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Prez Obama expels 35 Russian spies over election meddling


Re: Evidence it was the Russians what dunnit

Do you not understand how the US electoral system, (as defined by the founding fathers), works? It's a bit like the UK One too!

Latest loon for Trump's cabinet: Young-blood-loving, kidney-market advocate Jim O'Neill


Re: Your bias?


It's the "denier" part which shows your bias. Just report facts please, e.g. "sceptic" works

Plastic fiver: 28 years' work, saves acres of cotton... may have killed less than ONE cow*


Re: Not much of a chemist then?

Perfect then all vegans can f**k off to Scotland and stay in the EU triple win

Tobacco giant predicts the end of smoking. Panic ensues


Re: Wood behind the trees

Have to agree, Oxfam = Oracle


Re: Here's a story about vaping

Agree, Dr doesn't equate to scientist


Re: Vaping isn't cool

Surely vaping has similar levels of nicotine as fags? It's not the nicotine that's carcinogenic but the benzene in the tar?

Ireland to fight against billing Apple for back-taxes


@secret goldfish

Ireland have been a member of the EU for longer than the UK, did Apple Inc exist then?

Violin switches stock exchanges fast


Keep polishing that ever reducing turd

May blocked plans to bring in more Indian IT workers – Vince Cable


Immigration from the Sun-continent

It's not skilled IT workers from, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune et al, but unskilled from Mirpur in Pakistan who many end up driving taxis.


The immigration problem from the sub-continent is not skilled IT people from Bangalore and Hyderabad, but unskilled from Mirpur near Kashmiri India. Many sadly marry 1st cousins and most end up driving taxis

US reactor breaks fusion record – then runs out of cash and shuts down


Re: What is its maximum performance?

No the answer is much much bigger

HPE UK overlord lines up sales generals, gives ra ra speech


Sorry AC but the Biztalk is utter b*********s and everyone apart from the balloons spouting it can see the nakedness of Emperor Whitman and her courtiers.

Edinburgh University to flog its supercomputer for £0.0369 per core hour


Is it the same person that says, "can it run Crysis", after every supercomputer article?

It may have been funny the first time, but not the second certainly not anymore, so stop, it's embarrassing.

HPE sells off 'non-core' software assets


Are Meg Whitman and Mary Berry the same person?

Are Meg Whitman and Mary Berry the same person?



It's a nice idea, but MSFT can buy servers from anyone. Nothing special about HPE's offerings, so why waste the cash.



Infrastructure moves to the cloud: AWS, Oracle, AZure, Google, etc

HPE cannot compete with ODM manufacturers such as Quanta, Tyan and Foxconn etc.

The cloud companies, don't need the bells and whistles of a DL-380, so HPE servers are on a downward slow death as the ODM guys sell ever larger quantities to fewer massive cloud providers.

Result HPE RIP

Dude, you got a Dell lawyer: HPE sues high-flying ex-exec after defection to EMC


Block Choi

An asian vegetable, I think?

Makes sense.

DoJ preps criminal charges for VW over Dieselgate


Re: Unexpected benefit

"Diesel was already a nasty thing to be burning"

Aye should have listened to Margaret Thatcher. She championed lean burn, but Brussels, (well German and French car companies), wanted diesel.


Re: double standards?

Of course because VW isn't american.

USA versus BP, (or as Obama said British Petroleum, despite most technical jobs being in the USA, due to BP Amoco merger)

Still VW did lie through their f*****n teeth didn't they?

This will go on and on until the VW marque disappears from the USA.

OMG: HPE gobbles SGI for HPC. WTF?


Re: I could swear...

But all of the rendering was done on Sun Sparc servers, as no rendering tools were ported to MIPs or Itanium. Good market placement though.


The NUMA stuff is a custom dual socket server using E7 CPUs, which no one else puts into a dual socket. They do so because Intel says they have to.


Re: The New 'Innovate' HPE way

Yup, HP have been sh**e at HPC for a long while and will probably bin the SGI folk, who do understand HPC, (that's not running QM in a bank), such as CFD, finite element analysis and plasma physics codes.

HPEs a joke and a slow dying dinosaur.


SGI use Supermicro.

I don't think so. The 1U and 2U stuff was designed and built by Rackable, with rear air cooling of 2 x back - back systems.

The shared memory kit is designed and built by SGI in Chippawa Falls I believe. They use there own motherboards in order to add their proprietary Numalink interface which provides the ccNUMA capability.

Azure clusters use 880 servers. Azure Stack-in-a-box will run on four


What is an 880 server anyone, #CPUs, #cores, max RAM etc?

Beer merger dwarfs EMC/Dell


Re: Can't say I really like any of them..

English lager is for girls.

HPE promises users Itanium server refresh next year. In Dutch!


How long before HPE sinks into a middling irrelevance?

I don't like Mondays, Pokemon, Twitter or Facebook – Sir Bob Geldof


Yep one good song, a great idea and then an opportunity to preach at the vast majority. You are welcome to him.


Bob n Bono, equal irritants


In the event of BREXIT, didn't he promise to:

a) Give back his gong

b) Leave the UK?

Please keep the knighthood, as long as you f***k off from the country

Prominent Brit law firm instructed to block Brexit Article 50 trigger


Isn't Bob Geldof meant to f**k off and rescind his knighthood the irritating irrelevance.

I wonder if Geldof and Izzard are twins, as both say the same nonsense


Re: And the house of lords?

But in both the UK, (MPs) and USA, (Congressmen and Senators), your elected representatives, can table bills to their parliaments. This is the basis of electing MPs in the first place to support/help/improve your/their constituencies.

MEPs CANNOT suggest legislation, but can only debate and reject it just like a member of the House of Lords. If you can't see the difference then shame on you.



Is that A50 that links the M1 and M6?

Michael Gove says Britain needs to create its own DARPA


Re: Amen to that

I guess as school governor you would have had Mr Gove's ear on all matters of national education?

700,000 Muslim Match dating site private messages leaked online


The Muslim Match website is not currently accessible to users, having put up a notice stating it is taking a short break for Ramadan

So no foreplay allowed by Allah during Ramadan

Fear and Brexit in Tech City: Digital 'elite' are having a nervous breakdown


Re: The current plan does not matter

Nope, we have up to 2 years to invoke Article 500 and the renegoatiation can take 2 years more


Re: The current plan does not matter

Farage isn't an MP, apart from that everything else you said was wrong too


Re: Legal Headaches

And if we don't like the UK regulators, we can vote the bastards out at the next General Election, gedditt?


Re: So any company that trades with an EU country has to open their borders to EU inhabitants?

Lars, rather than coming to our senses, many of us think democracy is worth fighting/paying for, so keep the "unreformed" Brussels autocracy, as we voted against it.

Big Data: analyse this


About time to. A second benchmark to the YCSB, bravo

Brexit? Cutting the old-school ties would do more for Brit tech world


Oh Dear,

Didn't you know that most of the other EU countries don't speak a latin language either, but mostly germanic, (includes english), and slavic.

I do feel european, but I also will be voting for Brexit, beacuse I care about democracy

Goracle case goes to jury


Re: Rabbit hole

Why on earth would you think you should get access to the jury's deliberations?

This is england, habius corpus, the common law etc

I know it's actually California, but the USA copied UK law

Ding ding: IBM rings bell for round two of job cuts at GTS


In Resource Action - IBM’s euphemism for job cuts

Assuming phases like this come from the latest and greatest MBA, business studies courses, why would anyone want to spend money and waste time so as to be able to make up non-sense sentences, and losing ones testicles as well?

Brexit campaign group fined £50k for sending half a million spam texts


Re: Leave: Aah, foreigners. Country full, no immigration, terror, aah.

"Mr Hun? We want your cars, we don't want YOU."

How thoroughly unpleasant your are.

Voting to leave the EU isn't voting to hate europeans, prat!


Re: Facts

@ Ian 55

We know for certain very little, but we fear that the EU will implode anyway. 65% youth unemployment in Italy isn't a success story


Re: Why is "Call me Dave" Cameron telling me what to think?


Is your real name David Cameron?

Greenpeace leaks TTIP texts, reveals strained negotiations


Re: I do not think that ideology means what you think it means


Freedom Of Speech vs Snoopers Charter: Point to Snoopers Charter

Really why, as they are totally different entities.

The Union vs Totally Disillusioning Everyone In Scotland: Point to Scottish Nationalists

I believe MOST scots voted tostay in the union.

Free Trade vs Attempting To Pull The UK Out Of Major Trade Block: Point to Brexit

Most Tories are for Brexit and free trade, although Cameron, Osbourne et al are not.

Small Government vs Ever Growing Security Apparatus: Point to GCHQ

Personally I fancy my chances with GCHQ on my side than say Belgium.

So which of those tenets to the Tories agree with? Currently they are 4-0 down.

I think we have a different score


Re: Good old EU

Where did you get the Human Rights Act from? The EU will always be s***e as trade deals because of the number of potentially interested parties, i.e. the member states.

As you are an anti Tory, free trade is one of the Tory Parties 4 pillars/beliefs. The others for reference are: Freedom of Speech, The Union and Small government. As, I assume you are, a working person which ones do you disagree with?

IBM says no, non, nein to Brexit


Re: RE: Brexit is all a sham like the Scotland referendum.

I've rarely seen a corrupt minister 'gotten rid of' by the PM,

I'm not sure that's true at all, more an uneducated assumption.


Re: "reformed EU"

“IBM is in favour of the UK remaining a member of a reformed EU,” said Stokes

That's what most wanted, but the EU, won't, can't or does not wish to reform.

12,000 chopped: Intel finds its inner paranoid


Re: this technology is making jet travel safer

Your statement is just plain silly.

All Intel's CPUs, since the 70s, will have had milSpec variants and you can still buy 8086s but, it will cost you.