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'Unappealing' electric cars a 'tragedy', cries Nissan chief


Appeal is a relevant term

what is appealing today and may be appealing tomorrow are all relevant to what the fashion and marketing industry imposes. At one point, Jettison looking vehicles were considered appealing, looking at 1960s design, you might have thought it could have succeeded. Designers are trying to create the appeal, not follow it. Nissan should know better. Just watch the fashion shows before designing the vehicle, you will be good to go Mr Nisan Chief!

Internet Explorer - now with 35% less FAIL

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CAC Does not work with IE8

IE8 disables the usage of CAC.

Economist: girls actually better than boys at maths

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Racist comments about Turks

What the heck does Lewis Page mean with "Turkey - where the men keep their women firmly under the thumb" ?

Mr Page needs to get his head out of someplace and read the statistics on violence against woman in the West.

Has he ever been to Turkey, a secular country where there are more female students in Graduate Schools than males ones ? Or does he writing this out of his bud, watching too many anti-Turkish racist Hollywood movies?

I completed HS in Turkey and all the top students in may classrooms were females. This article is completely racist and has no place in Register.

Stop prejudice, stop racism..

EC jacks up Microsoft fine by €899m

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Consumers will pay this fine indirectly .

I am not sure who is right or wrong. But I know this fine will transfer on to the consumer as price increase. This is a covered taxed imposed on MS product users all over the world.

Nonsense ! EU commisioners are not protecting the consumers like this but punishing them..

eBay gets negative feedback about ban on negative feedback


Good thing !

Nothing is wrong with this. I wish, they had done the same for US users.

Turkey blocks YouTube, part II


Freedom of hate ?

Quote: "Well that would help Turkey accomplish its goal and silence anyone trying to post critical comments to the world - also make it somewhat more difficult for anyone inside Turkey to find them."

OK....Analytically thinking, the reason for the ban is not for the "critical comments" but using defamation or insulting languages used in content for Ataturk.

I simply see by "critical thinking" that, when one calls Ataturk with strange titles as "gays", "molesters", "f**k", so forth, he/she aim is to attack not to Ataturk but Turks who cherish Ataturk....Then why attack Turks and make them frustrated ? What is the gain from this?

In the glorious West people are taken to court and sued, and forced to pay millions for doing the same things. Unfortunately, internet has no ethical enforcement on users. Therefore, it become necessary by governments to implements bans (unfortunately).

So, in this case, it is not the Turkish Government to be blamed, but users who utilize the Internet to attack Turkish people.

Otherwise why on earth any youtube user would post contents that attack to someone who dies 80 year ago, but to express his racism against Turkish people. An those who tolerate this type of racism are themselves racist hiding behind the notion of free speech.

Lets get logical..

Gateway launches iMac-alike all-in-one PC


Does it come with Mac OSX ?

Machine looks OK, what about the OS ? Mac is Mac because it has OSX in it?

Turkey stuffs YouTube (again)



Unfortunately Suzan Deyhim and her likes, instead of enjoying the life and avoiding the HATE, taking every oppportunity (including this IT website) to pour out their HATE against a nation, based on HIStory percieved to be real by some.

19th and 20th Centuries were wasted by ALL of us trying to inflict pain on eachother.

In fact. All sufffered at the hands of ALL. Victims have also been the the criminals. Lets not make the same mistake. Internet should not be an arean to HATE but to communicate constructively.

Suzan Deyhim's comments precisely pictures what is wrong with YT. YT, instead of being a great communication tool, is being abused by AHTE mongor to insult others. This is not Free Speech. It is open insult.

The Register is not YT. Stop using it as such.


it happenes in EU too

stop Turkey bashing. Even France has laws to turn down the switch on YT. If someone insults French hero, they certainly would. I see a lot of racist anti-Turks here.

10,000 .eu names suspended amid cybersquatter allegation



If one can purchase10,000 euros, one can also buy 10,000 domain names, as long as one has a EU residence.

Air France starts mobile check-in


Turkish Airlines has done this

Turkish Airlines has been letting its customer mobile check-in for over 2 years now. What is the big deal that Reg is publishing this article.