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Windows 8.1: Microsoft's reluctant upgrade has a split-screen personality



I've successfully upgraded to 8.1 from 8 using the MSDN ISO.

- The upgrade process was very smooth, no problems or crashes, kept applications and docs (though it told me I had to reinstall VMware Workstation for some reason).

- Changes to the Start screen are an improvement, and the return of the button makes it much easier to use VMs with a mouse.

- Really shitty move trying to force you to use a Microsoft account to log in to the machine. Luckily there are two workarounds: (1) Install offline, or (2) A (hidden) workaround: give it bogus info (blah@localhost.local) when it asks. However...

- Skydrive is all or nothing: either you log in using an MS account or link one to your local user, or you cannot use Skydrive except with the web app. The desktop application is gone and won't install or execute. Yes I know why they say they've done it that way... integrated blah blah seamless blah blah...

- System backup (the Windows 7 style one) is gone. All you can use now is a combination of command line stuff (at least that means you can automate it) and File History. Better than nothing but a step down in my opinion.

All in all... nice upgrade I suppose, but the cloud stuff shouldn't be pushed in your face, and some useful things have gone for no good reason.

Judge nixes Microsoft SkyDrive name in BSkyB court ruling


Re: New name for SkyDrive


The best tablets for Christmas


Nexus 7

For the price, Nexuses are a steal. I really like the iPads but I really can't justify the price difference (I'm not locked in to any ecosystem), and from the look of it, it doesn't seem like MS really wants the Surface RT to compete (price and specifications-wise, esp. when taken together).

In any case I think it all comes down to this: buy something from a reputable manufacturer and it'll be okay, regardless of the OS.

NetApp launches SECRET MARS MISSION, seeks egghead

Thumb Down

Project naming

My take is this: the cooler the name, the more suspect the project is likely to be. So... Mars and Longhorn, off you go!

Off-topic: I'm sick of these shouty headlines, stop that all-caps thing.

MySQL founders launch MariaDB Foundation at Oracle


Such a shame things reached this point. I never particularly liked much about MySQL besides its speed, but see it purposely sunk this way is a bit painful, however slow-motion it may be.

All the best to MariaDB and their foundation!

Apple share dive scuppers trader's alleged get-rich-quick fraud scam


Re: Double Standards

I hate it when they say shorting is good because it provides liquidity to the market. Sorry, but I thought the original idea of stock markets was to invest in companies, not to gamble on losses for a quick buck. All I see you ever get out of this is extremely volatile environments.

This and high-frequency trading... don't get me started on that one *grumble grumble*

Load of pirates, the lot of them, if you ask me.

Microsoft’s so.cl network now open to all


And the world (meaning: me)...

... Met this with a mighty yawn. Also:

- It seems at times the site goes down. I've been getting timeouts every now and again.

- The pics on the entry page... is it me or does it look like tumblr?

- I'm going to pronounce it "soakle", if I ever have to.

MySQL gains new batch of vulns


Re: File System Permissions

Postgresql comes to mind also

WD to crash down five terabyte desktop job, mutterings suggest


Oh hell, all I can think about is porn...

So... what's the Reg Standard Unit for drive capacity?

Windows 8 fails to revive world CPU biz


Nothing to do of course...

... with the bad economy, forgettable computers with W8, so-so logistics/specifications for the only cool looking Windows (RT) tablet, meh Windows 8 itself and as mentioned previously by @Andy ORourke 3-5 year old computers are more than enough for practically anything most people don't/won't/can't do on a tablet...

A valid use for Windows 8?


Re: Well, sort of.

Wrong: Windows Media Center was included with every version of Windows 7 (except maybe Home Basic and/or Enterprise, I can't remember those two). Oh, and for .mkv support just go and install the Shark007 codec pack or any other similar one, and you're done. Ok, so support isn't included out of the box but it's just a quick install away.

One thing that made me go back to Windows 7 after trying Windows 8 on my HTPC is that they removed the option to run WMC on startup, which meant launching it manually every time... I still don't know why they removed that.

Microsoft to biz: Just so you get off XP, we don't mind if you go Win 7


Good smokin' huh?

Dunno what the author was smoking when writing page 2, but on Windows 8 there is no sideloading of Windows 7 applications required (just install them as you always have) so I don't see where any licensing minefields can arise other than those that already existed previously, and you certainly do not need Win8 Enterprise to be able to join a domain (Pro does that just fine). Also, RT can't join domains.

Are you sure you have actually USED what you're talking about? It doesn't read like you have...


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