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Samsung Innov8 i8510 eight-megapixel cameraphone



Not sure if generic sip voip calls are possible, I haven't tried that yet with my i8510. I do use Fring though which allows you to use Skype. I used truphone sip on my N95 but I belive they offer a standalone program which lets you to make voip calls from the actual program rather than from the shell of the phones o/s

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how can the C905 be better than this phone? The i8510 is an S60 smartphone, not a crappy "dumb phone". Try running console emulators or making skype calls on the C905!

Paris, because even she knows S60 rules

Nintendo introduces redesigned DS

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it has 2 cameras.

Paris, because she always prefers 2 lenses over 1

Euro iPhone launch will reveal 3G handset for Vodafone, T-Mobile


iPhone Warehouse

Are CPW going to be creating a brand new MVNO or using one of their hardly well known existing ones? (Fresh/TalkTalk Mobile)