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Ticketmaster: We're not liable for credit card badness because the hack straddled GDPR day


I had a kind of positive experience on fraud in that my bank froze my card when I used it for a few purchases at a shopping center about an hour away from where I live for a few $100-200 purchases, wasn't a place i'd been to before (was in Australia and an AU bank). Was declined in a store and had an SMS a few minutes later. Called them up (checked their support number on their website) and confirmed who I was and unlocked. Oh and it was on the weekend, got straight through, phone menu did list fraud or issues with my card sort of messages.

I don't know if it was a good or bad thing, I mean it took 10 minutes of my day but I feel like it was appropriate. This was going back a few years.

These days I can freeze my card with an app on my phone and approve purchases with MFA, so much easier. Realtime payment info as well. Seems like the big historically major banks are dragging their feet on some of this.

Retired engineer confesses to role in sliding Microsoft Bob onto millions of XP install CDs


Re: Back in the nineties I worked at a software house

I'd of gone with the 2 week (minus the half day) holiday. Everyone wins.

AMD performance plummets when relying on battery power, says Intel. Let's take a closer look at those stats


statistics can be biased, 90% of people know that

EU says Boeing 737 Max won't fly over the Continent just yet: The US can make its own choices over pilot training


Re: AOA disagree warning...

upselling at it's worst

ESA's Vega rocket crashes and burns after fourth-stage nozzle failure sinks two satellites


Give them a break guys, it's not rocket sci.... no wait.

Cyberup campaign: 80% of infosec pros fear they might fall foul of UK's outdated Computer Misuse Act


Maybe we should just throw all IT staff in jail as i'd guess we're all guilty of this one. It's the only way to be sure

Linux Foundation, IBM, Cisco and others back ‘Inclusive Naming Initiative’ to change nasty tech terms


Do we need to also release the "slave" devices and give them the same rights as their masters as well?

Actually had a thought, what about if we just reversed the terminology. Give the slave names to the previous masters and the masters can have a turn being under their oppressive grip!

Also does this mean old hardware will need to be updated? I've got a SAS card that's 20 or so years old with master and slave. How far back are we going on renaming?

Tax working from home, says Deutsche Bank, because the economy needs that lunch money you’re not spending


Maybe we shouldn't get paid directly and all income goes to the government. They can then give us an allowance from that based on what they think we should have.

Utterly stupid idea from a bank. If people's spending is changing, well the people that used to get that money need to change with it. Don't get me wrong I feel for retail staff, it's just not going back the way it was so those affected need to move with it. The ones that embrace it first will end up doing the best.

On a side note I do like being able to go to the kitchen (at home) and make a nice lunch each day. Prefer that to the sandwich I'd used to buy when I was in the office. Had a taste of a better life, why would we change that and why would taxing people the amount equal to their usual lunch spend make sense, they still eat lunch just bought from a supermarket and made based on our preference. Seems like a double dipping idea. If this had any validity I'd expect lunch every work day, delivered for my tax contribution.

With less than two months left, let's check in on Brexit: All IT systems are up and running and ready to go, says no one


Re: @overunder

this is why I read the reg

Did I or did I not ask you to double-check that the socket was on? Now I've driven 15 miles, what have we found?


Re: Executives left in the dark

I forget the request but I once had one of the execs ask me a question about one of the medical devices used that wasn't working. I had no idea.

His response was "It's an IT issue it uses electricity"

IT Marie Kondo asks: Does this noisy PC spark joy? Alas, no. So under the desk it goes


Re: Location location location

I technically don't actually have a desk at work. I work out of the lunch room. Not much of an issue right now as working from home but yea.

I guess if you consider the lunch room my office I do have the biggest office in the company though....

Just to add once I worked in an IT office that had windows. Actual light entering windows! They needed a place to put the call center staff so we were moved form the room in the middle of the floor to one on the side that had just been freed up by a departing manager. Sure 4 of us had to chare that room but was still roomy enough. We might not get the best deal but in that case we were at least one above the call center staff.

Apple's T2 custom secure boot chip is not only insecure, it cannot be fixed without replacing the silicon


Re: I need your clothes, boots and your motorcycle

This is why I like the reg. It's not the articles but the comments that keep me coming back.

IBM manager had to make one person redundant from choice of two, still bungled it and got firm done for unfair dismissal


I always found if you make the bottom (as per your managers thoughts) 10% redundant then the top 10% are looking for a new job.

Result, company is f**ked

Complexity has broken computer security, says academic who helped spot Meltdown and Spectre flaws


If you want to go down the biology thinking, no system is secure. Current world situation as an example.

It's all just best effort.

Google sees signs of success in its campaign to water down Australian pay-for-news plan


It does seem like a slippery slope though. I'm not a social media user anymore but I just wonder why it's only Google and Facebook. What about if I'd post a link to a news article on a forum or blog or reddit?

I might be wrong but seems to me like links to news articles from people they know would actually encourage people to click on them which would then load the lovely ads we see when reading said article. Isn't this essentially free publicity?

Ex-Uber chief security officer charged, accused of covering up theft of personal info from databases by hackers


Re: This is the US: he will get a slap on the wrist

Exactly, it's not about justice but the price of your lawer(s)

Trucking hell: Kid leaves dad in monster debt after buying oversized vehicle on eBay


Re: As far as eBay and PayPal are concerned

Identity theft? Lock him up!

Epic Games gets itself epically banned, launches epic Fortnite death match with Apple over App Store's epic 30% cut


Re: The real story here

That was my take away from this article as well. First time i've seen it happen.

30% does seem like extortion but the tricky thing I find with all this (play store as well) is they did basically make it the cost of using/selling things on their store. Most retail sales wholesale price is 50-70% of the retail price, if you remember what a retail store was.

As already stated by others Android doesn't lock you in so yea it's leaning on monopoly in that case. I just feel a bit 50/50 on it all even more tricky with the whole digital/physical purchase distinction.

Penny smart and dollar stupid: IT jobs slashed in US, UK, Europe to cut costs – just when we need staff the most


Initially we were actually asked by upper management if we could just "turn IT off" during the shutdown when in fact the amount of staff support related work has gone up significantly, supporting a smaller number of staff but dealing with the difficulties of home office setups. We've had to reduce maintenance a little to handle that but security has been kept untouched.

Fortunately (and i'd guess we're in the lucky minority) our company has since turned around and said they are increasing IT spending so that we will be in a better position coming out of this. Not that we're all popping the champagne as it's going in to projects but it is keeping us busy (and employed)

Accidental discounts land Apple in NZ's Disputes Tribunal


So by that logic you can ship drugsanonymously and if they are intercepted the receiver isn't liable as they don't own them til they arrive?

I'm wondering, if you buy something and it never arrives would the company that sent the item have to send another (if they still own it until it arrives) as most companies give you the option for delivery insurance which says to me the customer owns the item when it's delivered as they're the ones paying the insurance...


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