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Attempt to clean up tech area has shocking effect on kit


Why is it always the cleaners?

Many years ago I worked in a clean room where we had to enter an airlock, suit up, walk onto sticky mats to remove any dirt, then wear overshoes.

Normally, we'd all have gone home at 5:30, but there was a war on so we were on overtime. At 6 the cleaners came in and the airlock doors were propped open at both ends and then went about their business in their pinnies with Mr Sheen, yellow dusters, mop and bucket!

Concorde without the cacophony: NASA thinks it's cracked quiet supersonic flight


Concorde: "Even when flying below the speed of sound, it was often noisier than always-subsonic aircraft"

I thought this was due to the military-grade engines rather than the airframe shape.

Robot lands a 737 by hand, on a dare from DARPA


Re: Unsubscribe

Methinks this still from Fireball XL5 would have been better: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/sqdT3GJaMpM/0.jpg

Here's how the missile-free Royal Navy can sink enemy ships after 2018


Thunderbird 6 anyone?

(Almost) real life imitating art...


Going, going, done: Trio of prolific auction fraud fraudsters jailed


Bank security

I've had the following at my bank of nearly forty years, but only recently...

"Where has this money you're paying in come from?" & "What are you using this money you're drawing out for?"

The best by far from another bank to my 92 y.o. mum...

"Can we see ID before we issue you a cheque from your savings account." Apparently her photocard bus pass was not good enough and she was then told to apply for a driving licence!

No, the VCR is not about to die. It died years ago. Now it's VHS/DVD combo boxes' turn


Re: Many moons ago

I had one of those.

Virgin Atlantic co-pilot dazzled by laser


A number of companies already offer laser protection eyewear ( http://goo.gl/NbGuRD ) not too dissimilar to sunglasses and not much dearer than R*y-B*ns. Yet there is an inertia in the airline industry to buy/wear them.

Other UK air services already protect their pilots with these or special helmet-mounted visors.

Suck it, Elon – Jeff Bezos' New Shepard space rocket blasts off, lands in one piece


Re: What about further afield?

...I thought more like Dr. Jerkoff's rocketship in Flesh Gordon!

Rdio's collapse another nail in the coffin of the 'digital economy'


Replication costs continued...

Hence, why does a physical, plastic CD cost me less than an intangible MP3 download of the same album from Amazon?

When asked why $17 CDs were £17 here in the UK, a Virgin Records rep once spouted on TV that "they're made in Japan on very expensive equipment and England is a long way away" from that country. So, when I was in New York, I popped into the Virgin store and noted that their own-label CDs were actually pressed by Nimbus in England... and with $2 = £1 were therefore half the price.

Why was that I wonder?

So. Farewell then Betamax. We always liked you better than VHS anyway


Re: Was it actually better than VHS or not?

"It was not unusual in the early days of colour TV to find the colour controls turned up to produce glaring saturation and strange flesh tones"

So, for nostalgic viewers, Geordie Shore and The Only Way is Essex bringthe 70's colour TV experience back to your screen!

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Re: Can we finally settle this?

BetaHiFi did exist and I still have my (cost an absolute fortune at the time) SL-HF100 to prove it, along with the demo tape featuring the opening scene from the Roger Moore Bond film Octopussy.

It did go through a period of tape chewing afters years of non-use, but taking all the rollers and guide pins out for a good clean or polish enabled me to transfer over a lot of 80's video stuff and music to DVD and MP3.

I also have a number of new, sealed Betamax tapes,,, so hanging on to those as there'll be worth money at some point :-)

Oxford chaps solve problem in 1982 Sinclair Spectrum manual


Great ZX Spectrum Music

Best BEEPing tunes, try:


Particularly the intros from the Uridium and Fairlight games.

I know... because I was there. (Max Boyce)

ISS Robonaut gets LEGLESS ... in spaaaace


NASA should buy back the Techno-Trousers back from Wallace (& Gromit)

Don't put that duffel bag full of cash in the hotel room safe


Too true

The last hotel I was in had the safe secured to a 15mm shelf by a couple screws at the back. You could lift the whole thing up at the front and lever it off the chipboard quite easily if you wanted to.

Star Trek: The original computer game


Perkin Elmer 3500 Trek

In 1981/2 we had a 6800-based Perkin Elmer 3500 datastation with hi-res monochorome graphics card at work. It came with several 'unofficial' games, one of which was Star Trek.

The disappointing thing about the game was the number of times the ship broke down, so I tinkered with the program to make the ship start with a realisitc health level of 1 (and no more) per system instead of a borderline flaky 0.

For some reason, whoever wrote our version decided that the ship's weapons, warp drive, etc, were continuously repaired, even beyond 100% functionality. However, their starting level of 0 meant that the random fault generator could render the game 'over' after your first warp into Klingon territory.

Tracy brothers are back: Thunderbirds Are Go! again in 5... 4... 3...

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Here here.

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Re: Ruined by targetting and timeslot

They/he did both - one episode covered people trapped beneath a burning skyscraper that collapsed, and another was a radioactive cloud spreading across Australia following a nuclear reactor accident.

Publicity Stunt of the Week: Ten bizarre phone insurance claims


Doesn't surprise me

Having observed a hospital doctor trying to examine my wife's throat with an iPhone - by using it as a torch - I can believe the veracity of the cow story.


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