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Just TWO climate committee MPs contradict IPCC: The two with SCIENCE degrees


Re: No Surprise

Nope, you sir actually read the article.

The main basis of climate change argument is that CO2 emissions have increased thus global temperatures will directly increase because of this. They dont take into account (or maybe not until recently) any other variables that might be dissipating the excess energy. They don't even take into account the massive temperature increase we should be experiencing with methane increases.

That basically, the argument of CO2 should be increasing temperatures is valid, the amount that temperatures have increased is very small and seems not to be corroborated by the amount of CO2 that has been put into the atmosphere.


Re: No Surprise

"We (the scientific community) came to consensus decades ago." - are you meaning kids serving fries ?

Or are you talking about the same scientific community in the 80s that thought we were heading for an ice age?

Did you read the article? Some major scientists basically said and showed, that there is statistically no related change to the CO2 increase that the Alarmists are pointing to.

By the CO2 alarmists, we should have risen by 4+ degrees, we havent, not even close.

Microsoft loses grip on Christmas shoppers... despite XBox boost


Re: "Windows phone = loser"?

um ?? you DO know that its not AD but Active Sync that the Windows phone ALSO uses. a

And its not controlled by Active directory but probably an MDM setup.

Both Active sync, AD, and Exchange all work beautifully.

Also the Windows phone has an MDM feature built in with SCCM.. Also with Lync.

Thanks for trying to pretend that you know how the enterprise works... it was a nice try.


Practical use? I use it from the office and put the business iPhone that was given to me in a drawer, connected only to forward messages to me.

I have all the apps I need (Im sure there are some dorky 3rd party ones that are barely used) have all my contacts in one place, can get to sky drive or box from home, office, or phone..

My voicemails are texted to me, and I can see when I have texts or not at a glance.

The Camera is a killer app (though yes I know not software) that destroys the competition.

Its the best phone I've ever had and makes Android seem buggy and the iphone seem useless.

Apple slams brakes on orders of (not so cheap) plasticky iPhone 5C


Re: Shouldn't be hard for apple to break into the lower end of the market

BWHAHAHAHAAA - its a Porsche now?

Kind of pathetic the excuses and comparisons Apple users try to make to placate their egos... with their absence of utility. But lets take that analogy - lets pretend its a Porsche. But its one that you can drive anywhere and they promise in 1 or 2 years they'll build a track you can drive it on. But by that time, it will be a Porsche from the 1960s and outdated with technology that's newer, better, and usable. But hey, you can always claim it as a collectors item... ?!?

Windows 8 fans out-enthuse Apple fanbois


Re: "Windows 8 fans out-enthuse Apple fanbois"

You're missing the point aren't you?

That a user will never have to worry or be limited to logging on their account to another device and be limited because, as you said, no one uses 81 devices with the same account.

You have the fact in hand, just not the point buddy.

Ex-CEO Elop's plunder to total $25m in voyage from Nokia to Microsoft



I wonder if peeps are gonna birth kittens over this.

Elop bought a lot of Nokia shares with his own money.

The return is mostly because that stock raised.

Everyone who invested in Nokia made out with a lot of money because they were all investing when it was at rock bottom.

Web showered in golden iPhone 5S vid glory - but is it all a DISTRACTION?


Re: but Apple will probably wait ..

They are first to the market for iSheep ... who don't look at any other market.

Those sheep also think Apple is innovative because of the same thing too.

Fake gold cover... look something shiny - iTards will buy it.

Firefox OS starts third-place race against Windows Phone


1- Windows IS in 3rd place but we'll see after the Nokia EOS comes out how quickly MS will catch up.

2- Firefox isn't even close to Windows.

3- In fact Firefox is so far behind they are actually behind Blackberry and Symbian.

Tesla unveils battery-swapping tech for fast car charging


Nice idea but doesnt work

Seriously... it becomes impractical for a station to do this.. and there is no way to track if the battery is older, newer, what's the price if newer, what does the station do with the older...

Ultimately.. you need to FIND a station that does this and it costs more than charging and that's what you wanted to save money for high prices of gas. You're already paying a much higher cost for the electric car (which already DOES NOT surpass the amount of gas money you'd save)

Former Microsoft Windows chief: I was right to kill the Start button


Re: Thank God he's out !!

Let me reiterate JeffyPooh:

They want one interface (eventually one common OS) for all of their products.

computer, laptop, tablet, Phone, .. even Xbox. This would make a seamless bounce from one device to another and keep all their services the same with one login.

I know that's what their end goal is - but the "desktop" interface is going to be there for quite a long time. That was my point. They want to give users a common interface and probably OS, but they have to allow the users to choose to move to it, not force, and give them a choice.

Again, gain the new and keep the old. Otherwise they piss off the old base and put off the new customer base with what they were doing.


Thank god hes out !!

Sinofsky is probably the single most obvious reason Windows 8 sales sucked.

I understand that there needed to be 1 interface but he had a retarded mental block when it came to use case scenarios - mainly business which is the mainstay of Microsoft.

He though of himself as a hipster and yuppie and tried to be like Google and Apple and failed.

All Windows 8 needed was its start button back, (for office and desktop use), a shared favorites page between the metro and desktop IE, a simple shut down button, and oh, add flash to the metro IE.

A few simple things that would make windows 8 an easy choice, with choice, to bounce between tablet and desktop function. So simple, yet he failed so hard at it. Next time LISTEN TO YOUR USER BASE AND USE CASE SCENARIOS !! The users have to adopt it, don't make it painful, simply make things optional and you'll keep the old and gain the new !!

Google Glass will SELF-DESTRUCT if flogged on eBay


Re: What gives ANY company the right...

Just because a company has a contract and you sign it in your own blood, and give your fingerprints, voice identification, and promise your first born child --- does NOT mean it can be legally upheld !

A consumer has rights and this actually VIOLATES THE COPYRIGHT MISUSE DOCTRINE!!

In fact such misuse of destroying property sold to its customer might actually be grounds for a class action suit against Google.

Android and Apple OS shares show mountain MS must climb


Please compare

Because many iphones and Android phones dont get their updates. And seeing as phone cycles are about 1-2 year contracts, it isnt all that bad. When companies are syncing everything, and MS is consolidating all its houses(OSes , services, storage, contacts etc...) under a common environment. Its making life much easier for individuals as well as IT companies.

But its working so well - that there are some privacy issues that are coming up: I mean I keep some things separate for a reason and now Live messenager,Facebook, and soon Skype will be syncing all my contacts. Im already getting confused when someone leaves me a FB message and it pops up under Live messenger.

So thats MY complaint.: the sync works well - but I think they need to put in more hubs to exclude contacts from being mixed in the information hubs.

Thumb Down

Re: Ironically

1- yes you can get a free phone recorder. Though expected right to privacy laws may differ in states - the attorneys should know this.

2- No, just use a cloud storage instead - there are many that your company or an individual can use.

3- The upgrade has a few features I like, but thats mostly for hardware - and contracts are 1-2 years so the cycle isnt too poor : seriously compared to Android and IOS ?!

Ive looked looked up BBC apps: the only question is WHICH of the many are you talking about? I agree there are a few that arent there, but most are and many are jumping on the wp8 bandwagon that I never thought would. Box is which kind of amazed me.

Maybe if you asked your IT department they'd tell you the exact things I am.


Re: Microsoft still making money off Android?

Just like Android is making some money off Apple. And Apple and Android are making money off active sync from MS. Circle of mobile life.

Pre-ordered a Microsoft Surface? So SORRY it's late, have a voucher


Re: See- they have sold out all stock!

You are right just multiply that by Million.

All 10 million of already been sold out.


And those are the pre-orders.


Re: Article in brief.

Real geeks do use MS products and do roll them out in the thousands and do check to see if they handle msi packages and AppV, citrix clients, and other desktop management software.

Real geeks do develop for a 90% of the market. And windows 8 sold more in 1 day than the new OSX in , what, a month?

Only faketards who make statements "Real geeks don't go near Microsoft products," say things like that while living off mummy and daddy at college or still live at home with them.

Oh and as for the Surface- Wasnt it supposed to be a failure- but they cant keep them in stock?

It would take something like a Hurricane to keep people from geting those orders.. oh WAIT - Did the reporter miss that small little storm on the East coast of the USA?


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