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Dell sues Tiger for reselling old boxes as new

Jim Ned

Good Buys with Tiger

I've bought from Tiger for years; never a problem, very fast shipping. They sell lots of older stuff as well as tons of new product. Warranty service good, catalog printed on nice shiny paper, what's the beef?

Had far more trouble with others like buy.com, but Tiger remains my first stop for online pc components, though of late their prices are often matched or beaten elsewhere.

Columbia disaster 'not survivable', NASA concludes

Jim Ned

NASA wants something....

...from this. Obviously all this info has been bouncing around the olde space agency for quite a while, so this strangely late release is undoubtedly an effort to pump some life into the current push for a new launch system ("see how dangerous this old one is?"). And not to belittle the dead, but the crew was flying on full autopilot at this stage of the descent (the stick jockey only takes over for the final stage of touchdown) so their "valiant efforts" to save the ship would have included wondering what was going on, sudden urges to visit the latrine, putting on the gloves they were supposed to be wearing, etc.

"NASA: It's like the 1960's all over again"

Times: US about to deploy Space Marines

Jim Ned

Aliens Hardware?

I think I saw this movie, where they load up the super Winebago in the reentry vehicle, drop in, and the Marines kick butt...oh wait, the Marines got eaten by the aliens, but that doesn't matter.

Hopefully the final version will have some 49 cent locking straps to keep that phased plasma pulse rifle from floating around in the cabin as they showed it. Also an invisibility cloak to keep the baddies from shooting the landing craft during the several minutes it will take to offload the tanks.

Real F-15 joins massively multiplayer virtual war

Jim Ned

Only real advantage...

Today's flight simulators are so good and so realistic that the only real advantage of having this one flight crew up in an actual plane (vs another linked-in simulator) is the G-forces...oh yeah, and and also the $30,000 per hour flight cost of the plane.

Royal Navy presses IT Crowd for nuclear missile 'servers'

Jim Ned

George Bush sez....

"The Brits have NUCULER weapons? This will not stand. Put them on the naughty list with Iran."

Greenpeace: iPhone crit makes for more headlines

Jim Ned

Greenpeace eco-terrorists

I'm all in favor of folks like Greenpeace advancing whatever political agenda they want. I lose interest when they begin damaging and stealing private property, as they frequently do. I just hope their new campaign against the common industrial chemical di-hydrogen oxide goes smoothly for them....

George Lucas announces Star Wars TV spin-off

Jim Ned

Why down on Jar Jar?

Why do you all hate Jarjar? Just because he's stupid, annoying, fake-looking, and utterly unrelated to any real core aspect of the movie.........


oh wait, now I see your point.

Never mind

Boeing delays 787 Dreamliner

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Boeing problems

I was in Seattle last week and toured the Boeing production line. A delay like this one is hardly unexpected, given the very tight schedule they put together for this plane. While Boeing is disappointed at the delay, they are able to console themselves with the knowledge that they have a 6 year backlog of orders for the 787...before the first plane has ever left the ground. FYI, total assembly time in the plant for each plane: 3 days (it's largely a plug and play operation using components like the wing which are built overseas and flown in complete).

NASA examining Shuttle's dings, extending mission

Jim Ned

If I were an astronaut

Imagine yourself sitting on the Space Station. You try to go about your work while parked right outside, your ride home has a hole all the way through its heat shield. On the ground, the 'rocket scientists' at NASA are trying to decide whether to fix it or just 'go for it' as is. IS IT ANY WONDER THE ASTRONAUTS GET DRUNK?

US reclaims world hotdog scoffing crown

Jim Ned

Acceptance Speech

On behalf of all the other fat, unhealthy, overfed, under-exercised Americans driving along the right-hand sides of our over-sized highways in our enormous, gigantic land-yacht cars which drink gasoline faster than Donald Trump's hair screams "FAKE!!!", let me just say how proud we all are to reclaim this valuable title for the homeland. It has long irked us that a skinny guy from the other side of the world was more efficient at eating stuffed tubes of fat than any of our home-grown gluttons. I know we will all sleep easy tonight...except for the 400 times per night our obesity-induced sleep apnea stops our breathing.

Hugs from across the pond!

Apple's first handheld: the Newton MessagePad

Jim Ned


Apple's CEO at the time was John Sculley, who had left the fast-track to the top slot at Pepsi to join the tech game. He infamously announced while demo-ing the new Newton gizmo that it would become a 'trillion-dollar' product. Alas, this prediction would have taken around 1/3 of the folks on the planet buying one, so it never quite materialized. And that would have been if it COULD recognize handwriting.

"Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to change the world?" (Jobs' sales pitch to Sculley to get him to Apple)