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156K spam text-sending firm to ICO: It wasn't us, Commissioner


If you have a small child

Around 3-4 years old, just old enough to speak and young enough to find phone calls fascinating, there is much amusement value to be had by handing cold calls to them and time how long they can keep the caller going.

What's new in Windows Server 2012


A couple of notes on the filesystems

After poking around 2012 on the weekend:

Dedupe is not at all RAM-intensive as it's run as a scheduled task, it doesn't run on-the-fly.

Dedupe is, for some baffling reason, only available under NTFS and not ReFS

One of the features touted for ReFS is storage data integrity. This is only enabled for mirror volumes. For parity volumes, only file *metadata* is checksummed. However, write performance of parity volumes has been reported to be so slow that I'm not even going to bother testing parity volumes.

Overall, it looks like Microsoft decided to catch up to ZFS, but made a rather half-arsed job of it.

I'm probably going to use this for a home fileserver, but I'm seriously unimpressed with this for an enterprise environment.


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