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BlackBerry Motion: The Phone That Won't Die

Jerry G.

Re: So...

I have the KEYone. It runs on Android. The battery lasts a lot longer than most other smart phones.

Jerry G.

Re: Motion

There is also the KEYone. I am using the KEYone. I moved up from the PRIV. I like the KEYone very much. Has some improvements. The battery life with the KEYone is terrific.

Quantum computers could crack Bitcoin, but fixes are available now

Jerry G.

If this was possible, and most likely would be, the computers managing Bitcoin, and also the users would have improved computers by then. Bitcoin management may also be managed by Quantum computers if this would ever be possible, and thus be caught up.

New York Police scrap 36,000 Windows smartphones

Jerry G.

Choice of Technology...

Before making such a serious investment in to anything, the first thing to check is the end of life for support, or what we can call support horizon. As for any smart phone, after about 3 to 4 years it will be too obsolete to be efficiently used. The OS and security would be through many updates, and becoming more demanding on the phone's hardware capability. It would not be a good idea to operate without security and bug updates.

As for custom written software that is OS version sensitive, there should be an agreement with the authors to make sure the software can be easily upgraded, or can be designed to not be version sensitive if possible. It is also apparent, nobody can know specific necessities of an OS that is not yet published or officially distributed.

Personally, for a Smart Phone of any type I would be going with Android. The reasons are simple. Very versatile, not a closed system as like most of the others, and is not a locked in system. If you require ultimate security with Android. the Blackberry is the most secure phone on the planet. Regular Android using a decent Android phone, if properly set up is very secure.

Don't buy Microsoft Surface gear: 25% will break after 2 years, says Consumer Reports

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Re: I could go postal!

The newer power supplies are more efficient. The newer thinner connectors have been proven more reliable, and have better power transfer efficiency due to better contact design. The newer batteries which are physically smaller are more efficient, charge faster, and last longer between charging. Internal non changeable battery allows for direct soldered connections, and thus less problems with the contacts overheating, or becoming oxidized and thus causing loss of battery efficiency or non stable conditions. It is also safer for the user to have the battery non changeable. The newer computers are thinner, faster, lighter, more power consumption efficient.

Faking incontinence and other ways to scare off tech support scammers

Jerry G.

I play them along for a while... I go through the motions of their crap and misinformation about my system until the point where they want me to download a public type of remote computer entry program. At this point I pretend to be installing it. I keep telling them I get an administrator rights error not allowing the program to install. This gets the Scammer very annoyed. Some of them ask me to see if I can call the administrator and tell them I have a call from MS and there is a serious problem with the computer. I pretend to be dialing the admin person on my other phone. I act like I am talking. I then come back and tell the Scammer they want me to bring the computer back to where I work. Most of the time the Scammer hangs up right away! This is after wasting at least an hour of their time, and being entertained at how they work.

What gets rid of them very quickly, is right away you tell them your computer is on Linux, and you have no admin rights. Tell them it is a company computer that does not belong to you and there is no local email installed. The Scammer will usually hang up on you right away.

Amazing new boffinry breakthrough: Robots are eating our brains

Jerry G.

This article has many valid points. With aggressive advancements in AI robotic systems will be able to learn skills from people and each other, teach what they have learned and do direct information sharing with other robots, reproduce themselves, and service each other. In a very advanced AI environment (world), there will be no need for human interaction. The robots will end up being a self surviving entity as like a new race.

This may all sound very much science fiction, but in reality think not! Most of what we are seeing today was pure science fiction just a few decades ago. Back in the 1960's when advanced computer systems were starting to show their presence these were an impressive advancement from what was in existence in the 1950's. The rate of advancement is exponential. Moor's Law which dictates the advancing rate of information being doubled.

The next century can either be awesome, or our worse nightmare coming!

Brit ISP TalkTalk blocks control tool TeamViewer

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Re: Re : I wonder where the scammers got hold of their client telephone numbers from.. India?

Many people have registered on the Do Not Call list in their country. For example both the US and Canada have a shared list and agreement for this. I believe the UK and Australia are part of the same list system. The idea is marketing companies buy a copy of this list and run a software that is supposed to disable their systems from being able to dial the phone numbers on the list. These phone numbers on the list are supposed to also be blocked in their system for solicited phone calls.

The malicious Scammers and etc., buy or obtain these lists. They use the lists as a call list rather than a Do Not Call list.

There is advertising and promotions going on to encourage people to participate in the list to avoid Scam calls and annoying marketing calls. The list is probably very effective locally, but not for any foreign countries where there is no way or possibility of prosecuting the Scammers in those countries. In the end, you are dammed if you do go in the list, and you can be dammed if you do not go on to the list.

Careless Licking gets a nasty infection: County stiffed by ransomware

Jerry G.

From what I have read there are some versions of Ransomware and Trojans that will sweep through a network. It searches out the computers and then do the evil work.

What I do not understand is why many businesses, government offices, and corporations do not keep an isolated secondary backup system. Only when they are sure the systems are working safe and proper they connect the secondary backup system to do the updates. When all if finished this secondary backup system is disconnected. Along with this system they have to have an independent startup disk to allow access to the isolated backup.

With the investment of the dollars required, and employing the proper knowledgeable IT people it is possible to have a reliable recovery system in place.

Education of the staff about secure practices, employing proper protection, and screening all emails is safer answer. This also has a cost, but in the end this cost may work out much cheaper than having a complete system taken down. Most of these types of entries are caused by the users not being aware!

Oh Britain. Worried your routers will be hacked, but won't touch the admin settings

Jerry G.

Home Router Security, and Any Router Security

When you first purchase your router the very first thing you do is change the main admin password. When turning on the WiFi section you also change the password for the WiFi access. You restart the router and log back in again under the new password. Now you can complete whatever setups necessary.

Most users use the default passwords from the time they buy their router. They figure since nobody knows their system exists along with the many millions of others there should not be an issue. It is true your system may not be discovered until one main exception. If you somehow install a malicious software from opening an attachment or visiting an infected web page, that malicious software may be the type that steels information for theft of information, and or to take over the user's network to use it for its own distribution or whatever.

Most of the time systems get a Trojan or malicious software because they let it in somehow. One of the most common ways is from opening unsolicited emails that contain executable code in its attachment or its main content (hidden code). Email programs are supposed to be protected against auto execution, but when the user opens a malicious attachment they are inadvertently allowing it to run. There is only so much capability the protection can offer. Common sense and understanding is a very important aspect of using a computer.

Downloading and installing infected programs is another common way malicious software gets in to systems. There is also visiting infected web pages, and especially clicking on the banners and links out of curiosity.

Hackers could turn your smart meter into a bomb and blow your family to smithereens – new claim

Jerry G.

Why not ask the power company to come out and fix it properly???

Jerry G.

Smart Meter Comment

This article is a load of crap. I have an understanding about how these meters work. Some are wireless with a range of a few hundred feet. Some are connected to a telephone line. These meters have an IP number. Some manufactures have their own proprietary communications protocol that works similar to IP numbers.

The power to the appliances and etc, pass through a circuit that measures the current. Instead of making a linear electromagnetic field to push a magnetic linear motor unit that drives a sort of simple clock assembly (mechanical meters), the current value is read by a scaling-ramp circuit that feeds a sort of electronic timer. This timer works in kW/hr (Kilowatt Hours). It is a counter. The more current passing through the greater the count rate per unit time frame. After processing and calculating the Kw/Hrs used. This data is sent back to the power company on an independent IP number that has nothing to do with anything in your home. You can shut down all the internet in your home and the power meter will still work as long as the power company independent data line is connected to that meter, or its wireless feature is working.

The power supplies in your devices and appliances have no signal conductibility to the motherboard or processing in appliances. It is an AC supply on the input side of a switching supply that has high isolation to the inverted DC buss inside of the unit. Even a DC buss cannot be infiltrated. The DC buss is regulated and filtered against noise to keep the device or appliance running properly and stable.

As for destroying a power meter, there is not much in these devices that can be dangerous by software access. If someone malicious was to get in to the meter somehow which I doubt very much unless they worked for the power company, or they had the proper setup and huge amount of time, they can only turn off the meter, change the Kw/Hr setting, or reset the readings.

If someone crazy was to break in to a home and put a crowbar across the main power buss before any fuses, and if the power company protection did not trip, the most the guy would have is a huge spark and possibly be injured very badly, or even killed!

As for the two phase voltage coming in to the home, this is directly hard wired from outside to the buss of the breaker panel via the current sensor inside of the meter. This is all hard wired and is not able to have any power diverted. This is high current power and it would take a large automation control high current relay switch-box to start diverting power in the home. I do not know any establishment that would have this type of switch-box unless they are part of a sub station network, or a corporation. And, these boxes would not be allowed to have internet access. These would be on an isolated network only.


I wish before these articles are posted proper research is done. Someone should contact power companies and verify this type of thing to have something official. I am not official for this. I studied electrical engineering and have some knowledge in power systems and power supply design.

There are people who make up all kinds of fright news to attract attention, publish books, and etc., just to bring a lot of attention. Then they have a book or some story, or some software to sell that will supposedly fix things.

Google's become an obsessive stalker and you can't get a restraining order

Jerry G.

Re: Do people care?

Did you loan your vehicle to anyone else? Did someone use your vehicle (such as a family member) without telling you?

Delete Google Maps? Go ahead, says Google, we'll still track you

Jerry G.

Location of Phone and User

Google or anyone else is not looking directly at who anyone is. It is a mass tracking system with millions of users. Nobody would have the time to manually look at each individual, and then for what direct purpose? This would take more than a lifetime. I would not think the system is even set up that way. If someone who had access to get in to their tracking system, they would certainly require the phone's ID such as the user name just to start to make a basic search. The info is all encrypted to begin with.

I know from what I've read in business publications Google and other companies sell demographic information. They sell information about the average user shopping habits like what products people are buying, and where they do their buying. Women and men each have their own types of shopping habits on the average. They want to know things like how many people are buying pet food, and the ratio of quantity for dogs or cats, and in what areas of the cities. They like to know in the various areas what income level of people tend to buy what product types. In the various areas the types of foods that are being consumed the most.

We have to consider when we use Google we do not pay any fees to use their services. There are other services that are also tracking us and we do not pay fees to use them. We get a lot of music, news, and videos from these services on our computers and on our portable devices. Someone has to pay for this. I would rather them do what they are doing than having to pay out fees every month for everything I access.

This type of info has value to advertisers, product distributors, and marketing companies. They are not interested directly about each individual. With the millions of users out there who's shopping and their travel habits are being monitored it would be a lifetime daunting task to start looking at them one by one and taking note of each one! And then who is going to read all that info? This is all done by computers using AI systems. They are generating consumer density maps, and huge bulk consumer data lists in numeric sequences. The various product retailers can then determine the required quantities and types of products to place on the shelves for consumers to purchase at the various locations. In a way in the end we also get better supplied services from these retailers.

My annoyance would be the battery usage from apps that I would not need to have tracking. I am using a Blackberry PRIV. I have not found any problems with battery usage. I did notice that when I use Google Search, at below the entry prompt I am seeing where I have been, and where I am. I also sometimes see suggestions. I was in a dining place just the other day, and when I opened Google Search it told me where I was, and if I would like to see their menu on their web site. It also told me where I last parked my car. It also made suggestions about the closest place I can get the best price for gasoline. As I scrolled down I saw more suggestions and more info about my activities.

Another one that may surprise many people. Our debit and credit cards are also being tracked in a similar way. They know the types of purchases, amounts of cash withdraws, and etc. Many of the large retailers are now taking electronic photos of the customers when paying out at the cash in their stores. Their systems are correlating the customer's face with their credit or debit card. They are also tracking the purchases. This is how they know what types of advertising to direct to the customer. They also add this info to their security system so they can know who their customers are. The security systems of today use bio-metrics to ID people from their collected database. Even many types of consumer photo cameras are capable of using basic bio-metrics to ID people. Our smart phones are capable to use this type of system.

How much does your kid hate exams? This lad hacked his government to skip them

Jerry G.

Interesting Talent!

I am sure that when this kid gets out of trouble, or serves his time, or whatever, he will have some interesting job offers.

Google scraps its Project Ara modular smartphone wheeze

Jerry G.

Modular Smart Phone

I was anxious to soon see this type of phone available. I like the idea of being able to have a number of different types of modules to allow specific customization of the phone at any time to fit particular situations. There is also a huge advantage as when a function becomes defective a simple module replacement can fix the phone rather than sending it out for expensive service, or having to replace the complete phone.

A few years ago, I had a phone where the camera went defective and the rest of the phone was perfect. I had to send the phone for service. I had to have a loaner phone for over two weeks. The factory service told me the problem was not feasible to service. I had to replace the complete phone to have the camera back. If I had a modular phone, this may have been a simple very quick module replacement.

Update your iPhones, iPads right now – govt spy tools exploit vulns

Jerry G.

Phone Security

If you want to have privacy and security with a phone Blackberry is the way to go. With Blackberry we don't hear about these problems as like we are hearing about with the others. This is why governments, medical field where privacy is a concern, leaders of countries, and high position people in corporations only use Blackberry.

I myself and my family have been using Blackberry. I have no issues with this phone, and I feel very secure with it.

Angler hooks German's todger at nudist lake

Jerry G.

Swimming in a Fishing Lake!

WTF... How does someone choose to swim in a lake belonging to a fishing club and expect to not have a mishap???!!! This man most likely has less brains than the fish being caught in the lake!

I would like to see that guy try nude swimming in the fishing lakes up in Northern Canada that are full of Great Northern Pike. He would have a much bigger problem than getting a fish hook stuck in to a critical place! He would be running out of the water with maybe some pieces of skin missing.

You can fix a lot of things with a hammer, but with a hammer no matter how many times you pound it down you cannot fix stupidity!

BlackBerry DTEK 50: How badly do you want a secure Android?

Jerry G.

Re: So what about the belt holster options?

I went on Amazon and bought a terrific belt holster with a belt loop, Velcro flap, and also has a locking clip. I have been using the PRIV which is very much the same as the DTEK50, but with a keyboard. It is a terrific phone.

Ex-Citibank IT bloke wiped bank's core routers, will now spend 21 months in the clink

Jerry G.


This man is an idiot. He will never be able to have an IT or systems analyst job most likely for the rest of his life. This man will never be trusted. He will be lucky if he can get a floor sweeping job. Employers would never want to employ someone who can turn on them.

US officials vote to allow Bitcoin for political donations

Jerry G.

It's interesting only a number of months ago they were talking about the idea to ban Bitcoin, or find a way to regulate it. The reason is with Bitcoin they would not have control over it as like regular currency, and be able to track it for taxing the users who make profit it.

Google Glass teardown puts rock-bottom price on hardware

Jerry G.

To add to all of this, when the first LCD monitors came out in mass production they started to be produced slowly. At the beginning when they were targeted to be mass distributed during the first year or so many of the models were selling at below the actual manufacture price. The manufactures were putting these out on mass as an investment to get the cost down over the volume of sales for a targeted time duration. They were looking at after two years they should be starting to have a profit.

Back in 1996 a 14 inch LCD monitor with a contrast ratio of 250 was selling for over $8000 US. In the year 2000 an equivalent which was improved a bit was selling for about $1600. Now we can purchase a far superior LCD screen at 24 inches for a few hundred dollars. The R&D to develop this technology was in the billions of dollars. The cost to bring these in to mass production was at a huge cost, but in the end they did it.

Jerry G.

There are many appliances and devices being sold that cost much less in pieces than the asking price. When taking something apart to estimate the cost of the pieces, it is not possible to know the development cost for each piece, the design cost for the device, and also the cost of development of the software it will be using to function.

We can look at a piece that is part of something, and it can appear to look like it does not cost very much to manufacture. Then if you consider that maybe only a small number of the specific part was manufactured in relation to the development cost the total cost can be huge.

About twenty years ago I was involved in the development of a device for controlling the phasing and delay of sound. The cost to produce each unit was not too expensive if not including the R&D that went in to it. When the R&D and setup for production was included in relation to the sell price the cost per unit manufactured was huge. In the end the product did not succeed very well because the industry changed too quickly before all the costs were able to be retrieved.

Apple patent LOCKS drivers out of their OWN PHONES

Jerry G.

It would be best to have the phone enabled to be operated by any of the passengers. There was a system devised where the vehicle has a device installed that senses if the phone is in front of the steering column and being held by the driver. It is designed to be very difficult to bypass. Only the local emergency number can be dialed, or the phone can be answered or hung up. There would be some logistics where the phone can not be used for other than emergency (911) unless a hands free unit is working with it.

The automobile companies would have to get involved. Royalty and patent issues would have to be worked out. This type of system would save a lot of lives. There has to be a serious and costly penalty for those who implement a way to bypass this safety system. The fine has to be at least a few thousand dollars with a court hearing. If the fine is only a few hundred dollars and no court appearance there are many people who would still bypass this. I have personally seen people texting and talking on their phone to their ear while driving. When mentioning they can get a ticket they tell me they don't care because the ticket is not expensive.

Woman claims she was assaulted in Google Glass 'HATE CRIME'

Jerry G.

I have been amazed how well the Google picture search works. I used my own picture, and pictures of a few friends in Google picture search. It found websites that contained the pictures I looked for. A friend of mine took some photos at a number of touristic places. These were easily identified with Google picture search.

As for smart phones they generally have a short life between battery charging because of the extensive CPU and operation demand. Scanning for emails, monitoring the phone network for a possible incoming call, working on WiFi, operating a Bluetooth device, and running a few programs in the background eat up battery time. If you were to turn off all the services and have only the phone section active for only simple phone calls you will notice the battery will go a lot longer.

But... If you were to use your smart phone with all the extra services turned off, then there is no point in paying out the extra bucks for a smart phone and the data plan. You may as well own a cheap regular flip phone or something like that!

Jerry G.

In many public places it is not safe to expose expensive gadgets, or anything that represents something of value, unless you are prepared to have to protect it, or be injured from being attacked. There is also the other aspect where people become offended, or had their privacy invaded when they think their picture has been taken.

Google Glass, as like a digital camera of any type stands out a lot, and opens an invitation to be robbed of it. This is why many press reporters when going in to unsafe public places where they cannot be protected will use a hidden camera if they want to take pictures.

When I use my smart phone I wear a small Bluetooth earphone that does not light up, and it is under my hair and not visible especially if I am wearing a hat. I never take my phone out. I operate it entirely by voice and button command with the hidden Bluetooth earphone. I also make sure I am not drawing attention when talking in to my earphone. I usually walk out direct site from the main area if possible.

Finally! How to make Android USABLE: Install BlackBerry OS 10.2

Jerry G.

You are right. I am using both the Z10 and the Z30 for my work.

The Blackberry phone is extremely secure. Android apps run in what we can call their own sand-box if you understand my description. All apps allowed to run on the Blackberry device must be approved and authorised by Blackberry.

I will not abandon using Blackberry phones. The enterprise I work for is using Blackberry phones for any type of business where security is important.

Jerry G.

I have been using a Z10 since it came out. There have been a number of update of the OS. So-far I have had excellent results with the phone and like it a lot!

I am running a number of Android apps in the Z10. They have to be what they call, "side loaded". They work very well.

I am considering the Z30 to have a slightly larger screen. My question would be is if it is worth the extra cost for this.

Jerry G.

Re: BB's saviour?

From the many articles that I have been reading over the last year, it seems Google is making their tons of money by selling user demographic information. When using their operating system, their web pages, and their mail services they are collecting user information. This information is based on what they have viewed on their computer screen, the searches they made, and the purchases they made. They gather all of this through the usage of cookies, and when using their services.

The information they gather is demographic only. At the most they can know is the computer itself as a hardware device, but not more than that. They are not interesting in our names and the exact address where we live. When considering the billions of searches and views from the many hundreds of millions of users, it would not be practical by any means to know exactly every person individually.

If users were to absolutely object to allowing demographic information to be collected, we would end up having to pay for every decent web page we visit. The web page operators have to have the income from their web sites to be able to earn a living and pay their expenses. Otherwise there would be no good quality services on the net.

Kettle 'which looks like HITLER' brews up sturm in a teacup

Jerry G.

Kettle Look Like Hitler?

Maybe I'm a bit dumb...

I don't see how this kettle resembles Hitler in any possible way. Is it the slant of the handle? Many people of today have the same type of hair wave in the front of their forehead.

There is a series of kettles being made that the body of the kettles each have the face back and front of famous leaders in history. Some of them were terrible people. Maybe this is being mixed up from that series of kettles?

BlackBerry infrastructure hit by ANOTHER outage

Jerry G.

I am a heavy Blackberry user. I did not notice any outage. I use my phone for email, web based applications, scheduling, and etc throughout the day. I use my phone for both personal and work.

Maybe this outage was not global???

Google Chrome slips web fix to addicts suffering net withdrawal

Jerry G.

I hope any browser that will browse cached web pages will at least display a warning showing the internet connection is lost! Not knowing the connection is down can cause some frustration when the user has to access it.

Euro watchdog bares teeth at Microsoft over browser gaffe

Jerry G.

MS Browser IE with Windows Operating System

Something I cannot understand...

I don't see the big deal in having Internet Explorer installed with Windows or any other programs that comes with Windows. The user can still go out on the net, and download and install any other browser or program he wants. Windows does not block any other browser or programs from going in.

When I install Windows on any computer I find IE a convenient starting point. I then install Chrome and Firefox because I like them. I end up using all three browsers. I found some have weak and strong points for different approaches in how I like to cruse the net, and use the user groups.

France again threatens Google with link tax

Jerry G.

Taxes For News Site Searches!

Everyone is over taxed to begin with. Once this type of thing starts with an open service such as usage of the net, then it will never end.

Google should simply remove all the France web sites to show them how the loss of millions of visits will affect them. Then they can think about this. The losses will reduce the value of the advertizing revenue that they presently have.

Soon will will be taxed for sitting on a park bench or simply taking a walk outside on the street!


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