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Sextortion on the internet: Our man refuses to lie down and take it


I Volunteer.

To fight against blackmail I shall volunteer to authorities in order to spring a plan: The blackmailer has to come personally to collect £20,000 ....... while i'm in action. My (attractive) victim has to be provided by authorities.

At my age "blackmail" is not a fear! :(

Patent shark‘s copyright claim could bite all Unix


Rather a feeble try imo. An April Fools should be capable of fooling people. There isn't even the excuse of it being a Friday & Beer'O'Clock for the author.

I expect to see a much improved effort next year. Paying the april Fools author based on the number of outraged comments might be a worthwhile incentive.

AMD shutters German Linux lab, gives devs the axe


OSRC personnel were in Dresden & Austin. I'll start worrying if they can the Austin people.

Naughty-step Apple buries court-ordered apology with JavaScript



That is just for "lower" Courts. "Superior" Courts, Crown Court & higher (County Courts as well), can impose a prison term of two years/unlimited fine. Wilfully failing to comply with a court order might earn three months, for example. ..... Perhaps several £?,000 fine per each day the will of the Court is flouted?