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Gadgets are NOT the perfect gift for REAL men


Real women like tools!

My sweetie has had a hammer, a set of screwdrivers and a stepladder in recent times, all of which garnered me extra cuddles! Of course it does help if said sweetie is of the bodge it yourself variety, and it means I don't have to think where the h**l is my stepladder when I start a job.

Life on Mars means subsisting on grim diet of turd-garden spinach


Not so long ago, and not too far away...

My mother was brought up in the english countryside, no inside loo, no electricity or mains services of any sort. All her food was grown in human excrement. Simple system hut with bucket, man with spade, hole, first year eat crops picked above ground, afterwards it's ok for root crops. Tomatos love it by the way, she's currently eighty-six and counting.

Mind if you took her back to those days she'd spit in your eye, outside loos are cold and nasty, not to mention the spiders.

Hmmm that sounds like a Dr. Who title "Spiders of Mars"

Climate-cooling effect 'stronger than volcanoes' is looking solid


As a UK resident for the last fifty five years I want to know where you are getting your weather forecasts. Mine have been c**p just for the last week. Don't forget all those predictions of a barbecue summer last year. I have come to the conclusion that if you fail in any other government dept they transfer you to the met office, after all you cannot muck up the weather, and you can just ask for a more expensive computer for your models when they don't work...

After all as we all know a faster shinier computer makes you do your job better. So users always claim!

All right. I'll get me coat, and go back on the tablets. As an aside as others have stated, climate is not weather, but we simply haven't got enough data from enough sources (yet) to (accurately) predict either yet. That doesn't mean we shouldn't try, just that we should take all predictions with a sack of salt for the nonce. They are chaotic systems it's like politicians, you can reasonably predict that one or more will be caught with their trousers down, or their hand in the till. The chaotic bit is that you cannot always predict which one will be caught. Right, now where's that coat?


A.C. @10.37

Please let that be intentional irony. Please!

Library ebooks must SELF-DESTRUCT if scribes want dosh - review


Re: What’s the point?

Well they could just pay the author, and the publisher also, say a fee to have the book originally to publisher, then a 1p renewal fee in Perpetuity to the publisher, on top of the authors fee. (I don't know what the author gets each time a book is borrowed, so this is merely an example.) in the cases above where people have stated twenty to forty loans, I am supposing that those are paperbacks, as I know from my own that they deteriorate faster than hardbacks. So another option would be to assume e-books deteriorate at the same rate as hardbacks, and repay the fee every two hundred loans or so.... Just a thought.

Dongle smut Twitstorm claims second scalp


Re: Pyhton humour

Not to mention naked men at an upright.. But move right along, no massive organ jokes here

Every SECOND there are EIGHT more Seagate drives in the world


Re: You know on Time Team how they...

No, sorry you have me there, I can understand the value of backups of cat pictures and porn, but Windows system restore?

Iceland thinks long and hard over extreme smut web ban law


Re: Nobody biting for this?

Well he did say that they seemed to want to ban internet porn... And isn't that online poke?

Alright, I'll get me coat!

Forget wireless power for phones - Korea's doing it for buses


Re: "Pantograph"

You know I always thought that it was either a measuring device for christmas entertainments, or a way of sorting semi nude piccys on the web

El Reg contemplates the ultimate cuppa


Re: Genetic testing shows ...

That's what adds that delicate flavour, I tried Morrisons savers (I know I'm a tightwad!) they were the sweepings from Shergar's stable. As a tightwad I seldom throw anything away, so I used the rest of the pack to light a fire with in the morning. I swear it took me hours to get the disgusting taste out of my mouth. (No sniggering at the back there!)


My sister used to drink Earl Grey with milk. I've always felt a bit sorry for her! Mind you I don't like it much without, but with half a spoon of honey it's OK. Personally I wouldn't drink any perfumed Teas with milk, however judging by all the comments in this thread so far Tea is like politics or sex. We'll never all agree on what is best but we know what we like!


Re: options

You swine... I've been trying to forget drinking 'Tea' like this for years, I thought I had, then read this.

Good grief the taste of Tea and Minestrone Yeucck!

Totally off main topic, does anyone else find that Tea tastes disgusting when they have a cold but Coffee doesn't

200 million office workers gagging for a... Microsoft Surface?


Re: 200 million office workers gagging for a...

I think they mean the users will gag when they find what it's like!

First video inside thinking fish's brain captured by boffins


Re: new psychiatric medications - it's not all bad

As a sufferer from depression myself.. I can't see this helping me when I found that I had been staring at a blank wall for twenty mins. or so, honestly there were times when I swear I had no detectable brain impulses, I'm better now though wibble wibble. Hope this could be of use in testing treatments for mental illness. It would be very interesting to see the changes ongoing after medications were taken, the trouble being having a large enough data sample to say what is normal brain activity for the majority of people.

Three plus years of meds, and finally off them!

Linux boot doesn't smash Samsung laptops any more


Re: Are you listening Eadon?

No... But with Vista that would have been an improvement!

Forget the internet: Americans still glued to TV sets in 2012


Re: Age profile

Are they reporting the 'wallpaper effect' here, my mother (85 and counting) has the TV on all day, a friend's husband used to put it on when he walked in the door, and I've seen him playing an immersive shoot em up while TV was on in the background. Friend's children vary in watching, eldest three are on computers most evenings until bedtime, youngest does her homework on the computer then watches a couple hours of TV before bedtime I generally websurf on and off for hours, but watch about 1 hour of TV a night midweek, with about two and a half at the weekend. (I'm 55) so I would say it's definately age related.

Texan schoolgirl expelled for refusing to wear RFID tag


Re: I predict...

Hey, at least at work you get paid to wear the damn things at work, and I have never needed one to go to the toilet. That is extreem IMNSHO unless of course they are monitoring who is in there digging the escape tunnel.

No increase in droughts since 1950, say boffins


Prediction AKA guessing by professionals

Just jumping the track a bit, I haven't found any long term predictions even across a relatively small area to be too accurate, ie. this year in England in march they predicted a long hot summer due to a sunny first week, cue constant rain for six and a half weeks, followed by another smashing week of sunshine. And all the papers threw out a prediction for a record breaking summer (they were right about records being broken, most rain in July, August and September for decades) with expected temperatures in the 30c area but if I recall correctly, ( which I probably don't) we only got two days above thirty. Then it started again, of course this is weather, and not climate, but with a massive, semi-chaotic system to predict I feel we still have a hell of a long way to go before we can predict anything accurately.

FYI as a test this year I played a game, I predicted the next day's weather based on the weather yesterday. I was more accurate than the met office with a multi million pound computer.. Of course that was a very localised forecast, and when the weather pattern changed suddenly my predictions were rubbish. Usually the met office was too

Sorry for the digression, but cliff notes version: we have a hell of a lot of difficulty predicting anything. Climate change is no different. One day maybe, but not today.. And probably not for fifty years (whoops predicting there!)

Medical scan record that the NHS says will cost £2k to retrieve: Detail


Re: @ Film .... there is only one copy of it

Regarding your query about patients attending two clinics on the same day, I have a friend who is a cancer patient, with the NHS, she has to visit three diferent hospitals for seperate scans and treatment, often on the same day and none of them talk to each other, so when she mentions results or medication given by one hospital, that is usually the first the other knows about them. And this with a supposedly central NHS database, that all can access for patient info..

At least you have patient confidentiality, after all even your doctor can't see your records! That is superb data protection. And FYI it has been like that forever as far as she knows, ( she used to be a nurse) each hospital used to store documents in their own formats. Obviously that doesn't happen now (must remove tongue from cheek later)

Stob on Quatermass: Was this British TV's finest sci-fi hour?


For the best horror anywhere...

Many moons ago young uns, when the telly used to close down about one thirty or two am. I watched quatermass and the pit while babysitting in a house down a lonely country road in England. After the film finished I had to sit in a wooden hut (old farm workers home) for a further two hours before the parents came home. And there were trees tapping on the roof with the wind the whole time.

I was shivering with fear the whole time. Quatermass had got me like that, and the silence and the isolation kept it that way. (Still there weren't many white haired kids at school when I went back on the Monday, just me!)

Didn't help that all I had to read was the Pan book of horror stories, and that the kid stayed asleep the whole time I was there.

Oh yes and the dad drove me drunkenly home through swirling patchy fog. You know what, I think it may be the ambiance that really makes a good horror film.

EC tells Euro rebels: Hike up your ebook tax to 15%, or else


Strange, I was under the belief that the EU/EC/EEC (strike whichever don't apply currently) had rules in place explicitly forbidding interferance in internal taxation of members! Looks like they may have lied (again) of course, if it is just for equality, they could say e-books are VAT free, then all would be equal, but as there would be less tax collected I am not going to hold my breath.