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IBM drops Lotus brand from next version of Notes


It's alive?

Notes is still going? That was the very first email app I used (to go with my very first email address - employer supplied). I still shudder at the memory of trying to work the interface and the strange nature of 'delete'.

Having not used it many years, are later versions better than what went before?

Judge: Your boss has no right to your emails held by a third party


They should have used email archiving

"Dockwise claims that Fairstar’s servers had deleted the emails when they sent them on to Adkins' other address, a claim that Adkins disagrees with."

This is why it can be a good idea for businesses to use some kind of server-side archiving on their email. If they'd automatically archived all incoming and outgoing emails then the emails would still be available.

El Reg seeks hoardiest reader for crap-stashtic honour

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Too late

And to think my girlfriend made me throw out boxes full of junk just last month. Still at least I managed to save a rubber key ZX Spectrum, an Amiga 500 and tv lead from a Playstation One (or, as it was commonly known back then, a 'Playstation').


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