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Lost in translation and adrift in cloud storage


google translate anyone?

I am native Dutch, if I was working in another country I would run any admin accounts through google translate to see what they were. There must be a root/admin account somewhere and it should be marked as such.

Who needs the A-Team or MacGyver when there's a techie with an SCSI cable?



Pah. All of you forgot your book of IT spells...


Re: Lonely machine needing company before it would work

I had it the other way around with a network cable where the center and the outer shell would short whenever someone walked atop the cable gutter.

As for Frankenservers, I had to build one when the only available hardware wasn't having a power supply big enough to also give juice to the disk cabinet. I has been running for a few weeks waiting for the actual replacement server to arrive. And yes, this was SCSI as well.

The time that Sales braved the white hot heat of the data centre to save the day


Re: There was the time...

...or the el-cheapo office fan put in its place because the aircon failed. Although in another case, it literally went up in smoke which was also a DR-plan inducing event. I've seen pics of the aftermath but was not allowed in until after the cleanup..

Hey kids! Ditch that LCD and get ready for the retro CRT world of Windows Terminal


You had one job.

For the life of me, I don't understand why the picture is showing off Norton Commander. That thing that until today has additional functionality compared to ANYTHING Microsoft ever had to offer, namely, showing 2 directories in one screen and have them interact with a sensible way with eachother.

Microsoft readies the swatter as more bugs wriggle out of the Windows 10 woodwork


Photoshop with jpgs is broken.

Aaaah... adding some Adobe to the mix. Guarantee for explosive results...

Intel, Microsoft, Adobe release a swarm of bug fixes to ruin your week


usual lack of QA...


I am going to hold off on the Adobe DC patch for now...

Microsoft says Windows 10 April update is fit for business rollout


Using a "desktop scanner" and you call for "reliable"?


Intel flogs off Wind River after it failed to deliver mobile supremacy


What's in a name. "It all seems like hot air to me..."

Mozilla offers sysadmins a Policy Engine for roll-your-own Firefox installs


Yay, control!

Policy engine. Nice. Just 10 years late.

Judge bins sueball lobbed at Malwarebytes by rival antivirus maker for torpedoing its tool


Norton != Symantec

"hang on, Norton Symantec just wants me to reboot, brb"

Ever since that label changed, Norton products were utterly and completely doomed

User lubed PC with butter, because pressing a button didn't work


notepad, feh. VI FTW

Sigh... 'Hundreds of thousands' of... sigh, web CCTV cams still at risk of... sigh, hijacking


Re: What is meant by "internet facing"

"Below is a video showing how easy it is to exploit an at-risk, internet-facing surveillance camera remotely."

keyword: internet-facing. And there's many of them. Not in people's homes but used for crossings etc. Because: oh that's easy to use if can be accessed from anywhere...

T-Mobile USA: DON'T install Apple's iOS 10, for the love of God


Re: Haha, one upate and it is okay for most, big deal

20 updates or 20 update _attempts_ of which the first 19 failed?

1 in 7 WinXP-using biz bods DON'T KNOW Microsoft is pulling the plug

Thumb Up


As long as you're running a particular version of Windows, there's a possibility that you'll eventually have to reinstall it. And that means you'll have to reactivate it--a job that requires Microsoft's cooperation.

That's a serious concern considering how much Microsoft wishes that Windows XP would just go away. They have promised to stop supporting the operating system in April of 2014.

But Microsoft has assured me that they will continue to activate XP. Their exact words: "The end of Windows XP support will not affect activation, but rather security updates and phone/online technical support."

From here:


Slideshow: A History of Intel x86 in 20 CPUs


NEC 8088 clone

The V20. Yes, it's sitting in my loft in a "Falcon" clone machine.