard? Bush or no bush?

These are the really important issues we are working on.

Food and health aren't as important as looking like a Socialist.

ROGUE PLANET WITHOUT A SUN spotted in interstellar space

Jason 5

Could it possibly be...

Maybe the Magratheans decided to take their world for a stroll among the cosmos looking for new clients.

Steady Antarctic ice growth 'limits confidence in climate predictions'

Jason 5

Has anyone considered....

The arctic has been melting away at record pace. Most, if not all, polar ice is fresh water. Since so much fresh water from northern ice has been melting into the Atlantic would it not make sense that some of the fresh water would be pulled along the Atlantic currents southward? Not all fresh water immediately dilutes into sea water so as it approaches Antarctica it readily freezes and expands already established ice sheets. Fresh water has a high freeze temp than the salt water normally associated with the worlds oceans.

Precipitation accounts for only so much since it takes years/decades/centuries for snow to compact into layers of ice sheets as well but so much snow is blown around by strong winds slowing this process.


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