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UK's tech capital named: Read it and weep, Tech City startup hipsters


Re: But for how long?

True, but living in London isn't conducive to raising a family economically with the cost of living premium... so those of us who have settled down and don't mind working for the giants for some guaranteed income and no travel time are quite happy in the 'burbs.

Although the last time I visited Microsoft I felt old at 31, so clearly it's still attracting young talent.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria review


Re: WoW could have been eternal

Firstly, you complain that there is no challenging content yet have made no mention of the challenge or heroic raid modes of the game which are designed to provide the challenge to those that enjoy it.

Everything is *not* being handed out. Dungeon gear to get ready for raiding, yes, Normal raid level gear to get ready for heroic raiding, yes via ease of encounters to anyone experienced and valor / reputation grinding. Heroic mode raid loot is an achievement to get. There is a definite sense of achievement at beating a significant challenge to be had if you look for it. Challenge mode gold runs are difficult to get if you cannot spare enough time to raid. Either of these will fulfil your clear need to feel superior to others while playing a video game.

I would enjoy seeing you manage to achieve either of these spamming your AoE skills.

I would argue that the heroic content is mechanically and logistically more challenging than any content previously added to the game. I've raided every piece of released content when it was relevant, barring encounter specific issues, it is far more challenging simply due to the complexity of encounters. Nobody can argue that the very first encounter in this raid tier is mechanically less challenging than original Patchwerk, for example.

Secondly, you're failing to see the bigger picture. If the raiding is hard, and only 0.1% of the playerbase ever gets to experience it, from a development mangement perspective it makes *zero* business sense to put any development resources into the upcoming content. We'd see even more of the farmville/pokemon distractions. LFR is the single best thing to happen to the game from a raiding perspective. Now the content is available to 100% of the playerbase, and it makes business sense to plough development and testing resource into upcoming content. Raid content from this point on *should* only get better and better.

Finally, to those complaining of the grind. You do not have to do dailies. You can just as easily only raid, or only PvP as you previously used to. Dailies allow you to spend the valor points you accumulate but you do not have to spend them in order to get gear. You choose to do them because you enjoy the feeling of reaching the carrot. There will always be someone else in the guild/realm that bothers to get the 28 slot bag recipe, or weapon enchants.

In response to the article, at least WoW has something to do at max level, I've never dropped an MMO upon reaching level cap as quickly as I dropped GW2.