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Microsoft Exchange: To host or not to host

Joseph Kang

We're running our own on-premise Exchange server for 20 people. Crazy? Yes.

We looked into moving to hosted Exchange (or Office 365). The biggest hurdle for us was our heavy reliance on Exchange Public Folders. We couldn't find a suitable option that addressed that need so we're stuck with our own Exchange server.

Hackers expose 6.5 MILLION 'LinkedIn passwords'

Joseph Kang

Re: Found my password

Well, if the file was at that link, it isn't any more. At least, it wasn't just now when I went to pull it up via that URL that was posted. The site now says the file isn't there anymore.

Manufacturers testing wider cars for swingbellies

Joseph Kang
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I see what you did there...

well played on the post's category.

Microsoft sees its chance in Googlephone

Joseph Kang

Reboot every day?

I have an HTC Touch Pro (WM 6.1) on Verizon Wireless in the US. For the most part, my device stays on for weeks at a time. I might reboot it every three weeks or so because the OS (or an installed app) has terrible memory management and I end up with 80% of RAM in use with nothing else running.

But, I'm not a heavy user of my device (in terms of number of apps running at any one time). It usually has a Twitter app and Solitaire running constantly and that's about it.

I deal with it as I deal with every other computing device I interact with on a daily basis (Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP, and OS X), they all have their good points, faults, and quirks. I just learn to deal with each device on its own. I've long outgrown the "mine is bigger/better than yours".

I am thinking about my next device though. I'll be eligible for a discounted upgrade later this year. If the Nexus One does come to VZW as I've read, then that may be it. Otherwise, I may be looking at the Touch Pro 2 or Imagio.

US mum calls 911 over Grand Theft Auto

Joseph Kang

911 to the rescue again!

Can't be any worse than calling 911 because a McDonald's manager refused to give you your Chicken McNuggets: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,504125,00.html

Yahoo! murders unborn Java smartphone app

Joseph Kang

Now where can I find a Flickr uploader?

The main reason I was looking forward to the Yahoo! app for my HTC Touch Pro (CDMA) was because I wanted a Flickr uploader that wouldn't restrict me to reduced resolution images (like when I attempt to upload via e-mail).

Scientology refuseniks sue over compulsory workplace courses

Joseph Kang

Good by Diskeeper?

Hmm... What to do? I've been a faithful user of Diskeeper since 2004 or so. I've never knowingly had a problem that was attributable to Diskeeper, either.

Now, do I get rid of Diskeeper because of my personal distaste for Scientology and its followers?

Interestingly enough, all of Lenovo's Windows installs include Diskeeper Lite as a preinstalled application. I wonder if there's some weird Scientology -> Chinese gov't connection too? Heh.

Panasonic's pivoted HDMI cable to end connector slippage?

Joseph Kang

There's already adapters that do similar

Cables To Go has various HDMI adapters that have even more flexibility.


Faster broadband through bonding

Joseph Kang

Beware what you ask for

We recently moved to an ISP who's giving us a "2mb" circuit (two bonded T1s). All is fine except if you have one misbehaving circuit.

We had one of our T1s bouncing frequently for a short while. It basically killed all of our network traffic because individual sessions would have to go through a TCP timeout. We would have been better off if that bad T1 had just dropped completely and stayed down.

We ended up unplugging the bouncing circuit until the Telco fixed the problem.

Verizon lifts pro-abortion text message ban

Joseph Kang

RE: er...

"These text messages will be sent to whom? Is Verizon supplying advertisers with customer phone numbers? I don't get it."

No. Someone interested in receiving these text messages from NARAL would send a blank (or properly worded) text message to a number to register to receive text messages from NARAL Pro-Choice. VZW initially said it would not allow those messages to be sent to subscribers using its network.

Alienware beams down dual-core, dual-GPU laptop

Joseph Kang

Can't get past the face!

It's a shame that it's in such an ugly case, though.


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