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Samsung vs Apple: which smartphone do Reg readers prefer?



I'm now on my 3rd HTC in a row, before that was a nokia N95.

Firstly I had an HTC Hero, build quality was fantastic but it was as slow as sin, mind you as soon as I changed from the stock ROM it was a pleasure to use, though I suppose that doesn't count. This lasted me 18 months

I then went on to an HTC Sensation, a perfectly capable smartphone built like a brick outhouse, I had it for 21 months and it's still in use as a hand-me-down in my family to good effect. This was still the period where HTC outshone everyone with software then scrimped on RAM etc, it was a lovely phone to use but couldn't quite match the SII unless it was rooted, which I did, allowing me to use something a little lighter than Sense to make sure it didn't gum up after a few days use.

Finally, I'm currently the proud owner of an HTC One and, frankly, I'm extremely glad I didn't go for the S4 instead. It's beautifully built, the UI is as slick as they come (I frankly think touchwiz looks and feels a bit cheesy) and it's more than powerful enough for what I do, I'm not a mobile gamer and I won't be doing anything else especially intensive to even warrant it's 1.7 quad core, but the 2gb of ram makes sure there's no slow down and everything about the phone is snappy. Yes the S4 will scroll for you among other gimmicks, and it's a slightly faster phone, but it just doesn't look or feel as well built. I'm saying it doesn't feel as well built without having held one, but seeing as it's made out of plastic rather than metal I don't think there's anyone who will disagree.

I have always loved HTC Sense and now the One comes with the memory to cope with it, I can't see any reason I wouldn't go for the next big HTC in 2 years time, but only time will tell.

Top tools for junior Linux admins


Base distro

Your best bet, at least to begin with, is to choose a linux family, for instance debian-based distributions include debian, ubuntu and a variety of other offshoots, RHEL includes Redhat, centos, oracle linux etc. Stick with one family of linuxes for the first few months and you'll learn enough to be able to work around the nuances of the others, rather than lamenting your apparent lack of google-fu prowess when a configuration file in one family has moved to some obscure location in another.

Why do Smart TV UIs suck?

IT Angle

I think you need the option to link it with mobile devices, browsing clunky sliding, swivelling, iffy UIs with up,down,left,right arrows is painful at best and impossible at worst.

A way to browse and launch apps via your mobile would probably be best, with the TV just staying as it is, a screen to display content. Pick the content on your phone or tablet, it starts to load on the TV.

Simples (okay probably not).

Avira 'fesses up: Our software isn't compatible with Windows 8

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Plenty of AV products don't support 8 yet, in fact if you jump on their compatability site the only freebie AV that does is AVG, Avast is definitely *not* compatible as I have witnessed BSODs caused by an avast dll on 8, and it is not listed as compatible on Microsoft's site yet.


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