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Better get Grandpa off Windows 7 because zero-day bug in Zoom allows remote code execution on vintage OS


Re: Try moving gramma to Windows 10, if you like pain.

I would not pass judgment without knowing the history of their relations.


I am the Windows 7 using grandfather

But I do videoconferencing solely from my phone. Sorry, hackers.

You call Verizon. A Google bot answers. You demand a human. The human is told what to say by the bot


The AI if only serving its masters

The problem is the masters are not mundane Reptilians or Grays but psychopatic CEOs.

Spotted the ISS in the sky yet? How about pulling out some spare kit and giving it a listen?


Not where I live

I live North enough to have ISS over the horizon only for a few minutes every third day (or so). So in fact I have not yet seen it, even as I tried to.

The world's nonsense keeping you awake in middle of the night? Good news. Go outside and see this two-tail comet


So many comet flops

I waited for Kohoutek, I waited to Halley. None of them was really visible using the naked eye, except for ideal conditions far from sky-polluting city lights.

.NET Core: Still a Microsoft platform thing despite more than five years open source


I believe people are afraid of a Java-type debacle

The one where you use something that is described as "open" until one day you learn you have to pay for it. And quite frankly, I would be afraid myself.

NASA trusted 'traditional' Boeing to program its Starliner without close supervision... It failed to dock due to bugs


Did they use the same competent team which deisigned the 737 MAX software?

I would like to learn the full list of projects they worked on just to be on the safe side.


Re: So what happened?

Maybe that's the problem. The Boeing cost cutting is incompatible with hiring highly paid US developers so the conditions that only Americans can work on it makes Boeing use incompetent beginners.

Captain, the computer has identified 250 alien stars that infiltrated our galaxy – actual science, not science-fiction


Could they name some of the suspects?

I would like to be sure which of our neighbors are suspicious migrants!

NASA renames dark-energy telescope after its first Chief of Astronomy and Mother of Hubble: Nancy Grace Roman


Re: What have the Romans ever done for us?

I actually wondered if the name will not be shortened to Roman Telescope in most non-official contexts.


Re: "The Coronagraphic Instrument is an exoplanet hunter"

Actually, coronaviruses took their name in the 1960s from the Solar corona someone thought they are similar to..

Go on, hit Reply All. We dare you. We double dare you. Because Office 365 will defeat your server-slamming ways


Re: User education

I noticed the same today. I informed the IT guys that I have myself solved the problem I had asked them to look into and got a reply "Does it work now?"

Thought you were done after Tuesday's 115-fix day? Not yet: Microsoft emits SMBv3 worm-cure crisis patch



This service is something that's need switched off / blocked / firewalled as soon as a new Windows computer is first switched on.

Flat Earther and wannabe astronaut killed in homemade rocket


I have seen the green flash many times in California and twice in Europe.

Hey, Brits. Your Google data is leaving the EU before you are: Hoard to be shipped from Ireland to US next month


Am I a Brit in the Goolge's mind?

I do have a Google account which lists English (UK) as default, I gave them no address. Does it make the account British?

Microsoft Teams starts February with a good, old-fashioned TITSUP*


Another expired certificate?

Microsoft mastered forgetting about that. It became a sort of tradition.

Boris celebrates taking back control of Brexit Britain's immigration – with unlimited immigration program


Re: Good, good.

Democracy? Except for Scotland where 2/3 voters opted to stay.

Remember that 2024 Moon thing? How about Mars in 2033? Authorization bill moots 2028 for more lunar footprints


At the current rate, NASA will return to the Moon during the lifetime of Jean Luc Picard in the 24th century.

Ever wondered what Microsoft really thought about the iPad? Ex-Windows boss spills beans


Win95 didn't really work for them. It wasn't until Win98 OSR2 that it worked somewhat properly.

What you mean is stability. But not financial success. People were buying Windows 95 like crazy. Yes, ordinary people who actually queued for it.

*David Attenborough voice* And here we have, in the wild, a rare glimpse... of what may be... a positive IBM quarter



No matter how many employees they will fire, I think they still have too many. I once tried to buy an IBM server. The employees I talked to on the phone were absolutely incompetent. The website listing their partners was horrendously out of date. Finally I asked to be connected with someone competent, for a change (I really did phrase it this way!). Surprisingly, I got that person. I learned who really sells the servers in my area. However their partner sold me... a Lenovo server after asking me "Do you really want to overpay?"

Windows 7 back in black as holdouts report wallpaper-stripping shenanigans


Nothing has changed this January for me

I gave up on Windows 7 updates when the Meltdown/Spectre patches created more harm than the threat itself. I see I have been 100% correct about their quality.

Tea tipplers are more likely to live longer, healthier lives than you triple venti pumpkin-syrup soy-milk latte-swilling fiends


Re: Yep.

That experiment has already been done willy-nilly in Samoa. The results were not good.

Y2K? How about Y2.02K as Lloyds suffers its second TITSUP* of the year


The 2020 Microsoft scourge

Causing the Windows 7 end of life.

'Supporting Internet Explorer is hell': Web developers identify top needs – new survey


Supporting Internet Explorer?

I would think nuking it from the orbit is a much better decision.

Das Reboot: Uni forces 38,000 students, staff to queue, show their papers for password reset following 'cyber attack'


Das reboot

Kudos for the choice of the illustrations. This guy was my favourite Das Boot character.

FYI: FBI raiding NSA's global wiretap database to probe US peeps is probably illegal, unconstitutional, court says


Re: Read the 14th amendment

It is like saying that white people are protected by the First Amendment. It is technically true but also misleading and possibly racist.

Hate speech row: Fine or jail anyone who calls people boffins, geeks or eggheads, psychology nerd demands


So The Register crew would be sent to Gitmo?

That would be a sad outcome. And you are hearing this from a boffin!

Deadly 737 Max jets no longer a Boeing concern – for now: Production suspended after biz runs out of parking space



I've seen opinions by real pilots that 737 MAX will never be allowed to fly again as a passenger plane. After reading now that without MCAS the plane would not be certified at all, I start to understand why.

Will the solution be Pentagon buying the 400 machines as cargo planes or something? I do not say a wise solution but just a way of helping Boeing by Uncle Sam.

I don't want to go on the cart! Windows 10 Mobile hauls itself from the grave one last time


The end of Ballmer's dream

You know. The one about world domination on the mobile market.

Amazon Germany faces Christmas strikes from elf stackers, packers and dispatchers


They do work today

I know that because I've just received an email from Amazon.de that the toys I ordered are on the way. So most of the elves must actually toil relentlessly as shown in the Disney movies.

Register Lecture: Can portable atomic clocks end UK dependence on GNSS?


Will portable nuclear reacotors solve aor energy problem?

And other fairy tales.

OpenBSD bugs, Microsoft's bad update, a new Nork hacking crew, and more


Today is December 8

An update for the database tool, released on November 12 borks the database. Now, you tell me???

Seriously, I would never use a Microsoft database for anything important.

Newly born Firefox 71 emerges from its den – with its own VPN and some privacy tricks


I got used to download a new version of CustomCSSforFx after FF upgrades.

BTW, use tabs_below_navigation_toolbar_fx65_v2.css if you do not want borderless tabs.


Few legitimate uses of VPN?

I dare to disagree. I use VPN to read many US news web pages which show a finger to Europeans. I do not think it breaks any laws on either side of the pond (a newspaper policy is not law).

Also it helps you to avoid broken cloud servers. If I see the web page showing the local cloud server cannot be accessed, I try the VPN IP address in another country. This works more often than I expected.


Re: Privacy?

There are add-ons for that. I use CookieAutoDelete which allows you choose which cookies are kept after the tab is closed.

Boffins believe it was volcanoes, not just life, that made Earth what it is today – oxygen rich


A big misunderstanding

Sadly, the journalist did not get everything right. No formaldehyde was produced. The reaction on the first page of the paper was supposed to symbolize photosynthesis. Usually people multiply everything by 6 to make the reaction produce glucose which makes more sense. The reason oxygen concentration increased was the same as every other geological time it did. Namely, atmosphere gets richer in oxygen when organic carbon is buried. There is no other way (with the exception of pyrite burying but let's not be too anal).

I am surprised because all one needs to understood the mechanism is the abstract which says:

"we demonstrate that about 2.5 billion years ago a tectonic transition that resulted in increased volcanic CO2 emissions could have led to increased deposition of both carbonates and organic carbon (organic C) via enhanced weathering and nutrient delivery to oceans. Increased burial of carbonates and organic C would have allowed the accumulation of atmospheric oxygen while also increasing the delivery of carbon to subduction zones.

Gospel according to HPE: And lo, on the 32,768th hour did thy SSD give up the ghost



The problem is not even that they used a short integer. The problem is they allowed an overflow to kill the drive.

Google goes full Anti-Flash-ist, boots Adobe's insecure monstrosity out of web search index


Re: This is about

"Then update, browser, Quicktime, Flash, Shockwave, Java and maybe Realplayer (ugh!)."

And what about Silverlight?

NASA boffins tackle Nazi alien in space – with the help of Native American tribal elders


Re: Space is big

New Horizon did not discover this snowman. Hubble Space Telescope did when they were looking for a second target for this mission.

What is this, 1989? Laplink is still a thing and wants to help with Windows 7 migrations


Cables, CDs?

Real men migrate their PCs using floppies!

Not just adhesive, but alcohol-resistant adhesive: Well done, Apple. Airpods Pro repairability is a zero


Right to repairability

This goes directly against the new "right of repairability" EU directive which enters into force in 2021.

Not that is much solace for the UK readers...

Hubble grabs first snap of interstellar comet... or at least that's what we hope this smudge is


Re: Couple of things

What's wrong with calling him Ukrainian? The Russians have a long history of telling people they are Russian. Some times ago it were the Finns and Poles, not it is the Belorussians and Ukrainians.

Well, well, well. Fancy that. UK.gov shelves planned pr0n block



Such a database is the wet-dream of Putin's Kremlin as it would allow mass blackmailing of British politicians, businessmen, journalists, judges etc. etc.

Assuming of course that it would not be too easy to circumvent, making the whole thing a moot, even if expensive, point.

Chemists bitten by Python scripts: How different OSes produced different results during test number-crunching


Things like that do happen

I have a similar difference in results many years ago when I ran a C++ written Monte Carlo code on Windows and Linux. The culprit turned out to be the random number generator. It was a lesson I learned and since then I've been using an OS-independent random number generator function embedded in the code.

The OS is 'no longer' important to Microsoft, and yet new Surface kit has 3 Windows flavours


Re: Windows becoming less profitable

The Windows 10 business model seems to be sucking users' personal data and selling the to advertisers.

Microsoft has made an Android phone. Repeat, Microsoft has made an Android phone. A dual-screen foldable mobe not due until late 2020


Re: burning about $10bn+ of shareholder value (???)

The shareholder value increase after Microsoft gave up on this Ballier-started mobile crusade. Maybe in part because of that.

600 armed German cops storm Cyberbunker hosting biz on illegal darknet market claims


I wonder how much they actually secured

Does anyone know how long it took to break into the bunker?

DoH! Mozilla assures UK minister that DNS-over-HTTPS won't be default in Firefox for Britons


Default off in the UK but on in the US

So the solution seems as easy as downloading the en_US binary version (not to mention clicking one box in Options -> General -> Network Settings).

It's possible to reverse-engineer AI chatbots to spout nonsense, smut or sensitive information


I wonder

What would I need to say to the AI chat-box to make it answer "Down with Emperor Palpatine"?

Pushing Verify in Brexit plans more about saving troubled project


Re: the best possible experience when they access GOV.UK services

So the irony will be that it will start working (somehow) just after Labour returns too power...



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