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Wales: Let's ban Gibraltar-crazy Wikipedians for 5 years



The problem with the Wikipedia pages about Gibraltar in the past has been that they have been controlled by a bunch of Spanish editors, some in the employ of the Spanish foreign ministry who gamed the system to show things 'their way' and conspired to get any contentious Gibraltarian editors excluded.

I was banned for a year for insisting that Gibraltar is self governing - which it is.

Mr Bamkin was employed to train a number of unpaid local editors to create pages for Gibraltarpedia in a project sponsored by the Gibraltar museum, as they worked hard and created lots of pages its no doubt been featured heavily on wikipedia.

Naturally the forces of darkness have reacted in the same way Spain seeks to prevent Gibraltar joining UEFA contrary to court rulings. Despite their economic mess they have money to spend on Gib bashing.

I do not edit anything on Mr Wale's dodgy factbook anymore or donate money and free news pictures.


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