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Malware removes rival rootkits


Good Guys

Relax folks.

There are also online teams dedicated to detecting and removing rootkits, and the tools created to remove the rootkits are shared across all the online anti-malware forums.

Remember Grozomon? pe386?? All detected and removed via these online forums.

Google bags hosted security firm Postini for $625m


The Same Postini that...

..one day blocked the recent DoJ hoax, and then allowed it through to our users the next?

Hopefully Google can improve it's success rate.

DoJ alerts US citizens to spam attack


Saw this in action today

This hoax made it to the PA of my Managing director. They were about to pass it on to the legal department, until deciding to consult IT first.

The email address used is abuse@usdoj.gov, which to the untrained eye appears legitimate because of the domain. However, no one seems to question why an email would come from the "abuse" recipient??

Also, why would the DoJ email direct to a UK company? Wouldn't they use a UK based authority?

Name used for the complaint was "Mr Henry Stewart", if anybody was after more identity traits.