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Game designer spills beans on chubby-fancying chap with his stolen Mac


Re: Moron

Amazing isn't it, downvoted for telling them how it is. I guess the average Register reader doesn't understand how the law works.


As it is unlikely that "plumpy" stole the laptop, and it is reasonable to assume that he bought the device in good faith (or at least that's what he will say) this chap is carrying out surveillance and releasing images in a way which is like to defame, harass and libel the individual.

This nerd should be cautioned, he is breaking the law.

Nokia: OK, Q1 has been weak, but there's 'underlying' profit


OK how many of you smartphone users actually use apps bespoke to that device? Sure you might occasionally use the popular ISS tracker, or the what's in my cupboard app but usually you use a core set of apps that are available cross-platform.

After using an iPhone and ditching it and never taken to liking an android I decided to get a lumia.

It's a great phone, and definitely not worth the drubbing that it gets in the comments. I just think it's marketed wrong.

TomTom brandishes new strap-on in Amsterdam: The wristnav


Re: But it's so B I G

Or the Liberator teleporter bracelets from Blake's 7

no, they were cardboard bracelets that were covered in silver foil with a green rubber stuck to them. If my blue peter "how to" memory serves me correctly.

Samsung: Posting of fake HTC hate was 'unfortunate'


Re: Ouch!

Well just like the Olympics I only use tech that has been field tested for 2 years+

(either that or I buy cheap 2nd hand phones)

But from my perspective I stand by my comment, my desire was a bitch to unlock but my S3 was a whore in comparison.


Re: Ouch!

As stated - more convoluted, not impossible. Mainly because they are shipped with potentially different versions of the ROM. In the point and click age who wants to scroll tirelessly though hundreds of suggested ROM names until you find the right one?


Re: Ouch!

Well to be fair, unlocking a HTC is much more convoluted compared to a Samsung. So I am not surprised that there are negative comments on here about HTC.

Inside Secure snatches BBC iPlayer downloads from Adobe


I can't seem to add things up.

Android phones outsell Apple handsets but iOS seems to be the first OS that large companies (except Google) write software for.

Doesn't this seem strange to you? Is it that iOS is an easier to get along with bedfellow or is it through some media sponsorship deal?

Gov.uk named THE BEST THING Britain has made all year


I have looked at the website

It is a bit rubbish, but I am sure that when it's an alpha site it will be OK.

Samsung vs Apple: which smartphone do Reg readers prefer?


Whilst smart phones are awesome I wouldn't try to use the Android App for the register.

It looks like a cack handed 8 year old created it.

APPLE: SCREW YOU, BRITS, everyone else says Samsung copied us


Usually when I want to search for a Blog post I use Google to Search.

It seems that ukgnome blog will show the results. He does seem to be quite angry.

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