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US dominates tech R&D

Rich Le Cropane

So, by the numbers...

If we take Dan's numbers and apply a few additional facts (courtesy of the good ol' CIA), we learn that the 2006 US R&D budget was about 390 billion US$ (2.7% of a 13.3 trillion US$ GDP), making it larger than either Finland's or Sweden's entire 2006 GDP (176 billion US$ and 290 billion US$, respectively).

As for institutions of higher learning, a more interesting number would be the percentage of foreign students at said universities. Perhaps the US doesn't need as many because we're not actually going there. And as for scientific literacy, well, duhh. Enough said already, I think.

Cops coax half-naked Czech wolfman from Cardiff tree

Rich Le Cropane

...and my hat, too.

"Lycanthropic Czech Banks on Cardiff Branch--Avoids Full Moon"

Apple's first handheld: the Newton MessagePad

Rich Le Cropane

Still Newting

I've been using my upgraded MessagePad 2000 daily for 10 years now (it replaced an OMP I picked up in '94). Hopefully, by the time it finally croaks, the iPhone will be more capable and a lot cheaper.