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Appraisals are dishonest, waste of time

Steven Gordon-Saker

The real reason for them....

We all know the real reason for appraisals. Without them HR would have very little to do. Its just like all the other mindless crap that comes out of HR departments. A lot of pointless waffle.

Aussie politicos in a froth over naval boob jobs

Steven Gordon-Saker

Floatation required surely?

Must help save cash on life jackets though....

TorrentSpy shuts doors to America

Steven Gordon-Saker

So What

Surely if TorrentSpy is Dutch, then a court in California has no juristriction? Can they simply tell them to bog off? I remember SpamHaus did something like that.

Microsoft Windows patent will spy for advertisers

Steven Gordon-Saker

Not convinced

Unlikely this would be sold to corp users. Most likely MS are looking at free/cheap version of software products aimed at home users.

There are issues with using data of peoples PC that would prevent MS from doing this anyway. Data protection laws would not allow the collection of personal data without the concent of the individual. This is made messier when MS would not be able to determine where the data originates from.

Apple's first handheld: the Newton MessagePad

Steven Gordon-Saker

What about...

What about the PSION organiser? I remember this as being a far more useful PDA.